Shab Don Charged with 3 Counts of Murder @Television Jamaica TVJ News – June 11 2022

Shab Don Charged with 3 Counts of Murder @Television Jamaica TVJ News - June 11 2022 1


  1. If Sir P from politrickswatch on YouTube didn’t put the spotlight on this criminal he would still be wreaking havoc in Montego Bay.

  2. For someone who seems to ALWAYS wearing a mask and a cap..
    How was he identified as a shooter? How are they able to prove that he is the shooter?

    1. Plus mi sure him masked up and went on the shooting. This case ya nah go nuh weh unless the witnesses are statements are really creditable. Caz if mi always masked up without reasons to do so, imagine if me a go pon a criminal operation. A gun man send dem witness deh go point out ShanDon under false pretense.

  3. Shabdon use to have his own police force inside the JCF ,once Sir P turn the spotlight on u thats it

  4. Can we please have a bit of cheerier news from Jamaica please, Iam not saying that they shouldn’t broadcast the news as is ,but particularly all the news headlines that is coming from TVJ is to do with gun crimes.

    1. So true,it’s a mindset..You even notice even the vloggers would play blind to positive stories in other to bring the negative ones..I believe what ever you main focus is ,will be your reality.🇯🇲🌴

  5. Alittle youtuber a do big things highlighting these criminals that hide behind the entertainment industry.Salute Sir P,PIA champ represent,clean up Jamaica on the move

  6. To the person reading this, even tho I don’t know you I pray that you all have a blessed life and a happy one 💓❤🌺

  7. Great job to the JCF and JDF for getting this dangerous killa off these streets… I hope 🤞 they put him away for life

    1. @Joahn Bennett-Scott I hope 🤞 not… but I feel that these charges are gonna stick… I’m confident he’s gonna do time

  8. So how the guy that it’s alleged that he took the gun change and gone to prison for him going to get his money now that he locked up in jail and going to prison?
    As a matter of fact he is right where he belongs..

  9. What is going on in Jamaica why everyone think that can take up guns and go around and kill people the government need fie do some thing too much gun in the hand of wicked people the power that be must do some thing fast give them thirty years in prison when you catch them with egal guns

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