Senate Dems Propose Bill To Federally Decriminalize Marijuana 1

Senate Dems Propose Bill To Federally Decriminalize Marijuana


Senate Democrats plan to reveal a draft bill to end the federal prohibition on marijuana — a move that comes as 18 states have already legalized pot for recreational use.
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    1. Actually putting aside the pure logic of getting rid of this idiotic prohibition of weed. It really is a vote getter and the party that does that, federally, will reap the benefits.

    2. Exactly!! I mean this seems to be one of the few things that most everyone agrees on! They would have my vote.

    3. @Ronald Goodwin Getting people out to vote is an important step. Voting to get cops from “oh I smell weed” to “hey I know you got legal weed” is a big step

    1. @Mike G In Canada right now you can buy legal weed as cheap as $90 an ounce. The price came down after legalization.

    2. Tax religious organizations, income and property and use that money for infrastructure.
      Use the weed tax for creating a universal healthcare system and education (like Canada does).

      Vote for me, lol.

    1. @Elblancochingon Smoking weed does NOT make you lazy. Either you’re lazy or not in character. It’s easy to see who has never smoked weed but has listened to the weed propaganda.

    2. @Elblancochingon Research what happened in Canada after weed was legalized. No jump in crime. You are spouting propaganda.

    3. @AngelPlaysOnPC look at Amsterdams crime. Crime rate statistics are reliant on whos reporting them…just like everything else in the media. hear only what they want you to. And if marijuana use doesn’t affect crime why are the hoods so rampant with both crime AND weed!? And its NOT “racial disparity ” THATS not propaganda it a FACT. The propaganda says all good! More revenue! NO consequences!….THATS THE PROPAGANDA!

    4. @Elblancochingon Why did crime skyrocket during prohibition? Think about it. Supply and demand. Where there is a consumer demand and supply is made illegal the supply goes underground. THAT is a cause of crime.

      Do as I said and research the effects of legalizing cannabis in Canada, then come discuss with me when you are enlightened. Baseless propaganda serves no one.

    5. @AngelPlaysOnPC your “enlightenment” IS propaganda! Stick to your virtual reality “PC”

    1. u should focus this argument as save taxpayers 800,000 million in taxes a year as it costs about 20g to imprision a person for a year

    2. That’s the hang up for the GOP. They have a lot of private prisons that make a ton of money off of this.

  1. They shouldn’t get peoples hopes up. It will be denied in the senate like everything else because of Moscow Mitch.

    1. @Bluejack OMG lol I have a brother in law that thinks it is the republicans who are pushing to legalize it. I haven’t talked to him for a couple years…But he is a heavy duty trumper ( i would not be surprised if he was not at the insurrection). He is not the brightest bulb in the pack.

    2. @phil heidt
      Smoking weed does NOT cause cancer. The lungs process weed differently than tobacco.

    3. @srgreeniii Before California went full recreational, there were special lists of doctors that you could go see. If you went to see one of those doctors and mentioned medical marijuana, they would pretty much walk you through what symptoms you need to claim to have before they can write you a prescription. So you just say the thing they tell you to say and then they would write it. It was a bit shady, but that’s because they knew there is no medical reason to keep it away from people.

  2. If weed should be a controlled substance, so should beer. Boy, do people go cuckoo when drinking it.

    1. @Cyclone. Most of the time that I write an ironic/sarcastic/funny comment, I use the old sarcasm marks ^^, but they are not as widely recognised as this 😉
      But you can never tell……….

    2. If that were the case, tequila would be a Schedule III narcotic, prescribed only as an occasional aphrodisiac and for acute cases of serious romantic heartbreak, familial death or intimate betrayal.

    3. @James Gambrell Let’s not start on the dangers of wine. I mean, with wine, more cheese gets consumed, and that’s not a good thing. But also, why is being drunk associated with love? Totally unsafe, gotta regulate that. =)

    4. @Cyclone Wine? Wine is either directly or indirectly responsible for more unwanted pregnancies than any other substance in all of human history.

  3. Pleeeeaassse Legalize Cannibis! Put a sin tax on it, and watch how much money we the people make to fix the infrastructure.

    1. I would suggest using the money to create and maintain a universal healthcare system and education.
      For infrastructure I would like to see religious organizations taxed on income and property.

  4. Taking the pot trade out of the hands of the black market would be a good thing for the US, especially to keep it out of the hands of kids. A guy selling meth, pot, and weapons doesn’t care about who he sells to as long as it is not a narc.

    1. @oltedders who are you to decide my inventory and what I sell at any given point!

    2. @oltedders Dealers in illicit drugs will deal in anything that can produce a profit. Guns, stolen goods, and collectables were all taken in trade with dealers. I haven’t been around one in many years but I’d bet many still operate foot loose and fancy free.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera what you mean … If you want a really good grow you need to have lamps and temperature control watering the plants and everything properly etc … Unless you just want natural plants …but they not as let’s say it has a different taste I don’t want to say they no good xD

    2. @Alexander Rossi You sound like someone who lives in a small apartment. I don’t have that constraint.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera okay… Then the real growers been doing the wrong thing the whole time then xD for growing plants indoors xD

    4. @Alexander Rossi I never said anything at all about other people or how they grow pot. All I said, in my OP, was that I would grow my own. And I will.

    1. There’s a ton of money to be made from legalizing prostitution and methamphetamine too…that doesn’t mean its a smart thing to do!

    2. @Elblancochingon Prostitution is legal in some states. Comparing weed with meth is like comparing a match burning with a volcano going off.

  5. I can just see it now.. Senate repubs will show the movie “Reefer Madness” on the senate floor …

    1. I hope it’s the musical! Alan was to die for, and who doesn’t love Kristen? But me, I’m a sucker for anything Ana Gasteyer.

    1. Do you see any other scenario? Tom Cotton and Chuck Grassley introducing a bill to legalize weed?

    2. Republicans will be against it because it will impact the profits of private run prisons. Fact.

    3. I dunno. I’ve found this to be something that most people agree on and hasn’t been made into a Dems vs Repubs, well at least yet. It shouldn’t be. I won’t say which I am, but if the other party was going to legalize weed AND they had what I thought was a decent candidate?? I would think long and hard about voting for the other party.

  6. Alcohol has caused millions of violent issues & deaths! Meanwhile people on marijuana have a hard time driving fast enough for the speed limit & love to hug!! Wow,no dilemma there😄✌️🙏💚

    1. @Aunty Mammalia Same here. Did it as a kid a for a bit, remember briefly sitting at a red traffic sign, waiting for it to change. Took a couple years for me to grow up and realize adults don’t behave this way (becoming a daddy helped a bunch). I was never really a threat to anyone on the road, except maybe people in a hurry. But THC use screws with executive function; I had no business being out there like that. A motor vehicle is as potentially dangerous as a fully loaded gun. Young parents tend to figure stuff like that our pretty fast.

  7. The only problem we had when Canada legalized was that they severely underestimated demand; stores actually sold out within hours in some places, days in others, and getting more stock took forever because of demand.

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