Settlement in the Works on Ruel Reid JC Saga | TVJ News - Nov 18 2021 1

Settlement in the Works on Ruel Reid JC Saga | TVJ News – Nov 18 2021


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  1. I can’t believe this man Rob Soo much money and still walking free sen him to jail not because he is a big politician am sure if it was a normal citizen they would be in jail long time ago

    1. He鈥檚 NOT NO BIG POLITICIAN. He鈥檚 a RIFF RAFF they scrape up from under a ROCK STONE and put him in a suit then call him Education Minister.馃檮 Ask Jamaicans where they now this man from and see what the response would be.

    2. Friend thing run Jamaica. Ruel Reid saga was only 9 days talk. Two laws one for the PM and his friends. The other to pressure normal citizens.

  2. Extension ??? Resolve ??? Mr minister the process is too long and this just show how the justice system is a failure ether he pay back the money or go jail how is he still being paid this country sick my very core

  3. Cruel Reid had no remorse extortingour money when we entrusted him and loved him to me he is as bad as the Blackman Bryant.

  4. He is a disgrace and should submit his resignation letter by bearer and not show his face, shame on you reid.

  5. First step in due process should have been Reid’s imprisonment until all investigation have been completed . Birds of a Feather flock together they say , so Andrew who is one of his closest friend and enabler should have been part of investigation . Why is the GG silent in these matters , what are his purpose ?

  6. They want the public to forget about it , if it was a regular citizen them gone prison long time this is crazy and ruel dont have no shame.

  7. Lose after, Mr. Andrew Holiness, things not going on well in our paradise, corruption, violence, poverty……..

  8. As a new teacher my wife has been owed retroactive payment for her degree salary for over a year now. All now she can’t get her money for work already done but this man doing nothing and getting paid after his corrupt act. Smh. This government a joke.

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