Several Houses Firebombed in Central Kingston | TVJ News – Aug 8 2022

Several Houses Firebombed in Central Kingston | TVJ News - Aug 8 2022 1


    1. @Antonio Mais Prayers won’t help; finding the causes of why multiple homes are being firebombed- more than once- and then also solving the gun problem- THAT will help.

    2. @Dave Huntsman Prayer will always help You can’t put your trust in Man he will always disappoint you, put it in God my friend, that’s the only way those problems will be solved

  1. Firebombing homes and then firing on people trying to help put the fire out?!?!?

    What on earth is going on?!?!!!?!?

  2. Something is definitely wrong now in Jamaica. What is this??? This governing body should be ashamed, and it seems as if they dont even care. May God help all of us Jamaicans

    1. Government and residents .people always a protect these criminals and the government not doing anything .everybody is the issue

  3. mighty God this brought tears to my eyes what more can this country takes the poor elderly and children without a home the hands of God is going to be on these people too much everyday is something else i hope by the grace of God these people get some help

  4. Wow look how time hard now for alot of ppl much less to lose everything to start over again? Mighty god we need ur present this is too much for the innocent


  6. It pain my heart to see these things happen and yet when police catch the bad guys they go to jail. They should be sentence to the cemetery

  7. The pandemic has caused mental health craziness pandemic not over yet government causing suffering to its own peoples WoW what a world we live now
    Bouy I am glad for my blessings from my Heavenly Father isolating my son & I from this madness from the start πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  8. I am so sad about the whole situation, I don’t know what we have become ,Lord please help these people protect and provide for all of them. Help us Lord to bring back the πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ’š

  9. The whole thing pain my heart ,these culprit never know that elderly people and children are living there

  10. That gets really sad what can we do as a people as a nation that’s what we should be asking ourselves the government doesn’t care so what do we do as a people we need to vote out the government of course but we need to join hands … to fight this criminal activities that is why I employ all parents having your kids put the firm grip on them remember all these criminals that are going around committing all these crimes they were once a little boys and mother nourished and cared for them did not correct them when they do wrong no they become criminals the end result!!

  11. Sorry mama but the nations need to repent.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ“–

  12. What a brutal attack an the people oh Jesus when will this ever stop when you look back and see these poor people out their crying out how do you fell you heartless devil you all gonna pay just wait and see a day will come oh Jesus

  13. Judgement upon those responsibilities. Father God vindicate for these people. How long Lord will the wicked go unpolished

  14. Multiple firebombings- in more than one week- and these news reports make no attempt to ask, or explain, the fundamental question: WHY??

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