Senator Duckworth Insists U.S. Not Leave Afghan Allies Behind 1

Senator Duckworth Insists U.S. Not Leave Afghan Allies Behind

Senator Tammy Duckworth talks with Rachel Maddow about her relationship with an interpreter she worked with on a military deployment and the importance that the United States keep its word to protect Afghan interpreters, translators and others who helped the U.S. and face certain persecution from the Taliban as a result if they remain in Afghanistan.

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  1. We absolutely need to get these Afghanis who supported American soldiers and military out of their country. It’s what we are all about.

  2. We should always honor and help those who have done the same for us. It’s just common decency.

  3. So, about the KURD’s.., they’re cut and dried? Remember those ppl? EVERYTHING is a lie!

  4. This is when the American Eagle find a home in someones heart. Saying you are an American is not the Same as as embody the American ideals. These are all American heroes. Even if they don’t make it to safe harbor in America, they are still more American than some Americas.

  5. Rep. Jason Crow of Aurora, Colorado rocks! He is the voice of Afghan interpreters. (As a former Army Ranger, he knows the story.) And… then Senator Tammy Duckworth follows him with the same ways to help Afghan intrepid soldiers. Let’s be on this cause ….to bring them out of Afghanistan.

  6. Let the military industrial complex take care of them, ultimately this private weapon manufacturers were the beneficiary in all of this

  7. I’m all for getting out of Afghanistan.

    But to leave Afghanis behind after they risked there and their families lives to help us is flat out evil.

  8. People who were willing to risk their lives to support our country are exactly the kind of people we should *all* be able to welcome as new citizens. They have already shown their love for our country, and have already worked hard to earn a place here. Bring them home to the USA.

  9. The beheadings have begun. Those who helped US are having their heads removed as we speak. They’re families are lined up and shot. Women children old people. It’s quite festive in Kabul once more.

  10. How is this even in question? When there is another option, leaving friends behind to die is beyond dishonorable. It’s evil.

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