1. Chuck no one cares anymore, you and your friends are so dumb to walk into this trap by Trump it’s hilarious. He will have the last laugh! Thanks for the entertainment! Drain the swamp!!!!

  2. Did he watch the same thing we did? The eyes of history will be rolling, Mr Schumer. You are trivializing what SHOULD be a serious and solemn process. Focus on giving voters a reason to vote democrat in 2020…these manufactured outrages are not going to help you, let alone the country.

  3. But Chuck there is no crime. You’re making all that up. We don’t believe you. No Chuck we are angry. LIAR

  4. Some SadSad (SadSack?)Sad People Making Comments Here! WatchOut – Lots of Fragmented Souls. God Bless us All. ♥️🌎♥️I Give Thanks For The People who Are Awake Enough to be Looking After Our Wonderful Country. Thank You God for those Who Love America Enough to Work to Keep us as We Are – and not become a Vassal of Putin – who is coming after us, even as i write this. Think of it – Putin for life over there in Russia – Trump is Salivating and Saying Loudly and Under his breath – ME TOO!! Teach me What to do – i will do anything to be President for Life. YUP – there you go, and thats it. Can’t deny it. Trump has said it himself – i saw his lips moving.♥️🌎♥️God Bless America, Land That i Love..♥️🌎♥️

  5. So much for an oath when he blathers about his predetermined vote when he hasn’t even heard any evidence.

  6. The Democrats “visibly gulped” as they realized they are now going to have to come clean with all their lies…

  7. Just another news conference to campaign for 2020….and attempt to discredit the most successful President of our time….

  8. Intel and legislative communities set there charges on impeachment and nothing else allowed. Deal with it you (democrats) had your say now Republican has there say.

  9. Trials have evidence. Cover-ups do not. I hope this will be a real trial with evidence including the witnesses we have never heard from under oath yet.

  10. One minute in I can see it’s just a run-on sentence of bull crap my synapses on Schumer’s speeches he is full of s***

  11. The leadership in the Democratic party is shameless…they are geriatric, lying, desperate people trying to hold together their party by lying and twisting the truth.

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