1. it’s all summed up in their slogan “You’ll have to pry this gun out of my cold, dead hands!”

    1. @Vivian Spinarski I have a feeling all of you folks wanting to confiscate people’s legally owned property don’t understand what you’re asking for; I also doubt YOU would have the balls to be the one knocking on people’s doors to take them.

    2. ​@Don’t be Fooled! No. We support the united states constitution. If you don’t like it, leave.

  2. I understand that juvenile records are sealed. But if there’s something in that record that shows the person is potentially dangerous. Then there should at least be a notation saying so without showing the entire record. A red flag 🚩 perhaps. Anyone who has shown themselves to be violent or dangerous should automatically be restricted from ever buying a weapon. Sounds like common sense to me. But what do I know

    1. @Will Hartley Any limit to the number of children a couple should get attentional benefits for?
      Why more tax breaks for people who choose to have more kids than those who choose not to.?

    2. @Will Hartley I do agree wholeheartedly to sending the criminals to jail.
      Not crazy about the 100Percent free tax deductible idea.
      We should have to.pay for our classes.
      Its our choice to own a gun. We should be responsible for paying everything.
      They could use the money to help pay for the security we need in schools and elsewhere.
      I hate having to pay taxes. Yet, I see the need for them in certain cases.

    3. @Will Hartley Religion organizations should be taxed. I know State and Church are suppose to be separate. I believe it needs to change.
      If they don’t then they shouldn’t keep bringing it up.

    4. @Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Note the word “married.” The US has always considered it to be in the interests of society to have married people having kids. At some point (“great society” perhaps?) it got skewed to favor the unmarried having kids.

  3. Without denigrating Senator Murphy, the nation is asking, “What can we do to keep the country safe from shootings?” and Senator Murphy is having to dilute that with the question, “How can we frame a bill that will get sixty votes?”

  4. They are discussing how to place the blame on anyone and anything but the guns. We all know they will do nothing that could possibly hurt them in their pocketbooks

    1. Why is violence in any and all other circumstances blamed on the individual?
      Why isn’t a stabbing blamed on the knife, a drunk driver blamed on the alcohol or car, an arson blamed on the match?

    2. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
      -Thomas Jefferson.

  5. We had three teens killed overnight Friday/Saturday in Phoenix Arizona, and one teen was killed in a mass shooting, in which nine were shot.

    We had several mass shootings here in the past couple weeks, and teens are leading the trend of violent gun crimes in this city.

    Phoenix Arizona is well in excess of the national average in kidnappings, sex trafficking of minors, and cop involved killings, and there is no way restrictions themselves will have any impact on the nature of what we are experiencing in Phoenix, because this is “Cartel City USA”, and it is about the distribution of narcotics, people, sex, and all illegal trade throughout the United States of America, which is worth tens of billions of dollars.

    Check the justice departments statics for violent crime in Phoenix during the 1990’s, and see if we set a trend for smash and grabs at gun stores, and pawn shops with guns?

    I went to prison at 15 years of age for gang related serial murder, and multiple mass shootings, and one shooting headlined LA Times in January of 1991.

    Some of us have real life experience at all of the above, while some read a book, and think they got it all figured out.. we will see?!

  6. If you want to make background checks more effective, you would require that ANY juvenile behavioral intervention is immediately entered into the federal background check system.

  7. It really is simple. We vote for common sense representation. Dem, or Rep. If you vote with/REPRESENT the majority of constituents, according to not Garp, but, (One Voice One Vote) then your oath of office is secure! If not, then you are subverting the will of We The People! #YourFired #PleaseVote

  8. They’ll successfully pass the Thoughts And Prayers bill, that literally does nothing, it wont even offer thoughts and prayers.

  9. Love that comment, “We’re taking a look at maybe talking about that.” Jeeesus fucking key ryst.

  10. Thats exactly what needs to happen is juvenile records need to follow them through out their lives. This will stop the purchase of legal guns to troubled youth with a history. That alone would have stopped the Uvalde Buffalo an I beleive the parkland shooter from purchasing guns legally. Put some importance to your rights as an American gun ownership voting freedom.

  11. As a gun owner, I’m glad weapons aren’t getting banned outright, but as a student, I’ve never been more terrified than ever when I go to school. I actually just recently started carrying a poly-ceramic ballistic strike plate in my backpack. It has an NIJ rating of Level 4, meaning it can stop multiple military grade, armor piercing .30cals. It sits snuggly in my laptop sleeve. To me, it’s just another piece of school supplies that I can’t afford to forget about and leave at home. I’d be screwed for the day if I forgot my laptop or notebook and pens/pencils at home. I’d be equally screwed if I left my strike plate at home. As an American, it’s just another everyday bit of school supplies that I carry with me.

  12. John Dewey (1859-1952, Planet Earth)-
    “Talk of democracy has little content when big business rules the life of the country through its control of the means of production, exchange, the press and other means of publicity, propaganda and communication.”

  13. Out of your minds if you think Americans would give up any rights in this tyrannical administration, not in a million years. We need more cops like we used to have.

  14. “We’re going to take some common sense steps that do not compromise 2nd amendment rights.” -“That’s why the red flag laws probably the most important here.”
    What is a red flag law? It allows a government agent to come take your firearms without due process. You’re neighbor could say, I think this guy is dangerous to himself and others, that’s it… I’m sure no one would abuse that, right?…

    1. A judge armed with evidence has to agree to temporarily remove the right to bear arms. Due process it’s called.

    2. @12schoolies why not get a grand jury and charge him with an actual crime instead? That’s how it’s supposed to work

    3. This is less unpleasant than the dissenting opinions on Fox News videos. Well, the orders do have to be granted by a judge. Don’t you think your comment is a bit fear-mongery? I heard Tucker Carlson bemoan that there were signs that the shooter (I think the one from the week before the elementary school—the dead cat guy) was a threat, but “the adults in charge did nothing.” OK, so let’s say that this guy already owned the gun he used (he didn’t)…should “doing something” include taking his guns away?

  15. I hear infringing on my ability to protect my family and local community. All while criminals will do whatever the fk they want. Politics and Politicians are the peoples real problems. Doesn’t effect them but completely effects us!

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