Senate Report Highlights Security Failures Tied To Capitol Riot 1

Senate Report Highlights Security Failures Tied To Capitol Riot


U.S. Capitol Police leaders learned that Trump supporters were discussing ways to infiltrate tunnels around the complex and target Democratic members of Congress on Jan. 6 but failed to act on the threats, according to a new Senate report. Ken Dilanian discusses.

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Senate Report Highlights Security Failures Tied To Capitol Riot


    1. @Starboy 1988 Ignoring your pathetic wannabe insult about watching fox news, there are clips of people saying that it wasn’t trump supporters, the same day, right there at the “protest”. So if you see that the police didn’t do anything, while some trump supporters told them to do something, and others telling antifa activists to stop breaking into the capitol. Its safe to assume that something’s wrong there, lets not forget letting it happen was a positive thing for the other party. Before you comment, make sure you look up these things, I don’t want people commenting random bs that dont make sense.

    2. @kare more there are RINOs that are corrupt too, all part of the DC establishment, govt money laundering officials.

    3. @J. Noble Sicknick died of stroke later that evening, medical examiner said no evidence of any blunt trauma

  1. It’s pretty difficult for the government to investigate a crime against the government when the leaders of the crime are in the government.

    1. @Thomas Kremer – lots of one world anti worker socialists here.
      Next thing you know they’ll wonder why a fatal drug overdose killed a violent career criminal and nobody but losers care. And Biden will sniff another little girl.

    2. @Madison Gibbs duh, but his DOJ and DHS didn’t provide all the requested documents. Why? If Trump is so guilty, why block investigators from getting all the documents needed to adequately investigate?

    3. So then why do people keep voting for bigger government like Democrats, when they can’t even hold them accountable now?

      Maybe I’m trying to hard to understand Amerimutt.

    4. @HR Lincoln – yes they do. He WAS a career, violent criminal. Yes the media hides his criminal history. Few reported he stuck a gun to a pregnant womans stomach during one robbery. He TOOK what the coroner described as “fatal” levels of meth and fentanyl in his system. Yes the media hid this fact.
      2 experts testified. The one the family hired said his death was caused by “the police subdual and restraint in the setting of severe hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and methamphetamine and fentanyl intoxication. The one hired by the government, Dr Andrew baker, said “no physical evidence suggesting that Mr floyd died of asphyxiation”.

    1. ​@USN Corpsman She didn’t deny requests, genius. The house Sargent at arms denied the request. That’s why he’s gone.

    2. @Wendy Frost I already know everything you are talking about. Your ideas aren’t new ones. They are unrealistic. Your ideas would work if the majority of our country wasn’t so stupid and unaware, yet they are. The only way, in my eyes, to accomplish true freedom, is by forming the new America First Party and using it as a platform to get into some of the other stuff you’re saying.

    3. @HR Lincoln No he didn’t moe ron, he’s the one that asked for them. Watch the freaking hearing already. Nah, you don’t want to have to think for yourself, you’ll just keep eating what they feed you. Yummm

    4. @USN Corpsman The sergeant at arms denied offers for extra help before the 6th. On the 6th, no one denied anything–except for Trump’s DOD people. Pelosi approved it as soon as someone got the request to her. Maybe it would have been faster if people like you weren’t breaking into her office.

    1. There were also some members of Congress helping the rioters. This group was intent on destroying this government and making it a dictatorship under Trump. How sad this is. There are many Americans who have given their lives to protect this democracy only to have some cowardly high level officials try to destroy it.

    2. Are they Brennan CIA moles, like the one he had spying on the President in secure spaces inside the White House? LTC Wannabe, or something like that…

    3. @DPS670950 If you’re not doing illegal things then it doesn’t matter who is around you or their intentions. I know I am not concerned about a “mole” in my life, and I don’t make decisions that affect millions of peoples lives.

    1. At least we agree that Trump supporters are unhinged goons and we need the National Guard whenever they form a huge crowd.

    2. @Mark Webb but these insurrectionists stormed the capitol just right after trump told them to didnt you see that?

