Senator Hopeful About Introducing Bill To Expand Background Checks | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Senator Hopeful About Introducing Bill To Expand Background Checks | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., weighs in on the two recent mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, on Tuesday's SJC hearing on gun reform, why he says Congress has become complicit in these crimes and why he's hopeful about about bringing a bill to expand background checks. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Senator Hopeful About Introducing Bill To Expand Background Checks | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Ted cruz is garbage he has no room to talk going to Cancun while his state of texas had a power outage

    1. Hes not a line worker what should he have done. What did you do to get the power back on. Lmao. Grow an An opinion and stop using hand fed ones

    2. Lloyd Smith
      he has plenty of room to talk. If he runs again it will be the voters in Texas to decide if Cancun is a big deal or not.

    3. @Alex Hamilton Voters in Detroit Baltimore LA keep voting for Democrats to destroy cities with violents speaks alot

    4. @Susan Caldwell It makes you want to scream doesn’t it? I have a life and really don’t care 😀

  2. Cruz and the other GOP Members have no other direction…other than “do nothing”. Come on Dems you have the majority GET IT DONE. Manchin is not an issue this time. You know how to force Manchin’s and GOP votes!

    1. @Ben Dover
      If we exercise current laws, repeat offenders and crazy people would be a mute point. You can’t purchase beer, liquor or cigarettes without an ID. Why be able to purchase a gun without a background check?

    2. Republicans do not have the sole market on lies. ALL politicians lie, cheat and steal…and get away with it.

    3. @Alexandra Moot point. If it were mute, you couldn’t talk about it, since we know the point itself can’t talk, so the word must be referring to us. Sorry about that, but this is one of those pairs (not pears or pares) of words that we all need to learn if we are going to communicate precisely. I agree with your point, whatever adjective you use to describe it. Republicans, think about it everyone, think it is more dangerous to vote than to shoot someone, or 50 people in ten minutes, so they are going to make it more difficult to vote than to buy a gun. Like I say, think about it.

  3. Lyin’ Ted Cruz has to do some serious grandstanding to try and get the base he lost back while travelling to Mexico when the power went out.

    1. @Move on Over
      People like you are the reason crazy people can get their hands on guns. This latest guy bought his gun ONE WEEK before he shot all these people. Even though his own family thought his brain was off weeks ago.

  4. Loved it when TurtleMan freaked out just when accosted at a restaurant; when the shoe was on the other foot.

    1. as per the obvious Texas Church shooting where after the shooter killed 2 people in seconds he received head led therapy followed by 7 people drawing their pistols and closing the distance, so even if he had armor he would still get fkd .

  5. ‘What are we doing?’ Democrats in Congress demand action on gun control as Republicans push back.
    –The New York Times
    By Catie Edmondson/ March 23, 2021, 9:58 a.m. ETMarch 23, 2021

  6. Expose the “donations” Congress and Senate members receive and from whom. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

    1. Have Faith you do realize that many of those Representatives and Senators voters are against more gun control? That millions of voters , both Democrat and Republican
      believe more Gun Control laws are actually laws against law abiding gun owners and will NOT do anything to prevent gun violence?

    2. @Alex Hamilton So, in regards to my statement earlier, follow these people receiving funds from lobbyist such as the NRA, this will show why they’re not trying to place gun control in any way shape or form. People that apply for a drivers license must have accountability; insurance, taxes, yearly inspections (in some states) the same should be for those purchasing guns. I never said a thing to someone that’s law abiding. That seems to be the first thing people jump to, NO.

  7. brilliantly said, ty all. it is past time to deal with the gun lobbyists. some legal and financial accountability is in order, in fact long overdue as the gqp are just getting fatter feeding at that trough of ‘campaign contributions. greedy little piggies won’t stop eating, take away the food/cash.

    1. @Christina Bradford Paranoids carry guns? It’s called Hunting? Have you ever hunted Elk or deer? Please….

    2. @Sweger Shanna I noticed CNN started to lessen their coverage on the shooting immediately after the name of the shooter was revealed.

    1. Garble-brained wokes: “Oh no, the enemy is shooting at us!!!! Quick, let’s get rid of all OUR weapons!!!”

    2. @Demo Crusher – That was an extremely weak and transparent strawman argument by you. Very poor indeed.

    3. @PJ Celeste – You would think that after following Trump you would understand what the word ‘bigotry’ means by now!

  8. There’s a reason why Russia funds the NRA. Remember Maria Butina, the Russian agent arrested a few years ago. The NRA and those Republikkkan Congressmen (including Manchin) are doing exactly what Putin wants them to do.

  9. It’s unbelievable that a co-conspirator to sedition and treason is allowed to be a senator still, is allowed to pop his mouth off and continue to lie lie lie lie. Everything outta his mouth is WORTHLESS.

    1. @Timothy Johnson All they have to do is make a law stating that criminals must obey the laws. LOL. You can’t legislate your way out of crime.

    2. @Rene Jean How is it that BLM is not considered racist? When people separate themselves based on their race, it IS racism. ALL lives matter, “yellow, black or white.”

    3. @PJ Celeste Ignorance of reality is loud and proud sadly.
      Fighting for people to stop being murdered by police is racism to you?
      When white privilege is threatened, equality is perceived as oppression by those who are steeped in comfortable with being privileged.

    4. @PJ Celeste – Your comment is too puerile and ill-thought through to respond to. Go research what BLM stands for and what their ideals are. Racist? lol

  10. I’m so sick of the Republican Party! They obstruct everything! It’s all about money and power with them. Enough is enough!

    1. I mean, surely people who already break the law will willingly give up all their guns, right? (I swear, these people’s IQ fail to scrape double digits)

    2. The Founding Fathers left us with the second amendment for a reason. It’s integral to a free country. The government would slaughter us all if they took away our gun rights. I’m not going to shut up while they talk about putting people they don’t like on lists or in reeducation camps, while at the same time trying to eradicate our Constitutional rights.

    3. S M
      yes. I said the very same thing about the Democrat party when the Republicans had control. I guess you prefer a Communistic for of Government . You just better hope
      those in charge think like you 😀

  11. they are not trying to take away anyone’s guns away they just want better back round checks. tell this bull to the families of these dead people in Colorado, and Georgia.

  12. It’s very laughable to hear Ted Cruz talking about Democrats making theatre when in fact he’s responsible for most if the bad acts happening in the senate theatre!

    1. Jean Bergeron yes. especially when they do not speak for all Democrats who are pro gun rights. This show has been going on for decades. In fact In 2008 thru 2009 when
      Obama could have had any gun reform bill he wanted to sign most of the Democrats refused to pass them. Imagine that.

  13. Every time I hear a senator defend guns, I immediately think they’re in the pocket of lobbyists. Every time.

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