Senator Concerned By Allegations, Waiting On Transcript | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Senator Concerned By Allegations, Waiting On Transcript | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., says he is waiting to see the released transcript of President Trump's discussion with the Ukrainian president before making judgment, and he also says he is concerned by the allegations. Sen. Kennedy also weighs in on Rudy Giuliani's recent interviews. Aired 9/25/19
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Senator Concerned By Allegations, Waiting On Transcript | Morning Joe | MSNBC

86 Comments on "Senator Concerned By Allegations, Waiting On Transcript | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. the look on Willy’s face when he says hes not going to comment if its impeachable is😂👌

  2. So sick of him and Lindsey Graham oh my they all sick in the head . TREASON!!!!!!!!

  3. Matthias Jan Brungers | September 25, 2019 at 11:23 AM | Reply

    T R E A S O N!! End of the Story

  4. Sen Kennedy may be an intelligent person but he hides it well. Ironic to hear a trump Republican complain about someone else being corrupt. Like this transcript release is going to be honest.

  5. “It’s important to have all the facts” so we can skew and spin them, with a sharpie if necessary

  6. “Ukraine corrupt” Trump pot calling kettle black

  7. “Don’t believe your lying eyes and ears” Trump and his thug underlords

  8. Senator Kennedy gives politicians a bad name. He “doesn’t want to prejudge him” , when the President himself has admitted his own guilt! Who is this double talking, blinking man trying to protect?

  9. Kennedy is full of it ! We already know that the transcript won’t be complete ! I hate to hear these GOP MoFos giving lessons on Ukraine sincerity and honesty ! What a shame !
    USA is currently corrupt TO THE BONE.

  10. Old vampire Kennedy lives out of the last name he’s a traitor to!!

  11. Trump is tweeting “I told you! no Quid pro quo”… totally forgetting the “Do me a favour” part which is worse!

    • He doesn’t know what that means.

    • *hardly… the dems failed… they really should have waited before they shot their mouths off*

    • Wanna bet they’ll try to spin the “Do me a favor” as part of Trump’s New York accent? Similarly to how he mangles words like China and asbestos.

      This is all sorta like how his rallies still include the “lock her up” when his daughter Ivanka has been doing the same thing his supporters want to lock Hillary up for. The double-dealing is front and center and yet somehow is perpetually overlooked as a result.

    • not really. this is what politicians do every day. its actually their job.

    • First of all, he doesn’t know what Quid Pro Quo means.

  12. It’s interesting…Kennedy says he wants the facts, but he acts like he already has them.

    • @Kevin NYC
      Oh im sorry bud, i thought you were a grown up.
      My bad.

    • @Non Non you’re the one fantasizing about Trump polishing guys balls. gross, dude.

    • *because of him wanting due process? a right btw you would cry like a baby about if taken from you*

    • @Kevin NYC he hasn’t lost a dime. Quit lying. And all those master’s degrees you say you have, don’t mean anything. You’re still a rude moron, just like your fearful orange leader.

    • @Kevin NYC He has lost money? I’m not sure if you’re trying to be ironic or if you’re really that foolish. He has already cost the tax payers nearly 13 million dollars more on his golfing trips in 2 1/2 years than Obama did in 8 years. Yet Republicans want to cry about “all the money” Obama cost them golfing. When he goes to MaraLago he bills us the tax payers for those trips. Whose pockets do you think he is lining? Not to mention Pence’s little sojourn to his Scottish resort. That also gets paid for by taxpayers to line his pockets. Funny you should mention the word bigot as well. Seeing as how Trump and his organization were sued and lost by the way multiple times for racial discrimination because he refused to rent to people of color. But what can you really expect from someone who sees “good people ” on both sides of Charlottesville. When one side was populated by NeoNazis with tiki torches shouting Jews will not replace us. I don’t need to interpret facts. They are clear as day to me, and anyone with a working brain. This is why he loves the uneducated so much. You’re all so easy to lie to and manipulate. You do his work for him, like taking candy from a baby.

  13. The Republicans are derelict in their duty to protect the constitution. Period

    • They have their own constitution which is taught at the Trump University.

    • @Lennart Krantz you dont even like the first or second amendments. you dont even like America. why do you even care?

    • Wooooooooo chill Victoria. “Derelict”? Really? Do you think there is an actual republican out there who knows what that word means? They won’t change if they don’t understand what it is we are saying they are doing wrong. Unfortunately their ignorance sometimes requires for normal humans to “dumb it down a notch or 20”. We have to talk to them like the dumbarses they are. Just like FOX ENTERTAINMENT NEWS talks to them spewing their lies. Bring it to basics. So I will translate: The republicans are IDIOTS, conmen/women and racists.

    • @vasily202 except even FOX’S NEWS LAWYER went on record saying what he did was ILLEGAL

  14. How can this Republican senator refer to corruption and lies made by Ukraine leadership while serving under the most corrupt and dishonest (supposed) leader in the US?

    • @leslie easton No YOU are the ones who are confused. I read many articles. I don’t just listen to cnn!!! Why did Biden go on the record and BRAG about having the prosecutor fired!!??? He was joking about it! Also how did his son get a position on the board of a Ukranian gas company? Just months before he was discharged from the Navy for cocaine use! McDonald’s wouldn’t even hire him! The prosecutor was NOT fired for corruption. He was fired because Biden withheld $1 billion in loan guarantees!


    • @Mr DMc Believe whatever you want. Being a braindead Trumplethinskin supporter is obviously very taxing on you. Moron.

  15. I can’t even listen to this joke of a elected official…he talks about facts then goes on to his blowhard truths…lmfao this is another one of our trusted elected jokers???

  16. Kennedy: “I don’t want to prejudge [the facts] for President Trump (so I won’t”)…I don’t want to prejudge [the facts] for Vice President Biden (so I will)…”

  17. And that’s as good as you’ll get from ANY Republican. Duplicitous double dealing.

  18. Mr.Haney from ” Green Acres” , trying to sell us a bunch of crap!!!

  19. Lindsey Graham…wants to find the truth. Best punchline ever…LOL !

    • Translation : “lets drag this out a bit and see how I can benefit from this and keep my chokehold that I have into the president a little bit stronger . And if it turns out that I cant find something to benefit me, then I will say my opinion against or in favor of whoever gets me something shiny for my rich friends and campaign contributors. “

    • @jlbueno0611Word!

    • @UC4ALpTWzF8vfdo639J7tpLg I watch most channels, gotta get both sides of every story, but when IT comes to lindsay Graham ,theres only one side ,and is the one that benefits him and his friends , nothing else matters . Politicians are predictable .

  20. This hillbilly is a disgrace. How can a clown like this be in the senate?

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