Senate Expected To Vote on Equality Act At The End Of The Month 1

Senate Expected To Vote on Equality Act At The End Of The Month


Liz Abzug, Founder & President of Bella Abzug Leadership Institute, talks about how her mother introduced the Equality Act Bill in 1974 and how way overdo this Bill is for LGBTQ+ Americans.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Senate Expected To Vote on Equality Act At The End Of The Month


  1. Oh boy I look forward to hearing the Republican reasons for voting against this. The fake ones i mean, not the real one, the real reason is as simple as it is immoral.

    1. Your idea of immortality is yours. The rights of ALL Americans bears no reference to Iron age superstitions of the middle East. Consenting adults activities are not your business, nor mine.

    2. @Wayne Burton That was rather my point… What i look forward to are all the weasley, mealy mouthed lies dribbling from the faces of republicans as to why the ‘party of personal freedom’, thinks attacking LGBTQ folks is cool

    3. @Hayden Price Point well taken. I didn’t mean to denigrate your comment. The inability of the Christian right to see that what they are arguing about is merely another perspective of love. I can’t argue with love. Thanks for your intelligent comment and response.

    4. @Wayne Burton Oh okay, just wanted to make sure I was coming across properly. Peace and love mate 🙂

    1. @Chris Thomas They can, but it’s some pretty insane pretzel logic. Basically, I’ll boil it down even though the reduced version looks ugly.
      “For centuries, white men who want to marry white women have had a societal advantage. We’ve watched as that has been eroded over the years. The so-called Equality Act allows people who aren’t white cisgender men to get things they should’ve been getting for awhile, and disallows their further subjugation. As a cis white man myself, I object to this. Anything that gives someone else more freedom than they used to have means they have more freedom than me, since everybody knows we’ve all been equal for decades now”.
      Basically, semi-racist excuse-making is the only path that allows someone to attack this bill. Watch republicons scuttle it anyway though. Because they’re republicons.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this passed. Everyone deserves to be treated equally under the law. No-one should be subjected to the superstitious tyranny of a small-minded, bigoted minority.

    1. I know I should research this, and probably will, but…why is this needed when we already have anti-discrimination laws?

    2. @Scientific Methodologist I doubt very much that you hang out with anyone.There aren’t that many masochists.

    3. @Bat Boy Oh look, the Bat Boy’s out on the field to clean up after Scientific Methodologist strikes out to end the inning…

    4. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid – calm down, tough guy or girl or other…I’m just asking a question.

    5. @Bat Boy
      Not all anti-discrimination laws cover all aspects of sexual orientation; discrimination still exists. If it didn’t, why would so many people be fighting this?

  3. So, we have another law that mirrors some of the other laws that we already have? The following are laws that are already in place. Perhaps we should enforce these laws before we have a new one.

    Look at the progress that we have made concerning laws pertaining to race and discrimination.
    Anti-discrimination act of 1945
    Civil rights act of 1957
    Civil rights act of 1964
    Voting rights act of 1965
    Fair housing act
    Americans with disability act
    Title VII, civil rights act
    Age discrimination act of 1967/1975
    Equal pay act of 1963
    Civil rights restoration act of 1987
    In addition to the above, we have the United States Constitution and specifically amendments 4,15, 19 and 24
    We don’t need another law, or EO, or a program or plan. We might want to have an investigation as to why the above are not being enforced? Is somebody not doing their job in the federal government?

    1. Most of those laws are narrowly defined in purpose and scope and most often interpreted as such in the courts. As Republicans primarily have desired to find new minorities to victimize and scapegoat as they need fear to stay alive, there seems to be a never ending need for more laws. We recently had to pass a law for Asian American rights because they were not specifically included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Soon we will have to have laws allowing adolescent transgendered to be able to access health care. Who will get picked on next for the sake of satiating the Christian Conservative fear mongering. Sheesh. When is all of this nonsense going to end. When are we going to look at all Americans as Americans.

    2. @The Paradox Destroyer We put too many people in boxes. We already have laws concerning assault, so now we need a special law concerning Asians. The law should be closely define so that they are not overly broad. An overly broad long can be found to be unconstitutional.

    3. @Chris Thomas Thi is a relatively new Termanology. Fifty years ago if you would’ve proposed a law about sexual orientation people would’ve looked at you and said, “what?”. But the fact remains that an assault is still an assault. It makes a little difference to me aaa lesbian if I am beaten because of who or what I am, the fact remains that I was beaten, I was assaulted and there are laws pertaining to that.

  4. The topic was very interesting And important but the quality of the video was terrible

    1. Because of their declining viewer base and subsequent declining ad revenue to YouTube, MSNBC’s YouTube videos will continue to default to a lower viewing resolution to conserve bandwidth costs. Feel free to click the gear icon in the lower right of the viewing window and adjust the resolution to your liking.

    1. They are not barbarians! They just need more schooling and opportunities. That’s the most racist thing I have ever read.

  5. Not holding my breath. The last thing Republicans want is to let minorities have rights.

  6. Oh no… Be careful… equality makes Republicans angry…

    1. The participants of the 6th January were patriots and heroes. Yes, Trump was the best president, the USA ever had. Trump will be a president again.

    2. @m_train1
      That’s not very strong logic. If you think this bill gives some people more rights than others, then please point out those specifics for all of us.

    3. @Rick SANCHEZ Yep the “Red States” show a lack of IQ and or higher education.

      Wonder who believes in “Jewish Space Lasers”, and or maybe a “Cabal ” of “Pedophile Cannibalistic Power Hungry…whatevers”?


  7. Gays and Asians are getting hella policy (as they should) but just wondering when tf America will stop neglecting Black People and AT LEAST bring up the anti Lynching bill…..dear Jesus

  8. Understanding politics is like seeing how hamburger meat is made. Since I have little to no control over the outcome, why look at how it’s made? Gross.

  9. OH BOY a storm is coming!!!!!!!!!!! If this Equality Act Bill pass, this means ANOTHER blow to Democrat and black grass root relationship. First Anti Asian bill and now LGBT bill . Where is a bill for black grass roots ?

  10. I HEAR YOU

    You guys need to research what other media in other countries are saying and take it seriously when doing said research for your news. The world has become too small to live in a bubble.

    News and events can be organized at the speed of light these days, so you have to know what’s out there.


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