    3. @Htl Alex No missed that somehow…….I saw Trump’s people being invited in……I actually saw it on video.

    4. @HR LincolnNot true the unhinged are Antifa and BLM…….they’ve burned down half the country and looted and murdered…….you know the ones the left refuses to call out.

    5. @Mr. Morgan Go a link for that? I am sure you don’t…Same as you know “exactly” what’s on “Hunter’s Laptop”, eh?

  2. Yeah, like moving the barricades and waving people to come on in. Also, how about those Capital Police officers in riot gear, just standing there. Can’t forget about the idiots posing as Patriots.

    1. @E E There is a video where someone was recording the Capital building. It shows a man that looks like he is talking to the camera saying, Why are you just standing there? Why are you not doing anything?!?. I will try to past it here as a reply once I find it.

    1. just like the Fauci …..seems like the policing agencies failed except DIA, who intentional left the other agencies (FBI, CIA) out because they are compromised.

    2. @Will Peyton oh, because he lie about the weapons’ of mass destruction so then he must be lying about Russia. Well he is a republican.

    3. @roger i was just answering your question.
      To my knowledge mueller never lied about the russia investigation he just presided over an obviously politically motivated investigation that was used to attack a sitting president. The investigation found that no one colluded with the Russians. The fact that andrew weissman was part of the team proves that mueller was not trying to a fair non biased investigation.
      The fact that he is a republican has nothing to do with this. That investigation was not about republicans vs Democrats it was about the establishment vs donald trump.
      You bringing up that he is a republican proves that you are a partisan propaganda puppet.

    1. @Easy Money Rewatch this news report ( Look @ 1:31) … THEY reported the documents requested WERE NOT PROVIDED by Capitol Sgt.@ Arms, DOJ & DHS — good grief

    2. @Iamlove Iampeace That’s not how it works.The accuser is the one that must show proof to back up his claim. That is true in any court, including the court of public opinion.

  3. Security failures ? So the complicent Senate and House members are about to offer up some scapegoats. They don’t want an independent commission to investigate this now they are playing the look at the jingling keys game.

  4. The security already in place works just fine at the Capital…When you actually enforce it, except it wasn’t enforced at all that day.

    1. @Mr. Morgan “but many people were not.” I guess those folks never learned that life lesson of “you are who you hang with”. Too bad for them.

    2. @metin aksu You’re leaving out all the people that don’t have a cushy office job that can work from home. Every small business that wasn’t a Major Chain Store was hurt significantly and a lot were forced to close down because they weren’t “Essential”, yet everytime i went to a major chain store Like Lowes, Home Depot, or Wal Mart business was booming but all the other small business that do the exact same services were forced to shut down. Those that defied orders in an attempt to keep their employees paid and the doors open we’re arrested and or taken to court.

      It’s always the wealthier people who can work from home who are the ones that are so out of touch with working class people that these Rules and Regulations affect the most. Honest hardworking people that have invested everything they own and work 60+ plus hour weeks on their feet to keep their employees paid and the doors open. So just because you had it nice and “Got to spend more time with your family” doesn’t mean that every one had like that. The Majority of us that don’t sit in front of a computer all day didn’t experience your “Vacation”.

    3. @Jman G and you’re leaving out the part of how much hard work, time, and financial sacrifice some people put into their careers so they don’t have to be a clerk at Lowe’s.

  5. Why is it that nobody in the media is talking about a media outlet speaking with a Capitol officer being sent home right before all this went down that many officer’s were sent home???? Also nobody is acknowledging that the officer’s sent home saw what was happening and returned after being sent home to help with the situation???

    1. @HR Lincoln No it’s not BS a reporter covered it she wasn’t from here but she came to see what was going to happen and saw an officer leaving and asked what was going on and he seemed just as confused as she did!!!!

  6. I think Ms. Green and Ms. Beaubert are in this up to their hair dye! They are vendictive. They have it in for Pelosi. I want a select committee.

  7. There might be consequential politically, but Nancy needs to do a Select Committee with subpoena power.

  8. We need the identities of the cops caught on camera waving in the terrorists and posing for pictures. Those cops need to be made an example of.

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