Sexual Harassment Bill Concerns | TVJ News - March 29 2021 1

Sexual Harassment Bill Concerns | TVJ News – March 29 2021


Now the murder of twenty-year-old Khanice Jackson, last week has sparked renewed calls for legislators to speed up the passage of the sexual harassment laws but Former Acting Public Defender Matonda Mokulo is concerned that the bill now before a joint select committee is not far-reaching enough.

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  1. This bill will be a problem! There need to be a collective approach with goverment and the people about this. If a man should make an advanced towards a lady, with the intention of seeking a relationship, and the lady expresses her disinterest; could this in anyway be classified as sexual harassment? There as to be well defined and limited claims as to what is harassing a person.

    1. With our culture of promiscuous life style, there must be countablity, but one’s mind has to be clear of ignorance when approaching matters with great sensitivity.

    2. You must know that NO neansNO.If the person begins to walk away and you persist in badgering and entering her”personal space” ,yes this is sexual harassment

    3. @Rudy Yorke what I am saying: rather than saying no; which should be respected at all times; a person could still feel harassed, because of her exposure and psychological conditioning. You can make an advanced, and if she said no, and you respected her feeling; this doesn’t mean that she haven’t felt harassed. If she, becomes uncomfortable, by your innocent approach, how should this be handled?

    4. @THE ALWAYS EXISTING EXISTENCE REVEALING Just back off the moment she says NO if you continue then that’s sexual harassment and no catcalling either (make a whistle, comment of a sexual nature, etc.).

    5. @I am Grateful well said! And this understanding must be well defined in the legislation.

  2. How long does it take for Jamaica to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Take examples from other countries that have successful sexual harassment laws…and start there, for crying out loud.

  3. There should be a day of hanging in Jamaica for theses heartless men that doing these wicked act to these young girls. Date should be set for every last Friday in the month. Yep.

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