Sex Crime Probe Bombshell: GOP’s Gaetz Leaves Money Trail As Trump Goes Silent

Sex Crime Probe Bombshell: GOP's Gaetz Leaves Money Trail As Trump Goes Silent 1


The sex trafficking probe involving Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is dividing House Republicans and putting pressure on Gaetz’s once-tight relationship with Trump. While Gaetz denies the allegations, new evidence reported by the Washington Post indicates Gaetz moved $85,000 intended for campaigning into his own legal defense fund. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber discusses what this reveals about Gaetz’s mindset and the bizarre origins of the tangled case. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 04/16/2021.
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Sex Crime Probe Bombshell: GOP's Gaetz Leaves Money Trail As Trump Goes Silent

84 Comments on "Sex Crime Probe Bombshell: GOP’s Gaetz Leaves Money Trail As Trump Goes Silent"

  1. I love Biden’s justice department! Accountability! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Aerial Arboreal | April 16, 2021 at 9:40 PM | Reply

    He can fight all he wants but he’s still guilty as sin, and he IS going to go down… Hard…

    • @NAZIGOP PEDOtRump back in the day, the communist Soviet union used their media and lies to convince multiple generations of people that their country was inherently bad and needed to be restructured. Pick up a history book and let me know how it turned out for them.

    • @BC Rat Bikes and you cant answer the question? are you stupid or something? Project much rat? Did you finish school? are you simple?

    • @Greg A you forgot to take your meds

    • NAZIGOP PEDOtRump | April 16, 2021 at 10:49 PM | Reply

      @Greg A Back in the day ?
      Russia/Putin still use those TATICS…..
      Putin murders….media he can not control…til this day. Hit those history books…..COMRADE…😏😏😏😏😏😏

    • Unfortunately he is an elected official.


  3. I just want to hear his fiancé’s thoughts. Is the wedding still on? MAGA!

  4. I just hope this doesn’t end up being the only instance of accountability for powerful republicans.

  5. beth ireland | April 16, 2021 at 9:43 PM | Reply

    And the Fools keep sending checks.

  6. Gerald mastercub | April 16, 2021 at 9:50 PM | Reply

    Donors should ask for their money back if he’s using it for other than what they donated for, like Legal Problems. Give the money back just like his ‘Friend’s Dumpy had to do.

    • @Harry Who insider trading vs. a violation of the Mann Act with a minor. Hmmmm…..those seem comparable. 🤡

    • Mom With a plan | April 16, 2021 at 10:28 PM | Reply

      @Harry Who
      Sure, as soon as Kelly Loeffler does first!
      I guess that she took a page from her. The republicans showed her the way, and got away with it.
      Not saying that it’s right, cuz it’s not…..

    • Gerald mastercub | April 16, 2021 at 10:28 PM | Reply

      @Antony Stringfellow Yes True BUT, when the Politician demands your money it becomes Criminal ,Using the vulnerable to make their pockets thicker. Should be the time politicians either leave office or are Criminally charged for using. But Hey! It’s America. The Dream. Steal what you can and Screw everyone as much as possible. That’s the Price of becoming an American. Use or be Used should be the National Motto.
      No wonder 300 million have guns but use it on the wrong People!

    • @Anonymous because I feel like it. this individual is objectively immoral and disgusting if they believe whatever Pelosi did is on par with what Gaetz is accused of.

    • @Anonymous because I feel like it. Love the name!

  7. Rosemary Symborski | April 16, 2021 at 9:52 PM | Reply

    Dragging his “girlfriend” around by the hand suddenly, doesn’t make him look too guilty or desperate…

    • @stephen ashton thanks for reminding us of Nestor. I’m just certain male victims will inevitably pop up as soon as this first case is proven in a court of law and a conviction recorded.

      I think they are just waiting to see how this first test case with female child victims turns out, to see if it’s worth their time to out themselves as male possibly also child victims.

