1. They were friendly enough when they thought Iraq was going to attack them. Then they needed their Uncle Sam for protection.

  1. We’ve been going through this for 50 years. OPEC and 6 oil companies control production and price, no one else. The faster we pivot off oil for light ground transportation the richer and more secure we’ll all be. Then they can drink it.

    1. You’re talking about California. If the rest of the states adopt that unrealistic 2035 deadline, the US will come to a screeching halt.

    2. @Jamison Wagner we are not able to create a battery that can itself produse electricity much enough to run the car . so , the Utopia energy still far away

  2. Dealing with the Saudi government is a “hold your nose” and bear it relationship .
    They have not, nor will they ever be an ally to democracy.

    1. @Gary Mellow if we produce oil , we can have cheap oil , after this we can stop our produce . It’s an easy Game !

    1. @Frank B No. You didnt even look at a graph b4 posting Frank. Get it together man. The only year we where “energy independent” is 2020 and the oil market works on futures and since 2020 were moving in the wrong direction on the graphs. Either increase production or decrease consumption. Mandate that blue states have to ride a bike(decrease consumption) and red states increase production. Like a federal reward program for any Texas company that strikes a well paid for by Oregon energy tax increases.

    2. @John Simms yeah, why dont you go do that. That sounds great. Im glad youre working on your youtubes posts going net zero emissions…

    1. there is no friendship between any given Nations, just shared interest. when said interests no longer align political instability follows suit

  3. They have never been a trusted ally, but we embrace them because they have something we want. Renewable energy, anyone?

  4. So what would we have looked like if we adopted with full intention the possibilities of renewable energies. Instead of bending over backwards to oil oligarchs and taking their market manipulating money

    1. We would have a healthy lifestyle without all the toxic problems that come with dirty energy! Our nerves are being damaged by this stew of chemicals!

  5. *The News and government:* “saudi arabia cant be trusted”

    *everyone else: shocked Pikachu face* “really now?

  6. Wow what short memories we in the west have, 1974 OPEC used oil embargos to hurt our economies and continued to do so any time they wanted to cause economic harm. Canada on the other hand is a good friend and neighbor with the same values as NATO/EU countries. Canada can be a huge supplier of oil and natural gas to the free world as we transition to greener tech.

    1. @Mycroft Montague What he is saying is true. It’s not like western countries have been fair to countries like Iraq, Iran and SA. Look up the history of BP in Iran.

    2. @Mycroft Montague It is only controversial because many of the other oil companies lobbied the U.S and came up with a campaign claiming that the oil fields in Canada was “dirty”. The only thing dirty about it was the politics.

    3. My son tells me that the first time he saw me cry was on a hot summer day in St. Paul, MN, without air conditioning, in a long line to obtain fuel. It ran out just before my turn. My son was 3 and I had his new born brother in the car as well. We had been in line for an hour and a half.

  7. We could have invested into our own infrastructure and built transportation networks of some kind so that when gas hits 10 bucks a gallon we would have some other method to get around… but that would have taken away from fossil fuel industry profits and was likely heavily opposed by oil lobbyists at every level. Was gas supposed to stay cheap forever and no geopolitical changes were supposed to happen? seems a bit reckless when literally everything is at stake

    1. That was what we were supposed to do when we set up the petrodollar agreement in the 1970s. However, we didn’t improve our infrastructure and we didn’t wipe out all US debt. Just the opposite. That’s why the end of the petrodollar will be catastrophic.

  8. I wouldn’t trust them to do anything unless it served their own purpose.
    Self serving greed is their creed.

    1. @ChiNazies will start WW3 how did Nato start the war lol? I did not see Nato tanks driving to russia. What we all witnessed was Russia barging with their tanks to Ukraine.

  9. We need a paradigm change in foreign politics. Democracy is a hard fight and a huge accomplishment every day. We should cherish it and acknowledge that true allies can only be countries that conform to this minimal moral norm of government.

  10. We knew this decades ago. It’s not a surprise. Maybe now they will actually do something about this “relationship”

  11. Yes, I agree, everyone is bad and only we are good. Let’s forget about our support for Israeli aggression/occupation and our support for the minorities stealing South Africa’s diamond; not to mention Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. How can we blame others with a straight face?!? Amazing shameless behavior by the government that I had served in.

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