‘Serious Crime’: Arrested Dem Blasts Georgia Law As Pressure Campaign Ramps Up


  1. That’s called ‘good trouble’, ma’am! Good for you for going up against this hateful deed. It’s amazing how far BACK our country went over 4 years.

    1. ​@Walt Likker
      The law targets minority voters.

      “Broadcasting/ProPublica found that the average wait time after 7 p.m. across Georgia was 51 minutes in polling places that were 90% or more nonwhite, but only six minutes in polling places that were 90% white.”

      You see, the system works great for white folks, but screws non-white folks. This new law will only make it worse for people who weren’t lucky enough to be born with white skin. Also, it is now a misdemeanor to give some one in line a snack or water? That one thing shows the entire intent of this law. It ain’t the white folks that have to wait so long in line that they need a snack or water.
      Yea, I’d call that God damned law racist (And I’m an old white guy from Georgia!)

    2. @Sam Huff Crazy considering how many recounts they had in Georgia and found zero fraud. Looks like they know they can’t win if people vote.

    3. @Sam Huff Voting absentee is so easy, even I can do it. BTW Sam: get help. You’re intellectually limited to repeating lies.

    4. @Walt Likker Yeah sure HE’S the one misinformed. You’re not fooling anyone. And not very smart if people have to explain it to you. Guessing you ‘re a Matt Gaetz fan too.

    1. Oh? State Reps are prohibited by law to knock on the Governors Law? Can you please cite the relevant ordinance?

    2. @CL It’s actually the lack of any law or ordinance. She was within all legal rights from what I observed. Drink the Trumpanzee kool-aid man.

  2. Republicans lost “bigly” in 2020. Instead of trying to appeal to voters, they figure they will just try to dissuade as many of those voters from voting as they can. The GOP is in a downward spiral. The destruction of the GOP might be the best thing Trump ever did.

    1. @Gary Campbell Well, when 2022 rolls around and the GOP loses bigly and completely, you won’t be waiting much after that. The more Republicans try to pull stupid stunts to maintain power, the more power they lose. In case you haven’t noticed, Trump lost, not only the presidency but the House and the Senate. And he is the person committing election fraud and promoting it. But it isn’t going to work. So sorry to disappoint you but you need to engage in some critical thinking here. Biden isn’t a loser. He won, and he is about the business we need him to be about.

  3. Those cops were waiting for the chance to go hands on and arrest the lady, they knew what was coming and went along with it, they dishonored their oath to the constitution and should be held accountable.

    1. Those officers were threatened and feared for their lives. She was far more dangerous than a hundred suicide bombers. What would you have had them do. You are the kind of person who would disrespect great American heroes like Megan McCain, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell. Shame on you.

  4. Georgia just passed election law changes that allow them to do exactly what Trump couldn’t force Raffensberg to do, throw out people’s votes because they don’t like the way you voted.

  5. Black woman knocks on the door and gets arrested Trump supporters broke windows and killed people and were let go GOP true color is showing

    1. The insurrectionist scum haven’t had their trials yet, they’ve only been arraigned.
      Watch T### look away as they are convicted.

  6. In order to distract from Ms. Park’s arrest, Governor Kemp has now decreed that Covid restrictions will end as of April the 8th.

  7. BRAVO to your guest! Excellent point … bipartisan support is not restricted to republican lawmakers … if the dems have the support of republican voters that’s what Biden, in essence, promised … to be a president to all VOTERS.

  8. The republicans need to back down from this trend of literally suppressing the vote because we are in an age of sharing information in literally seconds from
    One side of the country to the next and with Gaetz about to go to prison maybe they should try actually being elected officials instead of trash

  9. Good thing they rolled tape on that arrest otherwise they would have made up all sorts of fake charges. Those officers need to be investigated bc its a danger to the public if they cant make sound decisions on an arrest.

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