Senate Republicans Are Already United Against Biden's Budget Bill 1

Senate Republicans Are Already United Against Biden’s Budget Bill

On the heels of passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill, Philip Rucker of The Washington Post reports that Senate Republicans are united against a $3.5 trillion budget bill.
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    1. TRUST me, they’re getting their cut … but not US! We get the tab! Until your third and fourth generations. McConnell and his squad are “sale”-outs! SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Bimmer Fan

      You think the wealthy are so powerful but they’re going to be paying for your lifestyle?

      Pal, your neighbor is going to pay. And his kids will pay. And their kids will pay. The hidden billionaires you think are going to be taxed for this are laughing at your complete idiocy.

    2. @Reddy Freddy He probably have skills that will make him more employable then a white collar guy. No one will be safe when corporations figure out that they can do business in cheaper locations and move. The rich are able to pack- up and leave taking there money with them.

    3. @Bimmer Fan and you are a perfect example of someone who has no idea what’s actually in the bill or how it doesn’t benefit the American citizens whatsoever.

    1. ​@Todd R – – Fact check!

      *False* – _…manufacturers that Obama said would never come back to the country came back…_

      *False* – _2019 was the best economy that the United States has had in decades._

    2. @Anthony Ellis Âû actually several hundred companies which had relocated their manufacturing to Asia started making stuff in the United States again under Trump. Also in 2019 the United States had the best economy since the Clinton era dotcom boom. The United States was absolutely blooming until covid

    3. ​@Todd R – It seems like you actually believe what you’re saying. It’ll take decades for Americans to sort out this fractured reality.

    4. @Anthony Ellis Âû it’s because I’m telling the truth. I look things up for myself I never take the media’s word for it because they have lied to me too many times in the past

    1. That’s the real “ green new deal”. Redefine or make up words every other day, all to get the green.

  1. Oh yeah, this was just a windup for the $5,000,000,000,000 main bill, which will be over 3000 pages of pork, and must be passed without time to read it…. Idiots. Vote them all out.

    1. @whyso curious
      The problem isn’t the road and bridge money. It’s all the extra bs, that’s just pocket money going to their buddies, who then pass it back to the politicians. This needs to stop on both sides of the fence. A bill does not need to be over 2,700 pages long, unless the goal is to hide stuff.

  2. Destroying values of our country !! You can obviously see where all of this is going!!! If you can’t tell by now, then you must be ignorant or part of the problem

    1. Ah yes infrastructure is destroying American values. President Eisenhower and President Roosevelt must have been anti-American to spend so much on their infrastructure plans.

    2. What values do you personally know of that sre being destroyed. Otherwise, your statement falls silently.

  3. And here I am waiting to hear who’s trying to sneak what into the bill. Usually these get passed with something hidden in it

    1. @Dr. Tait You said it….how sad it is some people have no brain power, or hope. They can seek professional help, but they love denial more than anything.

  4. I wonder why? Then when the government closes during a pandemic you’ll hear “GOP blocks help to Americans”

  5. it’s a good day, elections matter. wow! inspiring! stop asking that woman any questions. she doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on

  6. It would do the common man well to do a little brushing up on the collapse of empires like Rome in these trying times and attempt to slow the inevitable slide into the abyss.

  7. Here it comes. Recession, higher gas prices leading to higher food and other goods prices, higher taxes, and without doubt, a stock market crash.

    1. Stock markets soaring they love investment, better roads bridges rail broadband is good for the economy
      Social investment will provide an expanded workforce as women are able to go back to work

    2. Try and keep up, okay tRumpsucker? We are going to dismantle your heroes tax breaks for the wealthy and their corporations. Then we will have plenty of money to have nice things for our citizens, like every other country in the world. You’ve been brainwashed by a master con man to think our country is third world and broke. You got conned, because we have the richest, most powerful country in the world, but thanks to a-holes like Donnie, the wealthy have all the money and pay little, or no taxes at all.

    3. @Fool for the City Go after Gates. And Bezos. And Zuckerburg. All who the IRS said paid $0 in taxes since their business creations.

  8. I think we need to look at Nancy and her Democrats in the house. Several of them have stated they oppose the new by Bipartisan deal. I don’t think we can blame the Republicans on this, a lot of them came over to our side. Now we have to worry about some of our radical Democrats.It’s not the Republicans we have to worry about.

  9. I don’t know why people vote for the GOP, they vote against their own interest. I get it, they want things to be less illegal. Maybe vote for a dem who wants to reform the criminal justice system geesh.

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