Senator Voices Pain, Politics Of Medically Necessary Abortion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Senator Voices Pain, Politics Of Medically Necessary Abortion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Senator Gary Peters shares the pain and frustration he and his wife, Heidi, suffered when a wanted pregnancy developed complications that threatened Heidi's health but her doctor's hospital would not permit a medically necessary abortion. Aired on 10/13/2020.
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Senator Voices Pain, Politics Of Medically Necessary Abortion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

60 Comments on "Senator Voices Pain, Politics Of Medically Necessary Abortion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. Republicans claim to be prolife and that all lives matter why then are they against prolife saving healthcare for everyone?

  2. Jackyc1234 Clark | October 14, 2020 at 2:33 AM | Reply

    Where praytell , is the separation of church and state ?

    • That vanished along with, “small government conservatism,” around the time they adopted the Stalinist model of autocracy. Trump wants to be the one who sells you your clothes, your home, the food you eat and even your booze. While he wants you to use Facebook, and ban TickTock. He wants you to get your, “news,” from F*x and to shut down CNN and MSNBC. He wants the Nazis to grow in power, while democracy dies, and he wants to control it ALL. Because no dictator is safe, unless they can monitor you, 24/7. Even your BODY is at their disposal, and men? Don’t kid yourselves that it ends with the womenfolk? Before long there will be a Commissar Camera in your living room, and a voice that shouts at you, for saying or doing the wrong things. This is the Stalinist nightmare that Orwell AND the Bible tried to warn you all about. Your vote is America’s last, best hope. Or they will move in with you, forever

    • I can tell you don’t understand your own comment.
      You don’t understand basic government.


    • He is definately speaking my opinion loud and clear

    • Hmmm yet it takes 2 people to get pregnant, so why should a woman say, I don’t care if you, the man, wants a child or not, I’m getting rid of it. yet she wants to keep it and he doesn’t want kids, HE pays for 18 years.

  4. Republicans stop caring about humans after they’re born

  5. Elizabeth Nash | October 14, 2020 at 2:43 AM | Reply

    I was in an ER in Everett, WA, 30 yrs ago to seek care for myself, when I heard what sounded like a young woman, screaming in agony. She’d let out these heart wrenching cries, and then sob and moan in pain, then scream again….. she sounded exhausted, and afraid.
    As the ER I was in was one of those with just the little curtains between patients, I was able to ‘overhear’ what the poor woman’s issue was: She had a tubal pregnancy, and it was at critical mass. Her and her boyfriend were begging the doctors to help her.
    And here’s the rub. They refused to do the life saving surgery. Why? Because they were a Catholic aligned hospital and it was against their ‘policy’ to perform an ‘abortion’. It didn’t matter that the fertilized egg was forming in her fallopian tube, NOT her womb. It didn’t matter that if left inside of her for much longer, it would tear thru the tube and the woman could very well die. Nope. Removing the egg for ANY reason, even if there was no possible scenario it would ever grow to term, was considered an ‘abortion’ and the hospital refused. I was horrified.
    I told my boyfriend that I didn’t care how sick I, myself, was, and that we needed to help her. And we did. I got off the bed, pulled the curtain aside and offered our help. We took them to the next nearest hospital, where they rushed her into surgery immediately, and saved her life.
    The court should NOT be the one to make such a life and death decision, and neither should the Church. This young woman WANTED to have her baby. Her pain was not merely physical, it was emotional. To have a doctor tell her that she was just going to have to DIE, because they wouldn’t save her life for RELIGIOUS reasons was beyond horrific and cruel.
    Overturning Roe V Wade will condemn countless women and possibly children (who may be saved when the mother’s life can’t be) to a cruel and senseless death!

    • I really struggle with understanding the reaction of the hospital staff in this situation. It comes across as being strongly legalistic without actually acknowledging the underlying principle – the sanctity of life (reminds me of the Pharisees and Saducees, to be honest). In this case, how is allowing both to die (and in a horrific fashion) when one could be saved consistent with Christian values? We don’t have the medical ability at the moment to save a unborn child who tragically ends up as a tubal pregnancy, but we can save the mother.

      Elizabeth, you and your boyfriend did the right thing and that young woman survived because of your actions.

    • @Joshua White
      When you mature and understand the importance of religion then you will understand why people / doctors / hospitals / courts and governments give religion lots of latitude on Earth.
      There are things much bigger than us and anything we can do.
      It’s that simple.
      History has proven this over and over.

    • @Too Wun I’m not arguing against religious freedom – I am all for that and certainly don’t want doctors to be forced to perform operations against their conscience, nor did I say that in my comment.

      Also, please drop the arrogant attitude. You have no idea how old I am, nor how mature I am, nor my knowledge or experiences with religions and religious groups.

    • @zek Baker
      How come dumb people like you run away when proven wrong?
      Why don’t you thank the person in explaining something you didn’t understand?
      Because you F*CKING IDIOTS are all the same!

