Senator Warren: Filibuster Gives McConnell A Veto Over Democratic Majority | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Senator Warren: Filibuster Gives McConnell A Veto Over Democratic Majority | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about how the filibuster robs Americans of majority rule and forces Democrats to use tricks of procedure to pass important legislation around Republican obstruction. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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Senator Warren: Filibuster Gives McConnell A Veto Over Democratic Majority | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Then get rid of the filibuster! You didn’t see the Republicans saying “let’s work together on this” while Trump was in office, they just changed things to benefit themselves. Dems just need to stomp on Republicans the way they did to them when Democrats were in the minority.

    1. @Chuck Collins the majority of the population are of lower IQ just like the majority of the population are poor. Just fruit in a basket

    2. @K S They are both in fairly red states and both won their election by a couple percent. There is a decent chance if either of them was recalled you would end up with a Republican in their place.

    3. @Highly Medicated Perhaps the fruit needs to start only having children they can afford. 😉

    1. @Chuck Collins and yet you adamantly espouse republican propaganda through your new puppet account

      More proof of republican deception and lies, always harping about “both parties” while continuing to tow the party line
      Sowing sedition

    2. @Aaron Hawley * yawn * I’m not beholden to either political party. Silly Sheeple. B-b-b-but…you’re a “Republican”.

    3. @Aaron Hawley But feel free to cite exactly what qualifies as “Republican propaganda”. Be specific.

    4. @Chuck Collins you know anyone reading this can read your other comments right?

      If you weren’t beholden to one party, you would be criticizing both and not focused exclusively on Fox News talking points

      Such wit

    1. @Chuck Collins lol, coming from the people trying to cancel Republicans who didn’t vote down the party line in impeachment.

    2. @Chuck Collins Actually, there is. No one within the democratic party is demanding that those who go against party line resign.

    3. @Fred A You mean there’s not factions within the Democratic Party looking to fund challengers to usurp Manchin and Sinema? Oops. There’s no difference between the parties…

  2. President Biden doesn’t disparage Minorities and Women. He respects working professionals and treats them with dignity.

  3. Mitch McConnell, the same man who condemned Trump for the Capitol riots right on the senate chamber, then when asked a week later if he would support the orange goon if he ran in 2024 said that he WOULD. The hypocrisy is beyond me.

    1. McConnell actually said he would support Trump if Trump is nominated. That’s not the same as supporting Trump if Trump runs.

  4. I still don’t understand why America has these stupid rules and laws that end up coming back to bite them
    Stupid is as stupid gets

    1. Actually, there are good reasons for these rules. And in the past, they served the country well. Foreign policy is already suffering by the country’s inability to maintain a steady course and keep to a plan. God knows what is in store when legislation gets reversed every time the ruling party loses a majority. Could be that this is a better situation than what we now find ourselves in. Getting things done only have them undone in the next session of Congress might be better than getting NOTHING done. But this eliminating the filibuster is nothing to enter into lightly.

    2. Kermit T. Frog all I see is Republicans using these laws to disenfranchise or disadvantage the American people
      Note that I said the American people which means Republicans are disadvantaging other Republicans also. I like that you acknowledge that they used to work in the past. Time for change is now

    3. @Tseleng Botlhole You have to be more specific than “these laws.” The Voters Rights Act was defanged by the SUPREME COURT. If you are saying that NEW legislation needs to be enacted to counter this. I agree. Though, the wish lists I see from most liberals seldom mention voter suppression.

  5. The filibuster needs to go. Dems need to stop being weak and treat republicans the way the treated them when they were in control.

    1. Come on the way Republicans treated democrats? Works both ways. Been that way for a long time.. IT will never change.. Sad…

    2. @pet boy Yeah, Democrats are insane with their kumbaya bs. They went through 12 years of McTurtle and they still haven’t had enough. He could steal their souls and they’d still accommodate him.

  6. Mitch is a pest to America politics get rid of him. His wife is a billionaire after they both clean out transport contracts in federal funds

  7. Can you PLEASE stop giving us mere MINUTES of Rachel Maddow?!! I promise you, playing whole blocks of her, and your other shows, will keep your viewing numbers up on YouTube IF you just make them easier to find!!! Who is running your YouTube channel?!! Someone who hates the platform?!!! SORT IT OUT!!!

    1. @Highly Medicated thank you, but she is known world-wide in places where MSNBC isn’t accessible. Listening to her show on Spotify is difficult because she often has very useful visual aids as well.

  8. The heck with working together!! Get rid of the fillabuster!!! Start playing the way Republicans did last term because they have no idea how to behave in a professional adult intelligent manner!!!

  9. Go Senator Warren – time to get real and use the power invested in your position representing your electorate.

    1. She is using the power invested in her position….but whining about the filibuster isn’t going to get the votes needed to revoke such. Perhaps she should learn the art of compromise….

    1. No truer words can be said, but I think she meant liberals.
      Because they can’t!
      Example – censorship.

    2. Actually, Americans did send both parties to DC to be part of a debating society. We’ve been doing it since 1789.

  10. Whenever the Dems are in power, they want to get rid of the filibuster. When they aren’t in power, they love the filibuster.

  11. Give up on “unity”, GOPers won’t even vote for what their constituents want/need!

  12. Either get rid of it or make it a speaking filibuster. McConnell is an obstructionist. That is what he does.

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