1. @Diablo but he was president during all of it. Go for the alternative where it’s just a criminal trial.

    2. So let me get this right so you’re going to impeach this President because he gave this information to his voters who went to the White House and caused a four-hour insurrection and then you want to print in Time magazine that you actually did rig the election and you actually brag about it. Kind of make someone Wonder if something hasn’t just been flipped upside down like bad is good and good is bad the cops are the bad guys the good the bad guys are the good guys ….. men are running in women’s sporting events…… instead of a strong Southern border we have no border and allow them to come into our country untested for the virus and releasing them into cities to do as they please

    3. What’s happening, we dont know trump has had his freedom of speech censored so maybe you can explain for him or those who are being censored.

    4. @ekerson trump already did that, over 400000 Americans dead , the country is divided they stormed the capitol. He got impeached 2 times

  1. To allow trump to get away with this atrocity sets a tone that this is acceptable. He should be held accountable and Congress needs to assure this never happens again!!

    1. You HALF WIT…The DEMS set it up…are you really that Blind ?….they screwed up 4 other attempts and you DON’T see what is happening….You Dem supporters really are clueless

    2. @Offskew says the guys that follow a fraud so blindly that they are willing to murder Congress and install a dictator.

  2. Now convict him and put his ugliness behind us. We all know what he wanted to do, him and his Followers just failed…lol
    Truth, Justice, and the American Way!!!

    1. If they try it, they know 100 million Americans will be furious unlike anything even ANTIFA/BLM could do!!! This is the most flagrant unequal justice I’ve ever witnessed!!!

    2. @peaceandllov Except it’s not, and they didn’t. But hey, I’m sure if you lie and support treason enough, Trump will love you.

    3. @The Patriot Patrol Ready To Roll Can it traitor. All the traitors in the GOP need to face justice. The Democrats’ duty to uphold constitutional law and have every GOP member that supported Trump’s treason convicted and removed from office.

  3. “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th,” Mr. Trump tweeted on Dec. 19, just one of several of his tweets promoting the day. “Be there, will be wild!”

    1. @Shadow Flame That’s exactly what I am is smart enough.At least when it all comes down and it will I can say Told ya.Gas is already up 50 cent’s on the gallon and rising . It’s gonna get worse.So you enjoy ok.End of responses.

    2. @connie hill No you don’t. Look at what he said leading up! They held a insurrection meeting the day before. Bannon said on the 5th that “ALL HELL WAS GOING TO BREAK LOSE”, on the 6th. Trump told people to come and it will be wild. Rudy said trial by combat. Jr. and Eric chimed in along with Jr’s coked up GF the Gargoyle. Trump never called the National Guard to come in. He stood and watched loving it all. Then told them he loved them and they were special. So uh FUUUCK OOOFFFF!!!!!!!!!

    3. @connie hill You said “He never wanted a riot .He wanted a peaceful march .I truly believe that.”
      If he didn’t want a riot, then how do you explain his delay sending in the national guard? How do you explain his call for the crowd to “fight like hell”? You can’t deny he had a motive to overthrow the government so he could remain in power.

    4. @connie hill in 4 years Trump lost the House of Representatives, the Whitehouse and the Senate. Why would you want a loser in 2024???

  4. Trump (BLM Protesters): “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”
    Trump (Capitol Rioters): “Go home. We love you, you’re very special.”

    1. @Ryan Barker prove it. We can provide any information about the Confederate flag and the KKK and what white supremacy has always done for hundreds of years. Prove your ignorant beliefs

  5. Retrumplicans just keep showing us that their feelings are more important than anything else.
    This trial is necessary so that future presidents know that they can’t act a fool in their final weeks and then run away from the consequences.

    1. @sam ridges Yep.. Im so triggered yet you’re the one on my comment butthurt enough about my opinion that you had to take time to comment in hopes of a few likes to feel better about himself. Sooooooooooo, who’s really upset, snowflake? 😂🤣 Aren’t you tired of being the joke on everyone else’s thread yet?

    2. @Belphegore Umm.. No they didn’t- they voted for Trump, his following is largely blue collar white males 35-60 in age.

