Sept. 24: Federal update on Canada's COVID-19 response 1

Sept. 24: Federal update on Canada’s COVID-19 response


Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Howard Njoo give an update on the country's COVID-19 response and take questions from the media.

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  1. Teresa Tam is completely ignoring the rest of the world and their findings, look at the Israeli outcomes, they now require a third inoculation because of course cases.
    I feel very threatened by Canadian Public Health policy and genuinely can’t wait to get back to England

    1. @PurpleFish09 Every country sucks! It is really a question of which ones suck more or less than other countries. As for someone wanting to move out of Canada, you must remember that the country you chose has to want you in order for you to immigrate. Other countries don’t really want Canada’s Garbage. The barges always end up back on Canada’s shores.

    2. @Mary Cooper Ethiopia looks like a beautiful place. Have you been to Africa? Stay away from some countries though. I know someone who got out of one during a civil war a while back and tried to get most of her family to Canada oddly enough.

    1. @Rockwell Rhodes still waiting on the new world order, but the world is too uncoordinated to even respond to a pandemic properly let alone consolidate everyone’s power into 1 government.

    2. @Rockwell Rhodes you’re calling R L gullible? You’re spewing garbage and have no evidence for you claims. Learn how to do your own research. Peer reviewed papers please. Learn what the scientific process is and then we can have a conversation.

    1. @Emerald Woodlands If you mean me, the jokes on you. The avatar I use is just a picture of a mirror. Bah hahahaha just kiddin’

    1. @mediumstyle in some places, if a person died within 14 days after recovering from covid it was still counted as a covid death

  2. You Dr Tam need to be replaced … preventable medications are being used and you have blood on your hands
    Your advise is wrong and out dated

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