Serious Human Rights Violations | Poor JPS Service | TVJ Midday News – Mar 31 2022

Serious Human Rights Violations | Poor JPS Service | TVJ Midday News - Mar 31 2022 1


  1. and then at the end of the day all the bills sent to us r bogus JPS bills never correct the reading always wrong

  2. Y’all don’t see how much family lost their love ones to those criminals that is running rampant on the island. Y’all are a big part of destruction of Jamaica bout human rights..smh.

  3. Our honorable PM said “Jamaica will redouble our efforts.” That is a nonsense statement.

  4. Oh my give back the people them the post office it’s not fair for the elderly life is not easy and they keep making it harder. All jps them is a next wicked wicked people them🙏🏼🙇🏽‍♀️📖



  6. When was customer service ever at the forefront of any Jamaican entity. Poor service, in both government and private companies, has been endemic for decades. At times it was as if I was interrupting them.

    Redouble effort: 2 x 0 = 0

  7. Same same energy these criminals lovers groups used to bash the police they should used the same energy to speak out when these monster killed innocent people.
    I am wondering if they know how much bread winner’s these killers these away from there families?

  8. That post office needs to rebuild with a modern updated structure properly fitted out to serve the community and surrounding area.

  9. Jamaica electricity prices are the third highest in the world, now how can that be for a very small island, with a population of just under three million. This shows how rampant and intimidating JPS are with their electricity pricing policy with little intervention from the OUR or the Government.

  10. If this is what the Jamaican prime minister is asking for from the USA, he is wasting prescious time. There are much more such as immigration to ask for..

  11. I can’t see why the whole of Jamaica 🇯🇲 don’t have solar government should be dealing with this long ago

  12. These groups that is protecting criminal did they sit down and really see what going on in the country, if the government don’t fight crime with a iron fist, what going to happen to our country.

  13. Jamaica is beautiful country with NO, crime, NO poverty NO food prices increasing, a minimum wage that can feed a whole family how do I know that because ain’t no one protesting except the UIC Jamaica’s such a Flawless country what can I do to be there

  14. Ok, disclaimer, I am by no means about to make any excuse for any rogue police who kill INNOCENT people, and I applaud you for advocating for people whose voices were taken away just because; let’s make that clear, HOWEVER, where are the talks about innocent people dying by the hands of criminal entities… non govt criminal entities? I want to hear both spectrum of this injustice.
    I really wish them all the best and pray that laws are amended to represent true justice.

  15. No can a government report remittances like it’s a form of growth for it’s country?🤨.. what happens when ppl stop sending?!

  16. @11:15 for those with short memories please don’t get played by the fraud Anjudas Holness and co., it’s tricking season again and they are looking for new fools or even the old ones will still do.

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