    • @Too Wun Some people, unlike you, can use their intelligence to make rational decisions without blindly following an invisible, unproven diety. All you can do is name call, sign that you are incapable of reasonable debate.

  6. The Republican party has become the bane of our democratic republic.

    • How can anyone claim to be, “free,” when they don’t even have control over their own body? And, which men are stupid enough to, “believe,” that their bodies won’t be next?
      Honestly, can anyone tell me ONE, single area of your private life that trump hasn’t INVADED, with his Nanny State Stalinist model of Kleptocracy? Our sports? What we watch on TV? Our news channels are not safe! Our beliefs? How we treat others, with BASIC curtesy? Healthcare is a sick JOKE! Which social media platforms we use? What we look at on those? Trump wants to be THE GLOBALIST who gets to sell you your home, your clothes, your food and even your BOOZE, but God forbid you buy it through Amazon! And you think they’ll stop at women’s bodies, do you, men??? “Small government conservatism”??? . . . The GOP is SO invasive, because they’re like any other Dictatorship! They NEED control over every aspect of your life, to keep control of government! VOTE THEM OUT!
      Or they’ll move into your living room, via government controlled, livestream monitoring, that you can NEVER switch off again! VOTE! ✌️

    • By the way, David J, has anyone reminded you of just how AWESOME you are lately? We LOVE you, dude! ✌️👍

    • @Ash Roskell
      👍👍😎Thank Ash.

    • A day without David J is like a day without sunshine, LOL.

    • Dave and Ash, I always look for your posts. You are both very skilled writers, who speak the truth. Keep up the fight good sirs. 😎👍✊

  7. So, the GOP’s whole, “small government conservatism,” schtick is a thing of the past? Can you think of any area of life they, “don’t,” want to take over? Control of social media, news, internet shopping, even the shows we watch, and don’t kid yourself they’ll stop a women’s bodies, men! Why don’t they just put a camera in all our houses, like in 1984? These Stalinists in the GOP need to get FT OUT of our personal business! Vote them OUT! ✌️

  8. “To provide for the general welfare”

  9. I can’t imagine telling a woman what she can or cannot do with her own body, but then, I’m not a Republican.

  10. That story was awful. I’m pro choice anyway, but what a story. Women have the right to protect their own life, even from their unborn.

  11. The good thing about getting the orange baby man as president, is that more and more people are understanding how crap the constitution and other old deals are and how it needs to change.

  12. Abortion is a decision between a woman her doctor and her god.

    • These Medically Necessary “Abortions” are NOT abortions at all, the GOP are nuts; vote them out! VOTE BLUE!

    • Dreama K. Flanagan | October 14, 2020 at 5:46 PM | Reply

      That’s Exactly what I say All the Time!!

    • Lynne Normandeau | October 14, 2020 at 8:01 PM | Reply

      I disagree. The doctor and some god have NO say here. It is up entirely to the WOMAN whose body is at risk!!!

    • @Lynne Normandeau um… since I am not a doctor and my health and life are involved, I would want a health care professionals know, let’s keep coat hanger procedures in the past.

    • @Lynne Normandeau LOL, that’s why they said HER doctor, and HER god, as in what she chooses. Of course there are always limits, if she’s mentally ill someone else might have to decide for her. And if she waits too long then it becomes a crime. Fair is fair though, somewhere in the middle is usually correct.

  13. Cedric Sportes | October 14, 2020 at 6:08 AM | Reply

    “HANDMAID’S TAIL” Final season – coming to your country America . Aunt Lydia is in the house ….and you let it happen….

  14. Insignificant360 | October 14, 2020 at 6:34 AM | Reply

    And you know all the “pro life, family values” Republicans would get their mistresses to abort the first chance they get. IOKIYAR is now an official philosophy.

  15. My maternal great grandmother died when the baby she was carrying died in the womb. There were no scans at that time. The baby deteriorated and caused mother to develop sepsis. It was thought the baby died some 4 – 6 weeks before the mom died. She left behind 4 adored children. In 2020 my greatgranny would have been induced and put on antibiotics to prevent infection. Don’t take a backward step America.

  16. If the GOP are so insistent on banning abortion, then *they* should pay all the expenses for those children until they are 15.

    After all, *they* are the ones who wants those unwanted kids, not the mothers.

  17. Gee, if only Republicans cared about life AFTER the baby is born!

    • @ Albert… because they are not pro-life, they are anti women… believe me, if it were republican men who were the ones that got pregnant and had to give birth, abortion would not only be legal but it would also be free

  18. It’s unimaginable that GOP wants to control the most important decision of one life that is so personal and most time heartbreaking and more over taking way the ACA outrageous ! Women are aware of their own situation if unwell or have a birth defect how do you take care of the pregnancy . It remain a personal, to each women other then that is a dictatorship
    Protecting each women young and old their family’s that is your Legislation that is irrevocable

  19. Sad to say that the anti abortion folks prefer back alley procefure

  20. Barrett – No surprise here – what did you expect from yet another Trump Stooge ?

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