Sesame Street fans convinced Grover just dropped an f-bomb

And Sesame Street assured us that moving to HBO wouldn’t change them.

Many fans are convinced the muppet Grover dropped an F-bomb on a recent episode.

In a six-second clip making the rounds from Nov. 24’s “Picture This,” the gangly blue muppet seems to say the swear word that is not “fudge.” The result is like a new “Yanny or Laurel”-like debate.

YouTube video

You either hear “that a f—ing excellent idea!” or merely “that sounds like an excellent idea.”

There’s a lengthy debate raging over the matter on Reddit and on Twitter.

“My 4-year-old just ran over and said, ‘That’s Grover saying bad words,’” one user claimed.

While others are trying to explain how viewers can hear two very different things: “What our brain is supposed to hear in this clip is ‘that sounds like an excellent idea.’ Our brain breaks that down into “that sands likean excellent idea!’ However, since Grover says that defining feature so fast, it turns into “that ‘sa f–kan excellent idea!’ If you listen closely, you can hear both at the same time… Our brain turns ‘ndsl’ into ‘fl’ because it happens too fast, and doesn’t care much about ‘L’ anyway …Congrats, you now know how Auditory Processing Disorder works!”

Meanwhile, we’ve contacted HBO and Sesame Workshop practically begging for them to confirm Grover dropped the F-bomb.

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