Senate Dems Consider Changing Voting Bill To Win Manchin’s Vote 1

Senate Dems Consider Changing Voting Bill To Win Manchin’s Vote


Ezra Klein tells Lawrence O’Donnell that Sen. Manchin has put Democrats in a “tough situation” by creating two separate hurdles to legislate: opposing the voting and elections bills and refusing to eliminate the filibuster. He says it’s hard to see what Manchin’s “Plan B” is and suggests that Democrats should focus on passing popular legislation to win more Senate seats in 2022 “where then Manchin is not the deciding vote on everything.”
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About The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell:
Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of "The West Wing," Lawrence O'Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. O'Donnell convenes diverse panels of guests, including a variety of politicians and cultural voices, to offer unique viewpoints and perspective. In his signature style, O'Donnell highlights the latest news developments and offers his take on the political stories driving the national conversation.

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  1. 0:22 What he have possibly said that needed to be blocked out??? YouTube is getting ridiculously strict!!!

    1. Probably some minor detail like the truth. You know, the stuff they DON’T want you to know.

    2. @Turbo the Cat The rest of the word accept and the word it perhaps, Could have been interrupted by some weekly test also.

    3. @bababooey they would’ve had the raw recording to put in YouTube.. Recording audio and video isn’t interrupted by such things.. They deliberately cut something from the feed

    1. @Shad Rox Trump loves the “poorly educated” LMAO not his fault he was indoctrinated but trump still loves him LMAO. TRUMP 2024!!!!

    1. Do you have random in quotation marks because you’ve found the pattern? What secret Q hexagram reading will I get when I plug 0:24 into my super secret ring decoder?

    2. @bababooey We don’t need to pull the fake news card to know they have lied. Is it possible for them to turn over a new leaf, yes. But will they stop serving evil, probably not. FYI if you want to keep tabs on the amount of lies they tell go to several search engines and type ‘MSNBC Lies’.

  2. West Virginia 70% Republican.
    Did you expect any other from a Conservative Democrat?
    Sinema would vote No if Manchin didn’t

    1. I really don’t look for Manchin to run for reelection…WV won’t elect another Dem Senator. His state says no so he should honor their wishes.

    1. @Brandon B. Where in the constitution does it say we should have a lot of this stuff we currently have? You don’t need to buy an id to vote, just use your current DL or State ID that can be verified against potential illegal alien voting fraud.

    2. @Brandon B. “The Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November, in every even numbered year, is established as the day for the election, in each of the States and Territories of the United States, of Representatives and Delegates to the Congress commencing on the 3d day of January next thereafter.”
      Single day. But hey, believe what you want. Because states that require voter ID there are ID available at no cost.

    3. @Brandon B. You need to learn about federalism, state’s rights, 10th Amendment, etc. State’s requiring an ID is not voter suppression. Courts constantly rule on matters that were not specifically contained in the Constitution but can be inferred from it’s intent. The founding fathers could not account for every aspect of technology, such as cell phones, computers, and of course ID. Yet states can enact such measures as voter ID because it is a safeguard rather than an infringement. Stop pandering to this narrative that people are oppressed and can’t obtain an ID. It’s hard to believe this is even an issue with all the social programs we have where people get IDs for free. Find a real social justice issue and go make a difference in your community rather than perpetuate this exhausted non-issue.

    4. @Brandon B. Dude, you just scuttled your own argument with “Where in the Constitution does it say you can’t hold early voting?”….Thus, where in the Constitution does it say you can’t require an ID to vote? Find a new cause man. Stop being the true racist and acting like minorities are habitually suppressed and stupid and don’t have access to or possession of IDs or that they don’t know how to acquire one.

    1. @J- Rukkus Written legislation and yet they’re still here…a wall that the previous guy shut down the government for a month for and they’re still coming through.

    2. @J- Rukkus Apparently there shouldn’t be a crisis because it was fixed by the last guy…his wall was supposed to stop everything.

    3. @Steve lastname Its been six months. Did Trump has major legislation passing through his desk with bipartisanship support? No because they didn’t need to nor did they try.

      Anything bipartisanship that passes in the house can’t even get passed in the senate because they want to play games.

    4. @Steve lastname I should seek help? I don’t know you. I don’t care to know some guy in a YouTube comment. Who assumes he knows better. You don’t know any better than me but you’ll go back to whatever you were doing believing you won.

    5. @Master Cody more assumptions. More ranting. Your comments are disjointed and oddly random. Clearly a sign of some manic disorder, or maybe you’re a meth head. I don’t know.

      I have nothing to win. I merely pointed out the obvious; you answer questions with your own questions and then attack people for not answering them. Clearly oblivious that you yourself won’t answer a question. You, in turn, came back with far reaching assumptions, and a disjointed attack that had zero to do with my initial reply.

      You have problems, and the last person to admit it is usually the one with the problems. You clearly are not well. In all sincerity, you should seek help for whatever it is that is dragging you down.

  3. “Ill trade my peanut butter sandwich for your ring ding.”
    I’m at the point where I’m convinced it’s nothing more than a bunch of preschoolers meeting in the lunchroom, wanting to get something for something. It isn’t about what we the people want. It’s all just a game for them.

    1. What we the people want is irrelevant if that want is outside of their constitutional authority. The constitution is there to protect all Americans, not just a majority that has some utopia dream mindset and have no clue how to govern.

  4. They should also *consider* working out of shorts and tshirts, because we pay for those fancy suits.

  5. It appears Congress has finally got the memo that going a strictly party-line route won’t do anything to help their future prospects.

    1. Actually, the dems keep losing, because unlike their GOP counterparts, they aren’t willing to perform the duties that people wanted them to do. They keep trying to play statesmen with terrorists(GOP).

      The idiots have no spine, and haven’t realized the rules of the game have changed.

    2. @Gee Lee They don’t have the numbers to do what the GOP has done. In case you haven’t noticed, they only control the Senate through VP Harris.

      What is playing hardline with 50 Senators (assuming all Dems even unify) when you need 60 votes to pass legislation? All it does is waste time and gives the GOP plenty of room to call them out on it.

  6. The dems better ask the koch brother if he approves as that’s where manchin gets his orders from.

    1. @Mister Hat Politicans don’t get rich from their salary, that’s for sure. Half of congress are millionaires. Think about that before you run defense.

  7. Voting rights belong to the States. The government must mind its place in this Constitutional Republic, like the border crisis, COVID investigation, Energy independence, inflation, debt.
    Someone, please take the credit card away from these children

  8. Lawrence O’Donnell the saddest man in news who’s always having a monthly discomfort everyday! Manchin has something the other Dems and MSDNC doesn’t have…….principles!

    1. Kevin L
      Don’t you mean Rich Republican Donors!
      When repuglikans are involved. there is nothing that is not for SALE

  9. “MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives” HAAHAAHAHHAHAHAH. Let me shorten that for you. Left wing propaganda. Your welcome.

  10. It’s OUR job to control what people think!
    — Mika Brezhinsky, MSNPC

    When the only truths from a Corporate Media that rivals NoKo’s propaganda are “oopsies” or hot mic moments.

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