Senate’s Trump Loyalists Worked To Kill Jan. 6 Riot Commission 1

Senate’s Trump Loyalists Worked To Kill Jan. 6 Riot Commission


Senate’s Trump loyalists worked to kill Jan. 6 Riot Commission
Most Republicans in the Senate backed Trump’s effort to stop the formation of a 9/11-style commission to investigate the Capitol insurrection tied to Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. MSNBC’s Brian Williams discusses with Jonathan Lemire and Carol Leonnig.
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  1. Of Course, The Criminals (Republicans) don’t want an investigation into the Criminals (Republicans)… Go figure…

    1. @Smiley Chris Watch the first 3 minutes of the movie ‘IDIOCRASY’. Maps out how stupidity spreads so far and wide faster than smarts.

    2. @david cottrell Wow, that you actually believe this is sad lol. Biden is a piece of trash who in four months has created a humanitarian crisis at the border, killed a pipeline, barely created any jobs and has a 20 year high for unemployment, rapidly increasing inflation that is reminiscent of 2008 when the economy went to heck… oh and a gas shortage that circles back to killing the pipeline. Add insanely expensive gas prices and food costs going through the roof and yeah… I can see why you cherish this senile puppet. I voted for this tool myself and it took less than a month before I regretted my decision daily.

    3. Remember when they could have done this during the second failed impeachment but rushed through it because the American people were tired of pointless political theater?

    1. @silveradoDave And therein lies the indoctrination; you’ll believe anything that life long conman Donald Trump says you should, but not the highest law enforcement agency in the land.

      Literally the definition of demagoguery.

    2. @Sam Snuff Harris told the summer of love rioters not to stop, helped start a fund to bail the rioters out of jail and donated to that fund. Trump told his supporters to peacefully let their voices be heard. Are you really that ignorant or moronic not to see the blatant difference between the two? It appears you are.

    3. @Jake G you mean when the fbi was weaponized by the Obama administration to attack a political opponent?

    1. IKR? “Tell us something we don’t already know,” right? The criminal conspirators put a lot of effort into covering up their criminal conspiracy . . . The FBI and CIA should be investigating this. We have Russian Moles in the GOP. How do we know? They VOTED to OVERTURN a democratic election! DURING a violent insurrection, which was trying to OVERTURN a democratic election! Not before! Not when the rioters had all gone home either! But, DURING that insurrection! Think about that! . . . Ron Johnson fears JAIL! As do others! No conditions will satisfy them, and they’ll move the goalposts, no matter what compromise if offered to get the investigation! Call in the feds!

    2. Get your facts correct about Jan 6
      So tired of people blaming trump supporters DO YOUR RESEARCH AND STOP WATCHING FAKE NEWS !! There is so many videos that state the truth!! Listen to John Sullivan’s own words about that day not the edited version!!
      Who paid him CNN who was Filipino him in the capital CNN reported was she held responsible


    1. Remember when they could have done this during the second failed impeachment but rushed through it because the American people were tired of pointless political theater?

    2. @Sue Howie Remember when they could have done this during the second failed impeachment but rushed through it because the American people were tired of pointless political theater?

  2. The attackers to the people’s house and all Republicans should be charged with treason and drum right out of the United States

    1. Police took off the fences and let them in, and then stopped them at the doors by shooting at them. BLM and Antifa people were among the first wave entering the building. The entire incident is a setup by the Capital police under the direction of, you know, the evil woman. BTW, where is her laptop?

    2. Investigate Democrats and their followers BLM and Antifa for inciting violence for over a year. Making their illegal autonomous zones on state property. Taking over federal buildings, and state buildings, burning down hundreds of buildings ruin many life’s in the process. Terrorist traitors.

    3. @Lisa Pedersen explain all what happened in the riots for almost a year! Y’all people are the worst at virtue signaling and calling people what y’all are.

  3. The fact that the guy being investigated can tell senators not to investigate him and they listen is ridiculous.

    1. @Mervyn Greene Wait are you suggesting that you yourself believe the insurrection “was the fault of a few extremists” and if only the GOP had ran the commish then they could’ve come to that conclusion too? Or are you suggesting that is most likely what they would say they “discovered” if they were in the position to finagle the truth?

    2. @Milton Bradley No. I am saying that they misplayed their hand. My statement just suggested what the more effective spin and strategy would have been for them.

      My personal opinion is that the GOP leadership is evil and devoid of any type of moral compass.

      I also think that they are not as clever as they think they are. Otherwise they would have buried any questions about January 6th while they still had the Senate and the White House.

    3. @Mervyn Greene Oh OK. I think I had just read too many loony toon, reality-defying explanations for the insurrection in a row that I couldn’t discern what you wrote clearly. Glad you are on TeamReality.

    4. @Shabazz I truly believe that there’s more American voters that knows what happened and who’s at fault for the 1/6 insurection and hopefully they remember this during the 2022mid term election and during the 2024 general election the American voters must send a loud and clear message to the republician GQP party in these election

    5. @Robert Genson there’s likely more who know the truth but there’s also likely a big chunk of people that will feign ignorance and say “well we really can’t know for sure if they were involved” unless undeniable evidence comes out. A lot of independents are right leaning and won’t be convinced to change there vote off of what they’ll pass off as just some idiots DOJ g something stupid rather than looking at the ways Republicans lead us to that point and are in the process of doing it again.

