Senate Votes 55-45 To Begin Process For Calling Witnesses In Impeachment Trial | MSNBC 1

Senate Votes 55-45 To Begin Process For Calling Witnesses In Impeachment Trial | MSNBC


On the fifth day of the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, the Senate voted 55-45 to allow witnesses to be called. NBC’s Garrett Haake reports.

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Senate Votes 55-45 To Begin Process For Calling Witnesses In Impeachment Trial | MSNBC


    1. @John Carpenter Thank you for clear response. I am really fed up when they attack Mrs. Trump. She never wanted him to be President and despite being a ‘foreigner’ and English being not first language did her best to be a first lady where there is no manual how to be…..

    2. @Paul Somers she can take a page out of trumps playbook and just not pay her legal team and claim bankruptcy to have no financial backblow.

  1. 55 to 45. A lot more than expected but we already know the Republicans liked being stepped on by Trump.

    1. @mark clowdus Ted’s even uglier . Personality – OR LACK OF – COUNTS TOO !!!

    2. Bribes, blackmail, extortion…laundering funneling $$$$$…etc. and of course maybe some ( hidden ) overseas accts….dont forget cryptocurrency now…lol

    3. It was their last chance to stop him. You must be right. They feel stuffing their pockets is worth their dignity.

    1. @rural wild has only been on YT since *6th Feb 2021* , so is either Spamming, Trolling or some kind of BOT – *don’t follow the link nothing there, YT has deleted it.*

    1. @Theda Saffo That’s probably not going to come out during this impeachment trial, but it could very well come out later.

    2. Get as much information as possible on record so it can be used in the criminal case against TRUMP and his aiders, abettors and conspirators!

    3. @Deborah Rasmussen I’ve come to suspect that those cowardly Republican senators who want to get rid of Trump but are too scared of his violent base are actually hoping the Democrats do their dirty work by bringing criminal charges, thus enabling his disqualification from future office, as the law says that anyone involved in rebellion or insurrection can never hold office. Then they can have their cake and eat it too; they get rid of Trump but can play up to his base by pretending he was “cancelled” by the Democrats.

    4. You know why Trump didn’t want to testify he’s a little B coward, he sent those people over there, to overthrow the government. If he’s so proud of what he did why doesn’t he stand behind what he did? Because he’s a little B coward! I wonder how these others feel now that they were thrown under the bus?

  2. I don’t care if it takes another year they need to call all witnesses…Trump shouldn’t be getting off the hook he’s put himself on and the American people!!! What he’s done is not OK!!!!!

    1. @Jason B absolutely SOME people are DEFINITELY enormous nitwits if they think letting someone get away with such treasonous crimes will bring the country together. One look at American Civil War tells you that. Letting all those traitors go free with ZERO consequences led right up to today. Funny that.

    2. Uh… yes, but this reaches to short. Trump did things that was more or less clear he would do, even before he was elected. The real problem are his enablers. They will easily enable the next wannabe dictator.


  3. Will anyone subpoena Trump? I’d love to hear his testimony. But he’ll cower in his bunker, per usual.

    1. @Debate Me! The Democrats squandered the opportunity to charge him for several offenses. The incitement charge wasn’t nearly as compelling or ironclad as the charge of election tampering and interference would have been. The recording of his cajoling and bullying call to Georgian head election honcho Raffensberger was solid, irrefutable evidence of that. They also should have charged him for ignoring his duty to defend the Capitol building when he was clearly aware of the situation. Such missed opportunities. But I still wouldn’t have been surprised if he were still acquitted.

    2. @parrotprodigy productions Yes, it would not be easy no matter what, so NOT putting full effort is almost a criminal dereliction of duty in itself.

    3. @Debate Me! I don’t know about dereliction of duty, but I’d call it a shortsighted and poor strategic faux pas. They essentially brought a “knife to a gunfight”.

  4. Hawley, Cruz, Graham, etc. should be voted to be expelled as jurors for not fulfilling their solemn duties as jurors.

    1. They are fulfilling their solemn duties. They voted with Democrats to bring in witnesses because they knew that the witnesses would then be under cross-examination. They also want to get Nancy and Chuck before the committee, under oath to answer questions about their inflammatory comments.
      This second impeachment is nothing but a cluster in the American people don’t give a rats rear about it. The best way to ensure that Trump will not run again is to implement sound policy and write good law.

