1. I hope Roberts shaky hands are a sign of his dedication to the Constitution and the laws of the land.

    1. @mike sixx I also love how your defense isn’t that he didn’t break a law it’s that he had the right to cover it up

    2. @mike sixx You are such a huggy-bunny for trump you just can’t stop making a fool of yourself can you. Are the Wynns still in the Casino business? YES. Is tRump?NO Does he have a University? NO A steak company?NO A bottled water company?NO An airline? NO! But I bet YOU know all about bankruptcy huh? Keep worshiping your con-man and when you find out how much in Putin’s pocket he is don’t say nobody told you. YOU’RE IN A CULT FOOL!!!!!

    1. @Redman Law 99 “That is what any credible legal expert would say who isn’t on CNN or MSNBC’s payroll actually.” false.

      Every single one of your points is completely wrong.

      “Democrats have no valid legal case and no actual crime proven, not even close.” – they do.
      “If you think Trump is a criminal based on nothing you are being duped again for political reasons. ” as said before, they have a crime proven.

      “If you watched all the hearings and read the evidence you would know the Democrats only had circumstantial evidence and no proven crimes at all, which is why they dropped those accusations of bribery and extortion and then wrote up phony articles of impeachment and voted on it even though they did not contain valid crimes or removable offenses based on the Constitution.”

      I watched the hearings and read the evidence.

      You didn’t . There’s a thing called LOGIC.
      They didn’t drop bribery and extortion, its under abuse of power
      They contained valid, impeachable, and removable offenses specified in the constitution.
      “Bi partisan support would be attained if they had shown actual crimes but they failed”

      Trump defrauded his own charity, but you are so indoctrinated that you don’t care. They showed crimes, but you are just brainwashed. that point is also wrong.

      “so the Democrats pushed it through after their rigged process, and now they want to rig the trial in their favor again even though they have no right to.”

      The process wasn’t rigged. it was executed in an unbiased, bi-partisan manner. just because truth, ethics, and the law are biased against the republicans doesn’t mean that they can claim that the people who follow the law are biased.
      “rig in their favor” . uh no in favor of truth, and not political gain.

      “hey lost, accept reality and the fact Trump did nothing wrong and it was just another hoax meant for political slander.”

      ironically, there hasn’t been a singular hoax against trump for political slander. Trump is racist. Trump worked with russia. Unlike the democrats, who have been subject to dozens of conspiracy theories.

      “Democrats who need to either start working for the people instead of their own personal gain,” House has passed record breaking amount of bills, meanwhile mconnel is doing nothing. Trump’s entire presidency has been for his own personal gain. he used his power to give him and his friends money, less restrictions, and more ways to exploit the american people. so your point is wrong.

      “Trump actually gets things done for the people, Democrats do not, that is a fact and all that really matters””

      also wrong!
      The entire economist community says that Obama is to credit for the good economy.
      Trump’s trade war with china is costing us over a billion per month.
      Nearly every positive aspect of the nation in recent years has been because of the democrats.
      and don’t even get me started on the environment

      Every one of your points has been based off lies.

      do you listen to breitbart news? lmao

    1. @David Council The trial sure, the crimes no. I find it hilarious that a room full of liars decides the fate of a man who so obviously committed treason. Not an original thought in that room, be it Democrat or Republican, both are just making ends meet regardless of what should actually be done.

    2. @mike sixx Did I say the House was innocent? Terrible politicians or not, at least the house is doing something right, if only for political gain in the end.

      Have you finished boring us all yet with your bullshit? Or can we get back to a world of actual fact?

  2. All of the Industrialized World are watching these Senators for their Oath to the Allegiance. We will see if the Constitution is worth the paper it is written on.

    1. If not, then every prisoner in the US should go free because if the president is not held accountable then why should they be.

    1. @Stuart Coker Ummm…unless Trump is running for Speaker of the House, he isn’t HER political rival. He just doesn’t like her for helping expose his crimes.