    3. Donald Trump is going to be the ONLY president of the United States to be impeached Twice! He is to stupid to realize that he will be the ONLY president impeached Twice in the history of the United States! Kind shows a lack of intelligence coming from the self proclaimed stable genius! 🤣 🤣 🤣🤣

    4. Remove all of the seditious politicians who signed against the election and constitution sign the petition moveon.org and get the traitors out of office! Tell your friends and family to sign moveon.org tell your mailman!

  6. As usual they are gaslighting everyone, the only defence they have is, “Its not fair on poor Donald, he’s sad”

    1. @sam ridges “You would make a horrible Lawyer.”

      If you happen to be part of Trump’s defense attorneys, then from you that’s quite praise.

      Still the case of accountability stands.

    2. @sam ridges wow another one. Did me saying that other guy was a historically stupid cult member trigger your feelings? Just face it. you were duped. simply stop being a redhat retrumplican and return to normal life. despite the extremity of your belief set, you aren’t actually psychotic.. just return to normal life and apoligize to those around you that you have alienated.

    3. @Beth Norrod
      All those courts are in bed with Biden u moron, they all refused to listen to evidence of voter fraud, just like they’re ready to impeach him right now before even hearing evidence etc

    4. @WRESTLING GOD. DEATH TO THE SMARKS! “All those courts are in bed with Biden…”

      Even the all the judges that Trump appointed? Including Bill Barr and Amy Coney Barret? And Mitch McConnell? How gullible do you think the American ppl are?

      You still didn’t definitively answer my previous fire in movie theater example because you already know who is responsible for inciting the crowd and causing death… catalyst, cause and effect.

    5. @Tec Actually how about try him for sedition in an unbiased court of law?
      If he loses there he would not be able to run for office. This is just political

  7. Since when does the gop cares about the Constitution. They don’t even understand the 1st and 2nd even if they’re constantly blabbing about it

    1. Republicans care about having a response to answer with. They don’t care whether their response is reasonable, as long as it’s a response.

    2. Censorship is a communist movement and Biden wants to take our guns away the right of speech and to own a gun is at stake here that easy

    1. @Lil Wayne COVID caused more job losses than Biden’s administration 🤷🏾‍♂️ I wonder whose to blame for that🤔

    2. Round them up and put them in concentration camps. No more 2nd party. 1 party to rule all. Anyone gets out of line, we put them in prison for life.

    3. So what do you think censorship? That seems authoritarian and inherently in opposition to the first amendment. Also it’s always one of the first things authoritarian governments do. Corporate dems love the idea.

  8. Trumpublican senators have the right for a new protected political trademark: “The Spineless Worm Society”.

    1. Doubtful, their loyalty is not to the constitution and country anymore, but it now belongs to Trump and their own power and agenda

  9. I saw all those previous impeachment suggestions, during all of Trumps years, as a lot of evidence for ALL of his ‘transgressions.’

    1. @2 Far Liberals destroy property; conservatives commit murder. If you’re more afraid of liberals, it’s because you get all your (dis)information from Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax.

    2. @Dean F. They are two, the same. Both can dissolve for all I care. And yes the left can do more damage. Not just speaking in terms of physical assault. Canceling is a real thing. Never watched Fox News, nor CNN for that matter. But I am unsure what OAN and new max is. I believe you think I am conservative, yet you are completely ignorant to what I have previously said and asked. You’re arguing with someone who probably has similar values as you, but do not know how to objectively look at something.

  10. McConnell is wrong and hipocritical. He’s the one that wanted to WAIT until after the inauguration. Very manipulative as well.

    1. McConnell is one of the most calculating and manipulative creatures in Washington. He will do ANYTHING to keep himself in a position of power or to be close to such a position in the event that such a position could open up in the near future.

    2. It’s how McConnell plays the game. Act like a victim while aiding and abetting the thief. He held off on waiting until tRump completed his term, so to allow tRump lawyers and the fascist ilk in the GOP to argue how we can’t impeach a president no longer in office, nor hold him accountable for his behaviors.

      Fine….so we’re giving Clinton his law license back, and allow him to hold public office again, right? smh….maybe we can elect a true leftist in four more years who will put Bill on the SCOTUS. smha…

  11. It Should’ve been no question about it period, And l also find this to be simply unbelievable and terrifyingly amazing that we even have to give this situation a second thought of being right or wrong, Or good or evil ! 😫

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