1. how he saying that housing will be more affordable and stuff when he was the one who made housing and groceries and gas more expensive lol

    1. I know a builder whos a conservative. He said he will never vote liberal but he was also talking about how the liberals made him loads of cash due to the housing market.

  2. why didn’t you do something about the lack of doctors while he was in office for the last 6 years why didn’t you do something about housing while he was in office for the last 6 years why should we believe he will do anything now

    1. @Pete Grizwald
      If he was, I wouldn’t be voting for him. He is not my ideal candidate, but Trudeau and Singh are not even worth mentioning. One having proven his arrogant incompetence, and lack of reality, and the other kissing his feet.

    2. @Pete Grizwald You’re not wrong. As a conservative I have to go along with this situation, but at least it beats voting for Trudeau.

    3. @Mike Sutherland I get Ya’ll And Proudly Voting for the PPC because the Top 3 Dogs are All the Same!

      Edit: Laugh at me for voting independant but you All Know it’s the Right Thing to Do!..Except the Green Party😂

    4. @S⃣P⃣ im sorry that is just a retarted way to vote and the reason why our candidates keep getting worse.
      vote for someone in your riding who supports your values.

    1. No. They have and have had plans for a long time. The plans aren’t coming out of this idiot’s mouth and aren’t written down anywhere the public can read them

    1. He preaches unity and coming together over our differences but in reality hes a dirty player of the politics of division

    1. The liberals got 6 million votes total in the last election. 5 million absentee on top of that might look really alarming.

    1. @Jay J no, that will be the millennials you are referencing…these little wankers were just asking for a 4 day week in Europe…so effing entitled !…

  3. Help the middle class was his big promise last time. The middle class is now fighting to not become lower class.

    1. @Jay-H AM trudeau will impose a wealth tax …make sure you own nothing in 10 years. Starting with capital gains tax on your primary residence.

    2. @boat burner ice News Flash the NDP just introduced the wealth tax motion! But the conservatives and the liberals voted it down! So if the liberals wanted a wealth tax they would have voted for the motion,? Or of course they can’t vote against their donors! Ho, it just so happens their donors are mostly all the same conservative donors too! Well isn’t that funny?

    1. how true; his father destroyed so much in Canada and he and his wife partied all night long at our expense !!!!!!

  4. Ah yes, hiring translators who can’t speak English clearly instead of giving the job to someone actually qualified – Canada in a nutshell.

    1. I think it was microphone issues. The bass was turned up too high. I’m a professional audio engineer so I can tell that’s the issue.

    2. @Connor Templeman And I’ve spoken and listened to English my entire life and can tell you that it isn’t. It certainly isn’t perfect audio but being able to hear him more clearly would only exacerbate his accent.

  5. His arrogance is so demeaning, he pauses when he talks like a kindergarten teacher talking to little primary kids 🙄🙄

  6. All Candidates seem to avoid this topic ? … perhaps not aware of issues of the day ? …example fiat digital currency

    1. He is. He’s ruined the nation just like his daddy. Trudeau has the brains of his mother and the arrogance of his father

    1. He’s a typical liberal. He’s from the party that would talk down to an electrician just because he doesn’t have an arts degree. So stupid

  7. “Six years in power, but *NOW* we get serious with our governance” Shaaaaaat up. You had your chance already!

    1. @Banana Chips Thanks for sharing your sincere thoughts on it. I don’t think any political candidate in any federal election in Canadian history has successfully been “our saviour” despite how hard some of them try to look like a hero. That said, don’t get pessimistic about the state of our democracy and DO NOT ever miss one chance to vote. I’m sick of hearing nihilists respond to me with “they’re all evil so don’t waste your vote” which is mostly true but doesn’t help anything.

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