Senator Expects Ups And Downs, But Predicts Infrastructure Will Get Done 1

Senator Expects Ups And Downs, But Predicts Infrastructure Will Get Done


Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., weighs in on the new infrastructure agreement, which the president indicated he will not sign it unless it was passed in tandem with a separate budget reconciliation bill. Sen. Warner says the deal points to cooperation in Washington.

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Senator Expects Ups And Downs, But Predicts Infrastructure Will Get Done


  1. our disabled, elderly and our veterans are suffering badly i’m an elderly disabled veteran 62 years old homeless living in my 93 ford areostar even with all the help for me it’s stolen by VA employees and the VA contractors they just take taxpayer money and find ways not to help veterans or just down right scam us

    1. @Suckass Dems where’s the question typical of a putin butthugger and who’s “her” typical of a trolling tool

    2. @george butler Why bother engaging with Russian troll-bots? Just ignore and report them. Eventually YouTube takes notice. Ignore and report.

    3. @Chinedu Opara making them look stupid in the eyes of the world is a good thing I call them out to show how ignorant communist trolls really are plus i find it entertaining also gives me something to do being a retired disabled homeless veteran is boring

    1. Literally doing a Republican-deal is not something to brag about as democrats.
      Might as well be signed by Trump.

  2. Democrats seem to have memory problems, there will be no deal, not until they get rid of the filibuster and protect voter rights.

    1. @Lily Jade You’re too incompetent to understand, clearly. You must be watching too many of joes speeches. 3rd wife? Sounds like the liberals took your morals along the way.

    2. @No Show Joe oh I figured out your ignorance, you got triggered by the word Reconciliation. Try googling Budget Reconciation.

    3. @No Show Joe clearly you remembered Mrs. 3rd wife, who else could I be inferring … oh you probably don’t know what infer mean.

    4. The Republican senators want the credit of the Senate doing things while looking to their voters like they are standing by for The Ring. The problem is you can’t have both. They need to recalculate whether The Ring should be cut off.

    5. I don’t believe anything will get done on more bipartisanship with this Trump Totalitarianism party with a Dictator – look what happen to try & stop the State vote count & what happened to the infrastructure of the Capitol building when the riot occurred. The only thing the Trump billionaires care about are more Tax Breaks for them – no Climate, Medicare, SS, infrastructure, etc. unless the poor pay for them or no one pays for them & its all free. The Democrats will have to go it alone right now & are the majority party – still supporting Uncle Joe, Bernie Sanders, etc.

  3. Up with inflation, down with production. Up with lip service, down with results. Up with empty promises, down with action….the Joke Biden administration.

  4. The building collapse will leave Republicans without a play here. Failing to approve infrastructure improvements will have consequences after this. However, I’m not sure buildings are part of it. Bridges and such are. Not privately owned buildings.

    1. Unfortunately not. Republicans will say it proves taxes are too high otherwise they would have had enough money to properly maintain the building. Cut more taxes!

    2. Infrastructure in new zealand includes buildings especially schools,hospitals, fluoride and clean water ways, information highway broadband especially in rural and had to reach communities, its not just roads and bridges had major flooding up north so the river banks need to be built up more and shingle removed from the rivers to prevent and protect the communities and farmers land

  5. Exactly, if corporations paid their fair share of taxes like the little guy does, we wouldnt have these fights over how to pay for these NEEDED improvements..

    1. You have to remember that most of the corporations in the United States are small mom and pop corporations. Very likely you passed a corporation when you walk down the street. Very likely you sit next to a corporation when you have lunch at the diner. Your hairdresser, barber, plumber, electrician and perhaps even your mechanic to fix of your car is a corporation. Your accountant who does your tax returns is a corporation as he is your lawyer. Most corporations are very small and you likely do business with them every day.

    2. @T. R. Campbell : He’s talking about the mega-corporations who have paid little to no tax for years.

    3. @Trumpocalypse I understand what he is talking about but most people don’t realize that the majority of corporations are very small.
      These major corporations that he is talking about are following the law. You will recall that Bernie Sanders was questioned about his luxury vacation homes and the super car that he is driving particularly in relationship to him being a socialist. Bernie said that he paid every amount of taxes that the law required. All of these corporations are following tax law. The federal government ruled the law.
      A few days ago MSNBC ran a story about how our party was becoming more and more attractive to the large corporations. What we do is give them tax breaks and in return they send to state and national Democratic candidates huge amounts of money in the form of campaign donations. This is how it works, tax breaks equate to larger campaign donations.

  6. *I live in Bulgaria* – to keep up with our level of infrastructure spending [$160 billion / 10 y] you guys need to spend *$6.8 Trillion* over the next 10 years, not a mealy $1.2T

    And we have been spending at this rate for 10 years, so you need to spend ANOTHER $6.8 trillion on top of that.
    JUST TO KEEP UP WITH THE POOREST COUNTRY IN THE EU… You guys are just going to turn into a 3rd world country.

  7. How exactly does this compromise pay for the spending (knowing that taxes aren’t being raised on the wealthy)?

  8. President (self-elected) McConnell being the political sadist that he is, will probably wait till the Senate goes on break (June 28 – July 12) Then he will load his torpedo tubes and await the most appropriate moment to launch them and scuttle this whole deal.

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