Senators Who Urged Voters To Decide Impeachment Won’t Admit Trump Lost The Election | All In | MSNBC

Senators Who Urged Voters To Decide Impeachment Won’t Admit Trump Lost The Election | All In | MSNBC 1


During the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the Republican excuse for acquitting the president was, “This shouldn’t be up to us—let the voters decide.” Well, the voters have decided. And there is still universal silence from those senators. Aired on 11/20/2020.
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Senators Who Urged Voters To Decide Impeachment Won’t Admit Trump Lost The Election | All In | MSNBC

70 Comments on "Senators Who Urged Voters To Decide Impeachment Won’t Admit Trump Lost The Election | All In | MSNBC"

  1. It appeared to be easy putting a criminally insane person into the White House pretty sure is hard getting him out

  2. Robert Paskewitz | November 20, 2020 at 9:58 PM | Reply

    The criminal conspiracy called the GOP does not care about what the people decide.

    • wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever | November 21, 2020 at 12:46 AM | Reply

      @Ify Ogwude Joe Biden didn’t get 67 Million votes let alone 78 million!
      Smartmatic voter software & any voting machine including all states contracting with Dominion have a long history of switching votes!
      Notice any riots from upset conservative voters feeling disenfranchised? Just wait until the sudden turn around arrives & the left erupts.

    • @No Name Um… That link doesn’t prove anything? It’s just general information on what the machine is and what brought it to use? Just because it’s creators are viewed as left-leaning and big names put money into it doesn’t prove anything. It’s not the same as evidence, it’s just the foundation of misdirecting you to hate fellow Americans instead of looking at the one who’s actively turned you against them. The conspiracies are starting to get out of hand.

    • wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever | November 21, 2020 at 1:17 AM | Reply

      @James Brauer Oh its false is it. I would direct you to the data collected over the years. Your able to view some of it here if you would like to learn more about how many ways there are to rig elections.
      Look up – David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley: Hidden History of Elections.
      Look up Smartmatics Voter software ability to switch votes.
      a important question for you.
      Would you say that America’s Election Security is SAFE when its Electronic Voting Machines are sending its data overseas to Foreign Servers in Spain, Switzerland & Germany?
      Why are we using machines built in China?

    • wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever | November 21, 2020 at 1:25 AM | Reply

      @Essex121514 Well take the time to go through your list and look to see if they are actually crimes or just personal opinions of a crime that someone believes was committed.
      Give me criminal penal code violation numbers or DOJ, FBI Case File Numbers of the ongoing investigations please.
      Something like this = Joe Biden’s FBI Money Laundering Case number = 272 -D-BA-3065729.
      Leave me that information as my web search comes up blank on Trump case numbers.

    • @Blue Meiko Trump has done more for me in almost 4 years than Biden has done in 47 years. Fact Biden has ran for President 2 times previously. Both times he got embarrassed. Stealing other world leaders speeches and racist politics like the Biden Bus Bill. How can anyone vote for a candidate like that.

  3. Republicans Senators are embarrassing themselves, the voters voted, what a disgrace, No respect for Biden, No respect for Democracy.

    • Really❓I think you haven’t met the swamp aka The DEMOCRATS 😂😂😂😂

    • @grk2781 What happens when a record number of moderate Republicans retire under Trump? The radical right wing has taken over the Republican party! An the moderate Republicans who have retired under Trump voted for Biden in November!😂😂

    • You got it wrong they respect President Elect Biden what they have no respect for is Themselves the people of America and the Constitution of America

    • @grk2781 I guess you have drank the koolaid

  4. The People have spoken.
    And Donnie wants to burn it down.

  5. These are the people we are supposed to trust?. They re a bunch of babbling fools

    • Yes, but people keep voting these people in .

    • In India we are having a fool’s friend and he is also a big fool his name is Modi.

    • Babbling Bunch of Bird Brained Baboons.

