Senate Veteran: Better Chance Infrastructure Deal Gets 70 Votes Than Fails 1

Senate Veteran: Better Chance Infrastructure Deal Gets 70 Votes Than Fails


An infrastructure deal has been reached, but the balance of power in the Senate is evenly split, and Donald Trump wields a lot of power over Republicans. Jonathan Kott, a former staffer for Senator Joe Manchin says, “I would be skeptical, too, but I think there’s a better chance that this list grows to 70 senators [in support] than it sinks to 59.”
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  1. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know it’s coming.
    Anything else would be astonishing.

  2. If mcturttle blocks then don’t build a bridge in KY and that goes for every other senator that blocks it.

    1. Kamala Harris accused Joe Biden of being a racist and of sexual misconduct. Believe all women.

  3. Fall?
    And then Lucy McConnell pulls away the football yet again from Joe ‘Charlie Brown’ Manchin?

  4. cool thumbnail. nice to see all of those ‘democrats’ out there that voted against the $15 min wage.

  5. What the public thinks of the bill going forward will depend on Biden and his use of the bully pulpit — which so far he really hasn’t shown an inclination to use, unfortunately. But I hope he starts now.

    1. he used it a lot during the covid bill, which was very popular. right now he’s giving senators a lot of room to do their own thing, in hopes they will come through

    1. if republicans pretend to negotiate this bill, they can filibuster it at the last second, forcing democrats to push it through via reconciliation. then republicans get what they want (whatever they negotiated in) PLUS democrats can’t use reconciliation again, which stops them from passing anything else

      democrats are walking straight into a trap

  6. POTUS Biden brought these people together, as he promised to unite the country … and this is what msnbc chose to talk about

  7. Thank You Republican’s & Democratic senators for working together – lets hear it for Joe Biden!!

  8. they will pull out. 1 hour after his announcement on the bipartisan bill, biden tied that bill to a reconciliation bill including all the things republicans would not agree to. so this is dead in the water. they would be right to do so.

  9. !INFRASTRUCTURE is Very Important. America must update Old bridges & Old buildings etc.(NO Collapsing of 40 yr. Old Condos in Florida or anywhere in America can continue)

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