      Research shows it’s hard to come forward as a victim, and even more so for males.

      In June 2020 Gaetz said he had been living with a male 19-year-old immigrant from Cuba, Nestor Galbán, since Galbán was 12 years old, who was the brother of yet another of Gaetz’s former girlfriends.

      Firstly, how old was this girlfriend of Gaetz at the time that she had a brother that was 12 years old? Secondly, was Gaetz doing both siblings? Could Galbán be keeping quiet of potential Gaetz abuse against Galbán because Galbán was warned he could be deported if he ever spoke out? And thirdly, why is Gaetz continuously being linked to Caribbean countries when it comes to sexual interactions he’s having with at least some alleged minors that we know of so far?

    • Tough titty P Diddy | April 16, 2021 at 10:43 PM | Reply

      Did you see that weird engagement picture he posted after he proposed? He was kissing her like he had to kiss his grandmother on the lips

    • @Tough titty P Diddy
      He’s probably creeped out, she is old for him. 😂😂

    • @Tough titty P Diddy he could have been thinking her age made her no different to a grandmother, considering the ages of the girls he’s now accused of having been abusing.

    • The 🐀 will turn on little creepy mattie What a flippin tool showing pictures of women ( or maybe underage girls) on the floor of Congress

  8. Following the money is the best way to find the criminals. On another note, couldn’t happen to a nice guy.

    • ​@Greg A 😂😂😂😂 Pathetic.

    • @Greg A Hunter Biden? A private citizen.

    • Kenneth Wright | April 16, 2021 at 10:30 PM | Reply

      @Greg A Show the evidence you have anything having to do Hunter Bidens laptop. I’ve been watching and waiting for a year for that laptop to come out. Come on, enough already, bring it out or shut up and go away!

    • @Greg A no, according to Tucker Carlson, Fox News has the “evidence” from “Hunter’s laptop”. Why haven’t they released it and why did they take the videos of Tucker talking about revealing it down?

    • @Kenneth Wright After the Durham Report??

  9. “I have not begun to fight for the country I love” The country doesn’t love you Gaetz!

  10. While Gaetz and his slimy friend were busy digging graves for their enemies, they had forgotten to dig two holes for themselves.

  11. Kevin McCarthy is silent cause he partied with Gaetz.

  12. John Barthe Art | April 16, 2021 at 10:04 PM | Reply

    I hope Tucker ends up having to testify as a “witness”..

  13. Matt’s parents raised a horrible human being. Matt was taught to believe that his privileged and elite status meant that he was impervious to any consequences of his actions. And you can see it in that permanent vainglorious expression on his face. It’s the look of profound arrogance, obtuseness, pomposity, self-righteousness, conceit, and pretentious superiority.

  14. Chloe Maxwell | April 16, 2021 at 10:06 PM | Reply

    “I’m going to fight, and I’m going to steal money from my donor’s to do so.” What a LOSER!

  15. William Hobbs | April 16, 2021 at 10:09 PM | Reply

    Wait for Trump to say “I don’t know Matt Gaetz, never met him”

  16. Hahaha! So cute, he says “Remember the Talking Heads song?” He’s says: Uh no

  17. I once asked if I should feel guilty for silently enjoying every morsel that falls from the Matt Gaetz scandal… the response was overwhelming. Don’t! I was even offered popcorn, and a seat at the sofa. The Germans even have a word for when one feels joy at one’s enemy’s demise… after reading, I can openly say, I feel an overwhelming sensation of pure joy watching Gaetz fall apart slowly! 🤫

  18. The whole damned lot of them are disgusting. There aren’t enough showers to wash this blank’n blank’n stank off! Just blows my ever loving mind that there are people who behave this way!?!?

  19. I remember in high school my parents always told me “you’re judged by the company you keep”.

  20. Seeing Gaetz speaking just adds credence to the old adage “If you see a politicians lips moving, you know he’s lying”.

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