    • They are criminals who are acting against American people

    • Look at the age of most of them. Have you ever met an old person that wasn’t set in their ways. This is why term limits are necessary. You can’t have positive change if you have people so desperately holding on to ages old notions of how they think things should be done. Term limits for all positions of government. The other thing that needs to change is the integrity of public servants. There needs to be a law drafted that provides penalty to any public servant that knowing passes false information to a news organization. The news in whatever form is the only access the American people have to reach conclusions and decisions. It is vital that the information we get is as accurate as possible. If they can’t say anything because of national security, then don’t say anything. If you talk to the press the information better be factual and provable.

  6. Service Dog Lydia | November 20, 2020 at 10:03 PM | Reply

    The American People have SPOKEN! Now all you coward Republican senators LISTEN TO THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

    • It doesn’t matter y’all what the Trumpist are saying we the real Republicans and Democrats know Trump lost , Trumpist can’t accept it and they will cry , whine, complaint , offend , come up with all kinds of bs to defend their master but on Jan 20th it will all be done and over with . I’m a Republican and I accept how Biden as my 46 President . Bye Felicia

    • @RFI-Crypto Lab

      Follow the link, this is what the Trump cult sounds like :

      Btw, evidence is something that I could in theory review myself. Perhaps you or the news service made a mistake, I deal with computers myself.

      Telling me that the evidence *might* be released when this purported server is released is no evidence at all.

      If I asked you for evidence of big foot, and you pointed me to a news story that CLAIMED it would release the evidence, no one would be persuaded by that.

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes | November 21, 2020 at 1:18 AM | Reply

      @RFI-Crypto Lab _Not one Amish person had covid._
      WTF are you talking about, you insane barnyard animal? Did the voice in your head say something about Amish?

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes | November 21, 2020 at 1:19 AM | Reply

      @nosuchthing8 It’s more likely that Bigfoot exists and owns a car dealership in Sacramento than Moby Trump won the election

    • @José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes I wish I had the nerve to wear your brilliant comment on a t shirt…hahaah

  7. Joe Schmuckatelli | November 20, 2020 at 10:12 PM | Reply

    I’m guessing this no longer fits their narrative.

  8. fourthqtrplayer | November 20, 2020 at 10:13 PM | Reply

    GOP is the enemy of democracy!! They want to take away America’s voice!!

  9. Yeah… NOW what?? Looks like the “people” have made their decision. So NOW, senators… DO YOURS!! You work FOR THE PEOPLE!!

  10. The GOP has been the PROBLEM all along. They are the enablers that have let trump continue his destruction of our Democracy

    • @Marc Marmolejo Please tell me you’re being rhetorical right? You don’t actually want a fact-based answer, do you? Because you can definitely get more than one.

    • @Marc Marmolejo Calling a secure, fair, and well-adjudicated election a “fraud” . . . when he has lost handily both the EC and the popular vote . . . and letting the pandemic rage while he ignores it and does nothing . . . and calling election workers at the state level to try to influence the results (Michigan) . . . and calling members of Congress to the W.H. for a meeting to see how they can change the election results . . . and on and on and on.
      Not to mention his constant and vociferous attacks on the election process for MONTHS, without a shred of evidence of any significant fraud, claiming that IF he lost, that would PROVE that the election was fraudulent (for heaven’s sake, who ever says something as stupid and megalo-maniacal as that? Who? A narcissistic sociopath, that’s who).
      And his attempts through DeJoy to cripple the effectiveness of the USPS when he KNEW mail-in ballots were going to be especially important and necessary when holding an election during a 100 year pandemic! (Mail-in ballots have been used safely throughout the country and in many states for decades with NO EVIDENCE of signif fraud!)
      Firing an incredibly bright and effective head of the federal effort to maintain cyber-security for the election, Chris Krebs . . . and attacking and trying to subvert the effort of this agency.
      Filing dozens, if not hundreds, of nuisance lawsuits that have NO CHANCE to do anything to reverse the results of the election.
      Constantly lying about the legitimate result of the election and crying fraud, fraud, fraud . . . when there is no evidence of any.
      His lackey Lindsey Graham calling the Sec of State for Georgia to try to get legal ballots thrown out, so Trump could win there.
      Not letting Biden and Harris and their team have access to national security briefing info and funding needed to hit the ground running in January, to appropriately tackle a raging pandemic, a foundering economy, and any national security threats.

