Senators Call For Oversight In Olympic Sports | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. What’s the matter you didn’t get the memo it’s over the Mueller report butkus 0 zip nada nothing nothing Burger with nothing fries

    2. @snoop alert <<--- We'll let you know if we ever want a russian troll's opinion. Too bad your russian govt cant investigate putin corruption or even run for office without getting poisoned. You guys are sooo fukked. #TrollsSuk

    1. michaelthemovieman so? have no republicans ever broken the law? stupid comment, probably a Russian bot.

    1. Because the ugly old Turtle has a stranglehold on the GOP Senators so they just do what they can.

    1. @Timothy Craig: A state cannot stop or hinder a Federal Ethics or Oversight investigation. I believe the athletes, they had nothing to gain by speaking out. If Ohio won’t do it then the Federal process should act.

  1. America is a cesspool. I’m completely disgusted at this point. Don’t American men have any morals anymore?

  2. These clowns want oversight over everything. Funny how they all end up multi multi millionaires

  3. ‘Too many people looked the other way’ – Is Moran talking about the GOP and Moscow Mitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. But they can’t get anything done to protect elections? Btw, how can a criminal be allowed to run for office? Trump has been exposed as a criminal even though he can get away with it as president.

  5. Trump is not a fascist, he’s a dork, but he’s willing to hold the door open for fascists if he sees some money in it.

  6. Although, the efforts of these Senators is in the right direction, I suspect McConnell will once again step in to protect sexual predators, particularly when young children are involved. His role as an obstructionist is never done.

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