Senators Unveil Competing Proposals To Fund Capitol Police | MSNBC 1

Senators Unveil Competing Proposals To Fund Capitol Police | MSNBC

With Capitol police and the U.S. National Guard close to running out of money for their salaries, lawmakers appear to be at an impasse over how to replenish those accounts. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Senators Unveil Competing Proposals To Fund Capitol Police | MSNBC


    1. @BooRock OMambo, not only Trump supporters but also all Republicans who continue to support the bs that their dear leader is spewing.

    2. She was there climbing through a broken door trying to access an unauthorized area. You are too deluded to actually state facts.

  1. Put up a some signs saying ‘Lethal Force may be used’ & if an attack happens again, shoot them.

    1. @mike briganti eh ive not heard of many antifa there that day. Some of them but it was mostly right wing d&d dorks getting together at the capitol you can tell cuz there was hardly any damage done

    2. @Roger Stritmatter ya there is evidence a few were mixed in with them but the peaceful dorks im thinking not as antifa is almost never peaceful

  2. The Capital Police saved the lives of Pence, AOC and Pelosi on January the 6th from Trump’s Qaren Army.

    1. So let me get this straight…you have democrats chanting defund the police in major cities like Minneapolis and Chicago Portland Seattle but we must fund the Capitol police

    2. What has happened to our Democrat leadership. They seem to be asleep. This funding was known a long time ago and now all of a sudden they decided to take action at the last minute? What is happening to our leadership?

    3. @T. R. Campbell Rayburn is a House office building. And don’t act like you’re unaware of tunnels connecting the buildings.

    4. @Constituent A I am very aware of this and I have walked isome of these tunnels with my clients. It might surprise you to know that there is also a subway system for members of the House and the Senate. Thank you for the information.

    1. @Emsley Wyatt no thats not the question just because you feel you have the right to steal all of their money doesnt mean you do. In all reality their tax rate should be no higher than ours otherwise its not their “fair share” its them being robbed to support you. Fair share means you pay an equal amount not extra

    2. @Russell Jordan What does have to be factored into calculating their “fair share” is that the rich use a far greater percentage of public resources that the rest of us. trump, for example has made extensive use of the court system and Amazon, for another, uses the roads a heck of a lot more than you or I do.

  3. The congress should go without pay until they can get a funding plan that will take care of the Capitol Police and workers at the Capitol. No POLITICS on this one…

    1. So it’s ok for democrats to chant Defund the police in major cities but not the capitol ?

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Nope it’s not all right to defund the police and democrats did not chant defund the police, protesters did and no one can say whom they are affiliated with…we should support our police but we should also expect the best of them and not allow bad apples to bring them down to the criminal level.

  4. Republicans don’t want Trump’s next batch of goons to have any problem getting in. They’ll cough up Cheney as their sacrificial lamb. You know, so the attack is bipartisan.

  5. 3:56 This this how you justify January 6th in a nutshell. Put the criminals in jail. If you preform a crime, your going to do the time.

  6. Talk about defunding the police. As usual House Republicans say one thing while doing the polar opposite. There’s an idea, send them to the North Pole and let them legislate from there. I’m pretty sure that Lindsey Graham would love to make friends with a polar bear

    1. Ya they cant decide whether they want to defund them or flood more money. Personally im on the side of defund both

    1. They incited no violence and the capitol doesnt need protecting it needs removed from existence

    2. “They” started working on the vax before they started manufacturing the virus for distribution. But “Come down to Chinatown and hug a Chinese person!” Nancy says as she imports death!

  7. Nothing sends a stronger message to the Capitol Police than when they hear that 45 laughed with glee as they were getting clobbered by the mob. Now, “Republicans” want nothing to do with picking through the facts of that day and with providing sufficient arms and hazard pay? That’s unacceptable!


    2. @Todd Davis ya well indoubt it but even so odd you mysteriously care about them anyways now all of a sudden

  8. The Capitol buildings themselves need to be modernized with anti-terrorist measures. Steel fire doors that can be lowered to protect all employees, etc.

    1. I recommend a steal box with air tight seal and not so much as an oxygen molecule going in or out.

  9. The rioters had Confederate flags. The Confederate States never accepted that they lost the Civil War and that Black people no longer were their slaves. They still are doing their best to go back to the America of their forefathers, when the Whites had the power.

  10. if Trump is going to be re instated in August the republicans don’t want the capitol protected for the next insurrection

  11. republicans believe that, once the war on christmas is over, Santa will be bringing the budget.

  12. Republicans want to give all the help to corporations that don’t need help. But for the People, the GOP has NO LOVE!

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