      You get the picture. I could on and on here, but this short list should give you at least a hint that what Trump has done, and continues to do since he LOST the election . . . it absolutely undermines the democratic process, and BY DESIGN, undermines public trust in the election process and erodes any public hope that the concept of truth even exists in the public square. And that, folks, is the most dangerous thing he is doing . . . that alone will have lasting consequences that could reverberate for years, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes | November 21, 2020 at 1:14 AM | Reply

      @Flash Jones You sound stupidly?
      You writes stupidly, comrade

    • @José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes putting in it a language the idi0ts understand. Im not communist, just an internet troll.

    • @Marc Marmolejo he lies without any regards and respect for the people of America and I mean Democrats and Republicans for instance Trump to is trying to take credit for the covid19 vaccine yet he said that the virus was a hoax not only that he said that there was only six people affected and that the covid19 was just like the flu and would go away in the summer when the country well summer have come and gone and a quarter million of American people have died now all of a sudden there is operation warp speed and that his administration invested 1.5 billion dollars in Pfizer for the vaccine, MY QUESTION IF THE VIRUS WAS HOAX WHY INVEST IN A VACCINE ALSO HE SAID THAT THE VIRUS WILL GO AWAY A COUPLE OF DAY AFTER THE ELECTION BECAUSE IT IS HOAX DOES IT MAKE ANY SENSE TO INVEST MONEY INTO A HOAX.

  11. And they worry that mail in voting won’t elect republicans. They are giving Americans many reasons as to why not vote for them.. spineless cowards..

  12. what do you expect from pathological liars? Surely not the truth. They are incapable.

    • The Republican Party needs to be purged of its many many traitors

    • @midknight
      There would be no party left.

      Maybe it’s time to dissolve the Republican Party and start a new one.

      To the left of the Dems.

      America can’t survive anymore neo-confederate traitor parties…

  13. Now they abandon us for fear of their own futures.. how disgusting 🤮

    • Amen. Hypocrites i wonder if they can’t see that ppl from both sides need help. While they sit and get paid for what exactly. Cause its not for doing any work. Congress takes more recesses than my elementary school did. I feel like if working ppl are loosing pay they all should loose pay as well. I’m talking about both parties. Get so.e real work done.

    • If only Republicans like McCain still lived, yes he was a Rep. But he literally put America first and acknowledge his loss.

  14. Hillary Clinton was correct about the deplorables in America.

    • @grk2781
      How’s the weather in Moscow, comrade?

      PS: Americans don’t say: “Please don’t make laugh”. We say “Don’t make me laugh.”

      PPS: How’s Pooty poot?

    • PhantomKnight33 | November 21, 2020 at 12:51 AM | Reply

      grk2781 stfu

    • Trump is so unintelligent. We deserve a more intelligent person. BIDEN IS!

    • Hillary was SPOT ON.

    • No she wasn’t. It’s one of the worst thing she ever said. It probably cost her the election and it is simply wrong.
      Most Trump supporters are fine people, but they’re hurting and our government has let them down.
      We need to overcome the propaganda And show them that Democratic values align with theirs better than the corporate values of the Republicans.

  15. So the people decided and “Trump your FIRED!!!” So now the senators are being hypocritical and COWARDS!

  16. “Let the voters decide! Unless we don’t agree with their decision, in which case we will decide for them.”

  17. The American people have spoken. Why are you still silent Senators. We don’t want a Baby 🍼 for President. Speak Now

  18. “Let the voters decide” just as long as they vote for us.The GOP are giving hypocrisy a bad name.

  19. Elizabeth Simoes | November 20, 2020 at 11:55 PM | Reply


  20. The people have spoken…the voters decided the President Elect is Joe Biden….So now what is the argument?

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