SERIOUS Covid-19 Situation in Jamaica – February 12 2021

SERIOUS Covid-19 Situation in Jamaica - February 12 2021 1


    1. @Night Fam26 PERFECTLY 👌 SAID’ the crime is making Jamaica look real bad INTERNATIONALLY’ not this virus. most of The POPULATION realize the real agenda now!!

  1. How alorica was identified and end up lock down why the other places can’t be identified… it dont looks good

  2. Its not Jamaica alone. The hospital that i worked was overflowing with covid cases. Thank God the numbers are trending down.

  3. I allegedly believe Jamaica people need to open their eyes especially the poorer class of people soon their will be no middle ground

  4. Why Councillor Sinclair arguing over this money, politicians in the first place, should have no access to cash, we have been doing this for years and all it does is give rise to more corruption.

  5. So how first world countries are saying it not good for older people? we need to stop spreading false news I don’t know who to trust

  6. The poor people have to leave there homes to try and get food .How can they stay home with nothing to eat This is the time the Government should be helping them .

    1. there won’t be any help no government fpr they not fpr the people but themselves, it’s times people start putting their trust in THE MOST HIGH YAH,

  7. Jamaica was doing so good when else where couldn’t control the covid. I noticed where in Westmore land at this Church ,who has regular vlog with youtube is constantly packed .Some people wearing mask ,some not,some half way over their face, some under the chin, with people dancing and gyrating in each other’s face.that is very irresponsible. I saw other gatherings with people unmasked. It is sad how ignorant people can be. God expect us to obey when a warning or advice is issued in the land. You are not righteous enough not to get Covid.people need to be more cautious.

  8. Remember when Jamaica had no COVID when it was all over the world and the government had a chance to be a real government and not allow this thing on the island? But then the tourist minister came on tv talking his crap, no now we who are living in Jamaica and never left the island have to suffer because of the idiotic decisions made by the prime minister and the tourist minister, so as life gets harder and harder and your freedom get less and less you know exactly who to thank for it.

  9. Brothers and sisters we dont need a vaccine, we dont need zones of special operations to curb the rising of crime nor do we need government to force their will upon us, thinking they are doing the right thing for our well being. WE need to Seek the Kingdom of God and His rigtheousness. We all have strayed so far from the Most High but there is still hope. He calls us to Repent and return to Him for forgiveness. It is written Says the LORD if my people would humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. I will forgive them of their sins and heal their land. Look around you, Bible prophesy such as Isaiah 17 and 21, Jerimiah 49 & Matthew 24 are taking place right now. Let me give you a heads up, this so called vaccine that we will all need to take, still does not prevent you from contracting the virus and you can still pass it on. So ask yourself this, what is the point of taking a vax that will not eliminate the treat or spread of the virus? We must realize that this crisis has been promoted to us through fear propaganda. Did you notice not one mention of the recovery rate. Just think about that for a sec. Seek Yahusha the Messiah (Jesus Christ) now, learn of your King and what He desires of you. Shalom

    1. Exactly Seek the Truth my best friend is in Nigeria having the time of her life, not many cases because of they run out the devil.

    2. @Empress Jade Simeon Ellis Sister there is power in His name Hallelujah. Let us establish a relationship with our Creator. For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Now that is Love. If you think that no one loves you always remember God(Elohiym) loves you. It is time that we stop rejecting Him by living life our way and start embracing His love and living for Him. Bless you sister. Shalom

  10. If the citizens of jamaica don’t want to obey protocols and Rule and regulation some of the hotels in Jamaica would have to turn into hospitals to accommodate patients.

  11. Everybody reading from a script. Did this vaccine go through the regular protocol? Or was the rules adjusted to accommodate?..begger can’t be choosers

  12. lord have mercy on us only you alone can save us from this pandemic we all are in a Stiff position but what is impossible to Man is possible to god

  13. I thought covid only walk after curfew not during the crowed day on a crowed bus in a very full taxi or in a long bank line or in a full country bus or in busy town.

  14. I’m still wondering wat was on that plane in Rocky point because I remember a plane did go down in port land a few years a back and there come chickvee after and now from this plane land the virus start climbing up Â¥

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