    2. @Gina sloan Never say never. If we try to get over a lot of our hate and bitterness, Trump was responsible for passing a lot of Democrat platform issues.
      1. He put in to place our iconic JFK tax plan that’s super charge the economy back then and most recently up until COVID-19 struck the world.
      2. Prison reform has been a Democrat party platform issue for many years. Trump initiated prison reform and had several people released, generally protected class individuals who were serving life terms for relatively minor crimes.
      3. Prescription drug reform has been a Democrat party platform issue for many years and Trump initiated the three executive orders requiring the federal government to now negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. This will lower prescription drug prices.
      4. The environment has been a strong Democrat platform issue but Trump got us out of the failed and stupid Paris accord and unleashed American ingenuity. Now we lead the world with environmental stewardship. John Kerry eluded to how great the United States was he doing in one of his speeches but the media did not pick up on it.
      There are other Democrat platform if you said he initiated but for brevity I’m on these. So, never say never.

    1. @rural wild has only been on YT since *6th Feb 2021* , so is either Spamming, Trolling or some kind of BOT – *don’t follow the link.*

    1. The republicans will never vote to convict, even if we have Trump dead to rights. If this trial drags on and holds up covid relief then the democrats will get decimated in 2022.

    2. @Steve Zelaznik its not the best scenario for sure but doing nothing is worse and would definitely destroy them in the midterms and 2024. remember there are more of us than there are Repugniclans which is why they justify suppressing voters because without doing that they never win.

    3. @Kelvin Dobbs – Ummm, people are supposed to vote according to the evidence. There’s more than enough evidence to convict. But since these spineless, pathetic morons don’t seem to want to convict, they’re also supposed to represent the people. According to polls, 70% want Trump convicted. So, they should convict.

  5. Lindsey wants to subpoena Nancy Pelosi – how about subpoenaing little Donnie, so that he has a chance to tell people how why he was playing with matches?

    1. @Victor Pradha yes only one 1.75 ltr bottle. It’s enough to get the job done. Melissa is fearful that if she passes out, someone may dispose of any remaining vodka. Just easier to get more the next day

    2. @Magnetron33 – If there are state-of-the-art CCTV monitors at the WH, as have been reported, then he may well have known *how close* Pence came to being grabbed, and that’s *why* he waited so long to release his “…you’re very special, go home…” video.
      Was he hoping they’d catch Pence and ‘do him in’?
      Knowing what we know of #45…I *wouldn’t* bet against it.

  6. This is great…I’m so happy they are doing their jobs. Would make no sense not to call witnesses if there’s people that have first hand knowledge of IQ45s movements that day.

    1. Because calling witnesses is the democrats way to drag on the show, which benefits them after Trump’s lawyers dismantled their arguments

    2. Most of them are guilty of aiding Trump’s long campaign of violence and hate.. they are complicit in the attack on their own lives.

  7. In 2016 Lindsey Graham wrote: “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it.”

    1. Also that year—— Obama’s reverend said “I don’t say god bless America. No no no. I say god d-man you America. Americans sicken me.”

  8. The ones who refused even to hear witnesses will probably vote to acquit trump no matter what. They don’t care for the truth.

    1. You’re not easy to keep anything hidden from, Turtle. Remember – sometimes the journey and the aftermath is more important than the destination itself.

  9. Call Mike Pence up and ask him why he, not Trump, had to call for the National Guard. Also, ask him if he heard the chants of “Hang Mike Pence” while there with his wife and other family members.

    1. @shine4 Davids
      Poor gullible thing …
      You’re literally proving that Trump is guilty of the big lie that caused a Coup.

  10. They should depose McCarthy, Pence and anyone that was with Trump at the time of the insurrection! The American people deserve to know the truth!

    1. The TRUTH is, he was delighted at what HE had caused and couldn’t understand why no one else was as HAPPY as he was!

  11. If someone can’t get introuble for trying a coup what can they get in trouble for? I’m sorry but america is falling apart and it’s a shame to watch

  12. This is the most important part in the history of United States CONSTITUTION. Our history for the young generation is a witness to what is happening to our political leaders. Do the right thing for the next generation to come

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