Senator Introduces New National Service Bill | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Senator Introduces New National Service Bill | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. More money for Moscow Mitch bank account and his corrupt wife taking more money from the states , this is just another bail out for the billionaires does nothing to stop covid19 it does nothing for testing for Covid does nothing for tracing for Covid

    2. @John Hillman The trump administration is slow-walking aid, and Steve Mnuchen has decided aid recipients must not be disclosed. More trumpian corruption.

  1. I am hoping to get a SBA loan to start a small pizza delivery and pick up, concessions trailer, no dining in.

    1. A lot will depend on where you are ad you have a lot of work to do before looking for the money. CHeck out mobile food service laws where you are. Go to SCORE and get a mentor to help you craft a business plan, wait three months after applying – it’s at least a year out.
      Do the basic stuff, then look for private capital, an incubator, or a coop lending group
      Maybe start here… there’s a lot more to it, but there’s something

    2. @Lars Jones I live on I/5 at a popular spot to get gas and a well known restaurant called “Heaven on Earth” whom I will be working with. I will be filling a void in my desolate area and won’t need heavy advertising if any.

    3. @The Zombie Whisperer Uless you are taking over a plug and play already licensed mobile unit, there are like 180 mentions of mobile in this

      YOu might ant to look that over

      Then, unless you hit up the old man or uncle, whatever, you’ll need this at a minimum

      For SBA (bank) yuo would have to do a market analysis, etc to justify it

      I’d find a food truckers blog, gotta be one out there. People who have done that will know for sure
      Good luck

    4. like a 2 stage plan – start out doing what you plan, with their help$then relocate with or with a pop-up of their menu starting with the food truck? 30% share to them, i dunno. gotta go tho. good luck!

    1. Equality of opportunity can only happen without government intervention. What you want is equality of outcome and that makes everyone equally poor.

    2. Every American between the of 19 to 25 should have to perform National Service for two years. Military, medical, infrastructure repair and other places where labor is needed.

    3. @The Blade I was happy when National service was put out but I’m older now and I can see how it can help to keep us unified in a good way. You learn a great deal and most of all you learn to help other and not just think of yourself.

    1. @C-Mo 313 Look at her (vomit). She’s totally safe. No one would fvkc that. Maybe that’s where her anger stems from.

    American citizens all need equal healthcare.
    Americans citizens all deserve healthcare.

    1. @RMPsumma I would be more then willing to give every African American approximately 500k as a settlement as long as they qualify meaning they must be decendent of transatlantic slaves from America.keep in mind 250k of transatlantic slaves were slaves in America the 12 million 750k were slaves in Latin countries like Mexico, not our problem. Also they can’t be mixed of other races especially white because their equally victims as they are perpetrators. Also subtract money they already received because their color. And finally this ends it, if they waste the money and become just as poor they can’t blame systemic racism for conning them into wasting their money, no more tears of victimhood.

    2. @Jeff Shankle Pss Jeff conservatives don’t force anyone to recognize our beliefs in God theres no such laws.
      Leftist are using thought speech laws to control speech, also compelling speech by forcing people to recognize gender faith.
      Conservatives aren’t the party of racism Democrats are.
      Not only did Democrats fight Republicans to keep slavery alive but they formed the kkk
      Did you know the Democrats voted against both civil rights Bill’s for black people in the 1950s and 60s.and Republicans voted for it.
      Do you know about Margaret sanger personal hero of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party who created eugenics.
      Democrats put 60 percent of government funded abortion clinics in black neighborhoods while black women are 6 percent of the population .in America 50 percent of all black babies are aborted every day by design of Democrats. How many times are liberal white politicians getting caught in black face.why are black men killed by cops overwhelmingly in blue states. White liberals force police quotas on police because they want their neighborhoods and schools segregated.
      White liberals don’t want black children to have school choice.
      Conservatives aren’t racist we just want equality of opportunity not outcome.
      I suggest you read about Margaret sanger and Booker t Washington he will show you how Democrats are causing failure in the black community. Psss did you know that out of the 13 million transatlantic slaves only 250k came to America. The rest were slaves in Latin countries like Mexico, nobody attacks Mexico’s culture or calls Mexican racist.
      It’s all leftist propaganda to devide and conquer.

    3. @Jeff Shankle pssss did you know its illegal in ny to peacefully protest Israel. Black indigenous people are being thrown off their land in Israel by white non semite white people and its against the law to protest. So much for caring about white racism against black people. More evidence this is an attack on christianity.

    4. @RMPsumma it’s illegal to peacefully or other wise protest Israel in the United states..leftist are two faced.

  3. Nothing you ”introduce” means a darn thing… nothing..
    as long as Massacre’ Mitch and the trump are in power, nothing you do, say or think matters one tiny bit…
    so why are you ”working” on anything other than their defeate?
    you are wasting your time, and in that, wasting ours… get to work against the trump, or shut your worthless weak coward mouth

    1. Most democrat voters were born out of wedlock and didn’t have their father around, that’s why they can relate to Barry(no dad)Obama and Colin(no dad)kappernik.

    2. No…churches are bases for morons with malleable minds. They still fall for a con over two thousand years old.

      i.e. An invisible sky fairy is watching over them with a plan to judge them upon their death.

      It, makes total sense that they would fall for the con the republicans are playing on them. Fascism will simply be the outcome of this con.

      ; )

    3. @Jeffrey Dahmer Oh, really? Source? And just why is it that most Republicans relate to a lying, racist, narcissistic, criminal con man such as Trump?

    4. Donald stated: “dominate the protestors”! Trump supporters have been “dominated” and too ignorant to realize it. Simple minds are simple to control.

  4. BRAVO! Now how about hiring Americans to build safe bridges and highways for the states that aren’t in Kentucky?

  5. Those sound so helpful and nice! But the reality is Moscow Mitch will NOT pass anything to help the people. Now if it was a bill to help his friends and big corporations, those have priority!

    1. @Sonny Roy he does! And I hope the people of Kentucky realize it. I don’t know if they know but they’re ranked 40th in job opportunity, 45th in education, and 43rd in health care. But he must be doing a good job because for a senator’s salary his net worth is $34,000,000.

  6. It’s sad how incompetent these officials on both sides are! The courts are corrupt and broken the economy is dead the government is a failure

  7. In Europe we have a social “safety net”: “Social is the key word. Not Capitalism, in fact “Everyone for himself and greed is great”. The richer get richer and the poor get poorer. The result is that in a crisis the country gets poorer. America can and should learn from Europe.

  8. A National Service Bill could give hope to our children’s future and the future of America; WIN-WIN.

  9. Love that this “bipartisan” bill recognizes that Democrats can point to the successes of the FDR programs after the Depression and World Wars. And we hope that Republicans – like the Mitt Romneys and Rand Pauls of the Senate see those successes too and don’t try to wreck working, well-structured programs like Social Security (be wary of what Romney is doing behind closed door while presenting a different face in front of the cameras….) Social Security works and is funded – but we have to put it in that lock box so Republicans don’t borrow from it to pay for the wars they start and the deficits they continually rack up with their unnecessary tax cuts for the wealthy. Medicare works and has worked for decades and decades. Let’s expand it for all!

  10. I like the idea id love to hear more details Ive alway been and advocate of national “mandatory” public service I think we need to rmodify our individual cowboy gene and foster the collective gene.

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