Senators ask impeachment lawyers what Trump did during riot 1

Senators ask impeachment lawyers what Trump did during riot


Senators from both sides of the aisle asked the impeachment managers and former President Donald Trump's defense lawyers to account for Trump's actions while the insurrection at the US capitol was in progress.

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    1. @Darien Norman Criminal charges are being filed outside of the Senate he’s going to get it and they’re still in New York courts or after him

    1. Trump deliberately hired the most stupid people so he can later blame them if he is convicted and then ask for a new trail

    1. The problem is that many people reluctant to hear both sides will only hear his statement and without fact checking, may give it momentum. This crew weaponizes unsupported rumors.

    2. @Sue Howie you would think. But noooooo. The house was in such a rush there was no time to investigate or gather evidence

    1. @Sue Howie Glad I made your day, Sue! If I had noticed it was a CNN clip before I commented I wouldn’t have commented at all. Lol I will leave you liberals in left field and go back to my movie. Night night.

    2. @Sue Howie you don’t get it. The trump lawyers don’t help the folks who are prosecuting him. It’s the managers job to make their case. If they can’t sayonara

  1. “Daddy, if Trump is found not guilty, does that mean he’s innocent?”
    “No, darling. It means all the rest of them are guilty.”

  2. “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” Guess Trump’s lawyer used Trump as an example.

  3. “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by!” Trump planned the insurrection on his own government well before the 2020 elections.

    1. SH%$ HE PULLED THE SAME SH%$ IN 2016 claimed that if Clinton won it was rigged thing is he won. Kind of funny that all the states that went for trump there was no claim of fraud. Amazing how the circus we call Gov. Thinks this is a fair trial .

    2. Exactly! Who says to show up because it’s gonna be wild?!?! And what happened! Wildness! So yeah he was calling for this foolishness long before Jan. 6th.

    1. @Çhristus Veritâs not a blind eye…the BLM protests were America voicing disgust over racism and its manifestation in police practices. The Capitol riot was America responding to the Commander in Chief who manifested an attack on congress.

    2. Ya totally, the man who made pence vp tried to murder pence but the Democrats who called pence a white supremacist love pence right?

    3. @Sue Howie How selective I am?
      That’s called “protectionism”… accusing your political opponent of those crimes you are guilty of yourself in order to appear righteous!

  4. Van Der Been is Attempting to Dance Between Raindrops in not answering appropriately. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  5. Anyone whoever hires this defense attorney, is going to get what they deserve. Your client shot the guy. Well that other guy shot someone too. Trump still hasn’t said he’s sorry that people died. Or offered any condolences to anyone.

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