Senator Bernie Sanders On Healthcare And Cardi B | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. I don’t need health insurance I’m going to live forever
    Turns 30: you know what Bernie Sanders has a good point;)

    1. @Tessmage Tessera You that afraid of me that you proclaim victory or threaten to bury me with your brilliance? LOL! Bring it on sweet knees and let’s see.

  2. Bernie – next US President… flip flaps here, no racist agendas, no lies and empty promises….President who cares about people , not just about himself and his family….period.

    1. BERNIE SANDERS 2020!!!! A guy who really cares about the WORKING CLASS and serves his constituents NOT the corporate wealthy elite.

    1. You mean like the facts that the Democrats would have to turn 13-19 senate seats blue in order to pass any of Bernie’s agenda.

    2. @Nard Dog 66 Senate seats needed to change the senate rules.You need a civics lesson like most of Bernie’s followers.Show me the districts where the Democrats take 19 Senate seats.

    1. Dave Schultz WRONG!! 57% SUPPORT it..

      Funny how Americans say M4A DOESN’T WORK.. Oh well,except if you live in.

      Czech Rep
      New Zealand
      S Korea
      UK+ more

      Americans brainwashed by the very people that are TAKING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!! Of course they will say it doesn’t work! They made $69B JUST OFF AMERICANS.. One drug they charge Americans $1200 then turn around and charge everyone else $87!!! Think about that!!!

    2. @Swnsasy _ , I like the M4A1. It’s got a heavier barrel and with the new M855A1 ammo it’s a shooter.

    3. @Swnsasy _ What’s funny is how those countries have far higher taxes to pay for those plans. And the new taxes needed to pay for M4A WILL be more than most people pay for their share of insurance premiums.


    1. Gotdamn right. We are going to get rid of the insurance mafias in this country. No more American citizens dying for not having health care.

    2. omi god The Republicans could not repeal the ACA, you think they will have any shot at repealing Medicare for All? You don’t get a subsidy for buying a thing that in the future turned out to be useless…

    1. James Redic – he wants the government to become the mafia.
      Who runs the government now buddy?
      If Bernie is successful and a republican is elected after Bernie, you cool with someone like trump having power over everyone’s healthcare?

    2. @Chris Raw We have 30 million uninsured that would suddenly have it, that puts a strain on doctors. If they don’t like the reimbursement rate from Medicare to bad, they have to other way to get paid, they already won’t take medicare patients because the reimbursement is so low. A lot of good doctors will retire or stop working because the gov will have a monopoly on healthcare and there is no alternative.

    3. @TIMEPPF I work in medical billing in a hospital; most doctors prefer Medicare standards, timelines and rates. Many non-contractual commercial insurances often follow suit. If we didn’t have Medicare patients, we’d run out of business. Do you have a link that says otherwise?

    4. @Chris Raw My parents doctors stopped taking medicare because of the reimburement rate, they had to get a supplemental and still some didn’t and they had to find new doctors.

  4. Someone with a long record who has to continually apologize for his past votes.

    Someone with a long record who gets to smile and say, “See my vote turned out to be the correct vote, even if unpopular at the time.”.

  5. Props to Ali Velshi. He’s been covering this entire discussion about Medicare for All in a fair, honest way. Bernie as usual, knocks it out of the park.

    1. @A Velshi has been doing more than being unbiased towards Bernie. Follow him on twitter and you’ll know. His segments regularly debunk John Delaney’s spin doctoring on Medicare for All, challenged Howard Schultz biases against Bernie’s economic reform. His guests highlight the fact that private insurance lobby is funding other 2020 candidates trying to sell the public false, watered down versions of Medicare for All.

  6. The Democrats now realize that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate, this was already the case in 2016.

  7. *BERNIE 2020* _Take your country back from the billionaire oligarchs and live the American dream again._

  8. I have to have separate Medical, Dental, and Optic insurances thru my employer. Under Medicare for all they’re combined. Sounds good to me

    1. @Kern Albert Yes they do. Its called an expense. Your employer pays part of the premium, which us an expense, which lowers the income the company makes.

    2. @CJ J Not my problem but uts right below your last one. Main gist what % of your income do you pay in Premiums + copays + deductibles? Sanders plan will charge you 4% so most will save a lot.

    3. @CJ J You think companies are bad at business? It’s cheaper for them to deal with one insurer instead of having to cave to individual demands for higher wages…

  9. It would take someone who grew up in the Canadian system to finally give Sanders a fair shake on his healthcare agenda.

  10. Kudos for Ali to finally tell the real story. All other major networks only tell how much Medicare for all costs, not what it will save in contrast with the current system, AND that 28 million more people will be insured.

  11. Ali Velshi’s Canadian. So he knows when a right winger and a neoliberal corporate democrat like John Delaney is lying and bullshitting him about single payer Medicare For All. Bernie Sanders 2020

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