    1. @Steve W nope this is about US senators failing to do their duty out utter spinelessness and blind fealty to a clown that can barely utter a coherent sentence… you wanna side with that go ahead… they deserve all the political they have coming.

    2. To stop it from happening again when it could be directed AGAINST them from a newly split off fringe Trump/Q wing…

  4. An appropriate punishment for Trump would be to take away the secret service detail assigned to him!!!
    Why should a criminal receive secret service protection when honest hard working Americans don’t???

    1. Fake Media and Terrible Tabloid, Fox News, is Co-Conspirator #1 is Destroying United States Democracy. Today FOX MEDIA CEO, Lachlan Murdoch, whose Bestie is TUCKER CARLSON are Both ONLY CONCERNED about MONEY. TUCKER CARLSON DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANY AMERICAN, THE US CONSTITUTION, US RULE OR LAW, US NATIONAL SECURITY, EQUALITY for ALL AMERICANS and US POLICE- MEN & ESPECIALLY WOMEN

    2. Yet only a Trump supporter died by the only shot that was fired during this entire “insurrection” as you call it. It wasn’t an insurrection but you people blow everything out of proportion. You are making a big deal over a few people that broke into the Capital in costumes and posed for social media selfies.

    3. @Chris : customs? hahahaha… if this would have been BLM, they all would have been shot and killed on the spot… GET REAL.

  5. Soooooo what’s it gonna take for Sinema and Manchin to start acting like team players and agree to nuke the filibuster???

    1. @Annie because if they kick them out, they’ll switch parties, and Republicans will have a majority. That’s why.

    2. It’s funny that Democrats who used the filibuster to block the civil rights movement now want to get rid of it. “Democrats used the filibuster for exactly that purpose when Republicans were working to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” They also didn’t have a problem using the filibuster 314 times during Trump’s presidency to attempt to block his policy. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. If they get rid of it, they will CERTAINLY regret it in 2022 and 2024. So go ahead, if you want Republicans to take over every aspect of the country. Remove it. I dare you.

    3. @SkyGemini
      Manchin is from WV and it’s a miracle he was elected as a Democrat.
      It’s mostly hillbillies and coal miners in that state.

  6. Republicans on 9/11 : we need a Commission immediately.

    Republicans on 01/06 : well we don’t need any Commission as Insurrectionists or Terrorists are our Voters.

    1. “We don’t want our cell phones to show which of our cult we were in contact with during the attack!”

  7. We see you and your God sees you. You cannot hide from the insurrection, or your big lie.

  8. Ofcourse they did as it would have shown that he and others were connected and the Coup D’Etat continues!!

  9. “Sorry for voters that have been sold this snake oil”.

    “My mama says that stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump

    1. @Baron Black Dragon I am not acting like they are stupid, they are stupid. Yes they know what they are doing but don’t realize how stupid it is.

    2. @Raging Monk Impeached by democrappers with NO republican votes and NO he didn’t lose the election! The democrappers stole it PERIOD! Joe and the Ho couldn’t get 25 people to a ralley while Trump was getting 30 plus thousand at 2 and 3 rallies a day. The math doesn’t add up.

    3. @Steve W Republicans are crooks. Every time they get in charge they run up the deficit and hurt the economy. But the second impeachment took place after Trump lost the election. Moscow Mitch stated that Trump is responsible for everything he had done during his time in office but it is the courts that should punish him, not Congress.
      McConnell told Republican not to convict Trump and why would he do that? Because if Congress punished him his attorneys would tell the courts that Trump had already been punished for that. Mitch wants Trump in prison and you are not smart enough to see what is happening.

      You even think that a small pack of groupies are enough to get someone elected. lol

    4. @Raging Monk BTW, Biden and his son got rich by selling out the US to other countries and Swollen headed Swalwell was sleeping with a Chinese spy and had another spy, provided by his Chinese mistress, working in his office. Diane Feinstein had a Chinese spy working for her as well. I’m sure there are more selling our secrets to the Chinese. Then you have the moronic “squad” who think the world is going to end in a climate disaster in 10 years. Scientists have been playing the climate card for 100 years. Google it. The left also doesn’t know the difference between a male and a female and yet republicans are the dumb ones. My God you are pathetically ignorant and moronic to follow these Bozos!!! If you really want to see and listen to a true moron check out senator Hank Johnson. He has said some really stupid things but the best one is when he said he was afraid the island of Guam was going to tip over and capsize!!! Ort you can watch fool who calls mothers “birthing people.” You people on the left are absolutely INSANE!!!!!

    5. @Steve W – so let’s be clear: you think trump won because he could get people to a rally? How stupid are you? Trump needs that adulation and all he does at these rallies is talk nonsense. He can’t talk policies because he doesn’t have any. Give me a sensible debate with people who know what they’re talking about any day. If you are basing your claim that Biden stole the election on numbers at rallies you really are bonkers. Look how the Nuremberg rallies worked out.

    1. @Jkrogs18 No, some left to start the planned insurrection before the end of the meeting but the riot did not start before Trump got on stage.

  10. Thought it was Antifa? Why wouldn’t they want to investigate their so hated enemy whom they claimed infiltrated trump supporters on January 6?

    1. Proud boys and oath keepers are trump supporters everyone knows that. Some antifa people were there but mostly trump supporters.
      This is no secret..

  11. McConnell has been re-elected twice since he died. It’s the voters that keep putting these idiots in the Senate. Maybe someone should take a look at what’s in the water in some of these States?

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