Sept. 1: Jagmeet Singh discusses the housing crisis 1

Sept. 1: Jagmeet Singh discusses the housing crisis


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh discusses the housing crisis on Sept. 1 while in Montreal, Que.

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  1. Jagmeet Singh, no matter whether or not you agree with his platform (I strongly do), cannot be denied for his willingness to say it as it is and call out other politicians for corruption and incompetence. I’m voting NDP. It’s time they were given a chance.

    1. @W Unfortunately I don’t think ANYONE is up to the task of fixing the insanity of the anti-vaxxer movement for quite some time, but at least the NDP looks like they’re willing to try. If nothing else it’ll be an end to the excuses, procrastination and hollow apologies both Liberals and Conservatives have shown time-and-time again to always default back onto.


      117 BC Liberal Falsehoods, Boondoggles and Scandals: The Complete List

      The Tyee’s updated tally of 15 years of public messes, sourced and explained.

      By David Beers, Tom Barrett and Tyee Staff and Contributors10 Apr 2017

  2. You backed a incompetent and very corrupt government. Enough said about your principles in governance.
    Solutions that don’t bear out results with continuous government intrusion into our lives.

    1. Yeah, increasing CERB payments to the 2000$ a month. Extending it as much as possible. The wage subsidy, and the other pandemic spending that the NDP has said that would not be as large or as long if it were not for the NDP’s support. Yeah, definitely an inherently selfish act.

      Thx to those CERB payments multiple families including mine managed to just scrape by when there were no work available.

    2. Exactly, what we need is less government intervention and not constant implementation of more taxes, more rules, more restrictions and so on….

  3. Your priority is yourself. Who do you think you’re kidding? You just spent the last year and a half propping up the most divisive and corrupt government in Canadian history. You have no credibility. None.

  4. So what ? It’s the same thing in all big cities in the world. Wake up Singh ! Don’t just use it as an excuse to get more votes.

    1. Why would this concern Singh when he wants more senior Immigrants flowing in.Who would pay for them.Does he realize our own seniors have been below poverty with a fixed income.Where is their affordability.Not unless Singh thinks it is fair for these young Immigrants coming to Canada will have to pay double by helping pay for their parents and the seniors in Canada.Singh thinks he always has quick solutions to a age old problem we have had for years.

  5. Untill munipality ..approved..
    Land use for homes such as tiny home ..modular homes.. nothing will happen…and btw
    .there is no money

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