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    1. He is absolutely a traitor and in bed with Russia! It’s so obvious that you have to be willfully blind to not see it.

    1. Why not? Mitch and the GOP have been nothing less than enablers for this catastrophe, they’ve certainly done little else.
      Without their betrayal of their sworn constitutional responsibilities, we wouldn’t be here..

  1. Americans are suffering!, and they are sitting on this! Why why to see more children without food and shelter… to have more homeless. Unbelievable

    1. I agree. filthy indulgence! callous defrauding our living wage. This is not the 1922 proletariat! We are not living with a pseudo-Stalin 2.0.

    2. Change Center Like I always say, the poor will always be with us so they are going to get their cut while they’re in office.

    3. @Marty Baldwin ignorance and want, right now, ARE double-dipped, no triple-dipped by the greed and callous blind fumbling of rollback trump and mitch show.

  2. Putin has trump in his pocket…he never says anything that would remotely displease Putin, no nickname…nothing. : )

    1. @Earl of Mar you seem to be unaware of the meaning of what fascism is. can you plz explain it in a few lines? or a freaking essay if you prefer. you may use own words or copy/paste

    2. @Pam Deshane Hello, did you listen to the man who saw the intelligence and isays it is not fake? Are you really as stupid as your comment sounds?

    3. Pam Deshane even if what you said made sense, it doesn’t make a difference. Trump and his supporters are going down in history for ever so down in history nobody will know who Hitler was. And your part of it. Tell that to your grandchildren.

    1. Now Paul, don’t exaggerate. They want us homeless, while they make money off our pain, and then dead.

    2. Can’t wait till the next “pro-lifer” waves their fetus poster in my face I’m putting a poster of refrigeration trucks with 150K dead in their’s.

  3. So he asks Putin who says he knows nothing about it and Trump says OK, you know what these CIA idiots are like, sir.

    1. Yes.. They don’t know anything or speak of people’s lives. At least Putin sent needed supplies to countries, while we had stockpiled supplies as Kushner said they were not for us. Who were they for?

  4. “The Do Nothing Republicans”.

    Produced, Directed, Written and Starring the Great “Moscow Mitch”.

    Coming soon to an Economic Crisis near You.

    1. “I cannot tell a lie.” – George Washington
      “I cannot tell the truth.” – Donald Trump
      “I cannot tell the difference.” – Republican leaders

    1. @Mary Schultz he cares for nobody but HIMSELF! That is not what a President does, but a narcissist behaves this way,

    2. spur toes will dodge the truth just like he did the draft he is a traitor and should be treated like one

    3. Yes, send the children to school
      They may not live through this or bring more than homework home. Who would send a child to school when the Covid numbers are going up? The children are now contracting it.

    1. @Tim S facts remain, during obama putin gained crimea and that was a BIG THING, during trump he still has not gained anything

    2. @MR DEW I prefer keeping our NATO allies rather than have our leader servicing a corrupt Russian dictator.

    3. @D Mack why do germany and other nato allies not pay their fair share at nato? how are they allies when cheating usa that way? and by moving troops from germany to poland, they are still on nato territory

  5. Trump about the relief bill: I need you to do me a favor though. (Money to rebuild FBI building across the street from Trump hotel)

  6. the “explanation” is simple: the WH is an agent of the Russians and has been for years, bought and paid for by Russian money years ago.

  7. He believes the dr nobody who talks about witches and demons but won’t listen to dr Fauci and the USA intelligence reports he receives. Tell me this president is not dangerous for Americans!

  8. Trump Will never tell the truth ever,, when he says he knows more than anyone ,,, that’s a lie ,,

    1. @MR DEW As soon as Trump tells us how many underage girls he and Epstein had. Remember they both like them on the young side.

  9. *”But Putin strongly said he didn’t do it”, as Traitor Trump wipes his lips of white goo!*
    *”I believe Putin!” – Donnie Helsinki Trump -*

    1. He did not say that. He miss-read the word wouldn’t. They should have written it out to read I don’t know why is would not have been Russia? There are tons of Russia Ads on youtube. Unfortunately, dumb people like yourself don’t do any research. You believe the Fascist Left Wing News Media.

  10. He just says “I didn’t know about it” and it just gets him off the hooks. It’s YOUR JOB TO KNOW!!!

    1. @Agathac Cheb He actually just pulled out 12000 troops from Germany, at this point we just have to wait what Putin will do next.

    2. Exactly. BS. Our soldiers have a bounty on their heads? I think that should have spoken very loud to government officials and heard. Inept.

    3. Donald Dump has already given Russia the nuclear codes possibly leaving USA defenceless in case of missile attack.

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