Senate reconvenes on expected final day of President Trump's impeachment trial (LIVE) | USA TODAY 1

Senate reconvenes on expected final day of President Trump’s impeachment trial (LIVE) | USA TODAY


The Senate impeachment trial will end when senators, who have served as jurors through weeks of arguments and debate, vote on whether to acquit Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, or to convict him and remove him from office.

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The historic vote at 4 p.m. EST culminates months of investigations and debate over Trump's alleged efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden by withholding $391 million in security aid. For senators, the vote will be one of the most-remembered of their careers and will surely play a role in 2020 congressional campaigns.

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    1. By the way what you said about The Netherlands only being safe because of The US, listen the only reason we are so safe is because we are neutral not because of The US. The survival thing is true tho, I mean I’d rather have Holland be independent without any intruders like Russia China and America, but I guess that’s not possible.

    2. @Erik Eriks Shell oil is based in Holland so I think some of the things the US does (invading Iraq 2003 for instance) helps them, or at least it helps these big oil and gas companies, companies/countries the US is sanctioning (Nordstream 2 etc)

  1. A lot of American’s have been played and thought all this sh*t was real or had some meaning. It did accomplish something tho.

  2. In spite of the democrats best efforts to torpedo this countries economy, block all legislation that the country voted for, call this President every disgusting name in the book, even going so far as to paying cash to Russian operatives to throw the 2016 election in their favor (and blame Trump for it), Trump has walked all over them. He’s thrown it all right back in their faces and made them look bad.
    In short, Trump has beat them at their own game and made them look like fools in the process.

    1. Often times I’m open to nuance, I used to like Obama but let’s admit it he’s not that good of a fella. But I’d rather have Obama than Trump

  3. When hearing a portion of our American brothers and sisters are doing better (African Americans lowest unemployment in history) they were mad and didn’t clap…or 7 million off food stamps because they’re employed, or wages have risen most in the lower levels…or our borders are more secure…they dont want people to come up…they want people to rely on government…which is them. Now that they are losing power over black people by unfulfilled promises, they are switching to welcoming people south of border with the same promises of we will pay you as long as you vote for us, so they are pissed at secure borders. I dont care what party is in office, if the lives of OUR people, black or white or latino or Asian or Christian or Muslim or Atheist or straight or gay…get better, THAT is what we should want. That is why I vote on policy not because of the color of skin or what someone does in their bedroom.

  4. I heard Bernie B. Sanders is such a Progressive cockold he took the last name of his wife’s Bull. Cumduogo nice Nigerian family name. His monogrammed towels now say BBC on them.

    1. I heard the acronym most important to Trump isn’t CIA or NSA or even FBI, no by far the most important one for Trump is KFC.

    1. Considering how the world’s economy, outside of China, is booming, I don’t think much of the world is laughing at us. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to the protests in Hong Kong while they parade giant murals of Trump around. Maybe you haven’t payed any attention to the Yellow Vest protests against the French President. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to the UK going full steam conservative and leaving the EU?

      You say words, but they have no meaning. You’re a very ignorant person!

    2. @etnisk danish Europe is still Europe because of the US. Europe has its own problems to worry about, and they’re BIG problems. The EU is collapsing, France has been destroyed, Italy is just about to leave. I don’t think the EU needs to be spending much time worrying about the US… How pathetic. lol

    3. @etnisk danish Laugh all you’d like, Europe is in bad shape and getting worse. Europe just lost their second largest economy to the US. Is about to lose France and Italy to the US. We’re doing great over here! A lot more jobs and money than Europe has. Europe is protected by the American military. Without us there is no Europe, you would be Russian. Laugh it up all you’d like, your arrogance is foolish. Europe is becoming obsolete in the modern world, and fallen far behind the US and Asia. And soon to fall behind South America. Keep laughing, while your continent fades into the history books as a has-been. The joke is on you!

  5. I’m lonely gay guy and i am 21 years old, please help me, i’m living in qatar, i need a cute friend to hug me all the time in real life

    1. He’s not a god. But he is fast becoming the troll-of-trolls. The democrats have tried to smear his name and hurl insults and slander his way and he still ends up making them look the fool.

    2. @Dark Horse America has only once had a god, Columbia, and her memory has drifted away. The closest the US has been to having a god since is Trump. I don’t mean god in the truly divine sense, but in the Roman Democracy sense.

      The hatred from his opposition is sliding off, his ratings are growing, and his popularity will surge in the next year. His second term will be stronger, and the US will seriously achieve ground breaking levels.

    3. @PK Cazadores It’s coming. The Left has hijacked legitimate causes (preserving the environment, aiding the poor, fighting for the rights of the oppressed, etc), and tried to imply that their political opponents the Conservatives don’t also want these things. Many of us do!

      But not in the way they go about it. Smaller government. More competition. We need to end the mega-monopolies (like the major pharmaceutical companies?) or create for them a lot more competition to lower drug prices. Instead of giving the government full control over those systems. I think the Left’s hold over the minds of people is slipping. There are ways to help the poor and do all the things the Left claims it wants to do, without giving power over to the government.

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