    2. @Stuart Coker so you’re saying a president can never and should’ve never been impeached? All because they’re “political rivals”. Besides, it’s about the extreme obstruction that trump committed during that investigation that got him impeached…

    1. are you having a stroke ? should we call an ambulance ? can you afford that ? so many questions, got not time, end time coming soon.

    2. The easiest people in the world to fool are the poor people who you can all turn into sheep (they are already mindless) just by saying that ‘they only care about money.’ If you had money, then you would care about money too.

  3. Sometimes history looks ordinary when you see it live. Like when someone swears an oath that they fully intend to break.

    1. That’s why it’s hard for the people to understand the gravity of a given situation and treat it like it’s a game. They don’t realize that years from now it may directly effect the way their Government treats them.

    1. Truth! Hopefully we all can agree on that whether you subscribe to this Red team or Blue team nonsense or even for those such as myself that just want to get rid of ALL the crooks!

    1. @Saynoto Socialists hearsay?… where did you go to law school?… bahaha!! Just kidding.. how long have you worked at Kroger Kevin?

    2. wicklow abby , where’s the fact witnesses ? If you’re not a fact witness , then you’re hearsay or opinion witnesses
      I’m glad to work for Kroger , how do you like working for Walmart ?

  4. This is a sham like we’re gonna believe they would be impartal. They already said they have made Up their sick minds.

    1. That is their real challenge to ignore the law and sell it as though they did their Constitutional duty.

    2. Yeah. To. Hell. With. This. Impeachment. BULLSHIT!!!! Exonerate. TRUMP. And. Build. The. DAMN. WALL!!!!!

    1. @ANDRE O.D. KIMBLE name is because before trump and during bush and Obama I was a dumbass liberal… I can admit to making mistakes… and again what evidence have they actually provided… remember innocent until proven guilty… dems and you have lost that mindset

    2. @John Keith I suppose saying “What about the emails” and “The Breech of national security” Is like saying “I have many black friends” or “I voted for Obama”
      Democrats are criminal halfwits and that is why we have the senate, to keep people who say “Because I’m a woman” Who cover up an actual serious crime that would actually be lawfully impeachable from ever getting their buttery little “Oops I deleted them but not properly” fingers too far up the power throttle.
      You probably voted for the thick imbecilic individual… Because she’s a woman, and now you have the right to claim that your opinion is worth more than your vote.
      You’ve just nullified the cliché on every lame insult that a person can utter providing they are directed at you.

  5. “Do you solemnly swear you will do impartial justice…….” Yeah that’s a crock. Many Senators have already said they will not do that but they stood up held up their right hand and said they do. We are seeing a broken government right in front of our faces.

    1. And millions of fellow Americans are actually applauding it. Broken country. All thanks to their Orange Overlord and the Party Of Trump.

    2. What happened to Clinton? The left is thee most hypocritical bunch this country has ever seen. Enjoy another 4 years of MAGA.

    3. I believe they swore to be honest and do what’s right. If so, acquittal is the only option. A person would have to be totally clueless to support how the House went about the impeachment process. Otherwise they’d be complicit.

  6. We didn’t see McConnell and Graham say, “I do” when Roberts adminisred the oath, but when they signed the oath book, the whole world watched criminal activity in real time.

    1. @Gunner DJ Justice Robert’s would never grant a motion like that, but Senate Republicans would likely vote for that motion. If Republicans did that, we ADULTS will work harder to make sure that the world knows that Republicans covered for a criminal president. (Trump asking Zelensky to help him rig the election is a crime. It’s also abuse of power, the first article of impeachment.)
      BTW, if you knew more about life, you would know that motions are not “awarded”. Motions are granted or denied.

    1. They don’t even cross their fingers, lying is not second nature to them, It is the rule of their first nature.

    1. He’s stroking that impeachment boner, but it’s not going to end the way he’d like & he’ll only chafe.

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