Senator Amy Klobuchar Discusses The New Restrictive Voting Laws 1

Senator Amy Klobuchar Discusses The New Restrictive Voting Laws


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Senator Amy Klobuchar Discusses The New Restrictive Voting Laws


      AMERICA !
      In a nutshell
      Restricting illegals
      Restricting Voter cheating

      Bi Partician

  1. Manchin saying exactly the opposite of what he is doing, there is no way that the GOP will display
    bipartisanship. It is clear to see that Manchin is going against his own party and the people, for cash.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 you’re the Marxist. Confederate democrats in Texas are committing acts of Insurrection.

  2. Do not succumb to manchin the criminal against our earth, People, animals, Birds, Bee’s Trees, forests… No! No! No!

  3. The new Republican pushed/passed law in Georgia enables a Republican controlled state legislature, enabled in no small part by gerrymandering for 2022 and beyond, to VOID choices of voters based on unproven allegations of fraud and send their own party loyalists to the Electoral College in 2024.

    1. @Romeo so you think it ok for the republican legislature to remove your vote? That would be disenfranchising the voter meaning YOU.

  4. Hey Donald Trump

    The science is on my side

    And I’d like to see how your hair would fare in a blizzard

  5. I love the smart people like Amy who are working on this important issue. However because it is so complex and we don’t have a clear message like ” lock her up ” and ” stop the steal” we will never convince the low information voter.

  6. Manchin, key Democratic holdout on federal voting protections. He has let the people down in his State & the

    1. He said that because he knows it’s phoney. Even Biden (Dr. Faustus) doesn’t want to end or democracy even though he won by cheating. Is he having remorse?

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