Sha’Carri Richardson Left Off Relay Team, Won’t Compete In Olympics 1

Sha’Carri Richardson Left Off Relay Team, Won’t Compete In Olympics

Runner Sha'Carri Richardson was not named to the U.S. relay team and will officially not compete in the Tokyo Olympics following her positive test result for marijuana. 
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  1. It’s too bad but she seems to be taking responsibility and her future looks just as brilliant.

    1. @Brett And American. Americans are not responsible for their actions, it’s a no fault country. That’s the outrage, bud. Putting a spin on things

    2. I’m outraged (and suspicious) of why they chose to nail her on weed when she’s SURELY on PEDs. Her coach is Dennis “Convicted Doper” Mitchell, folks…

  2. She know the rules. No one forced her to smoke a joint.
    There are many other substances that would have not broken the rules she could have taken.
    Really, your mask analogy is out right incorrect let alone stupid.
    Here are the rules ,but Sha” Carri don’t worry baby, we can shame people to turn a blind eye in your case.

  3. BS! I wear a mask. And, the rules _are_ the RULES! She should get no special treatment. What? When your mother dies, you can go do whatever you like that is breaking rules or possibly even laws, and there will be no consequences? Thomas, himself, summed it up: “A lot of people say you have to take her personal situation out of it. I don’t think you do.” Yes, you do. What he _thinks_ does not correlate to the facts.

  4. This is the Olympics, not an American sport this is worldwide and there are rules that you should follow and obey

    1. @fred reed you are part of the problem. This about rules that every other Olympian has to follow. This has nothing to do with race or politics

    2. @fred reed Dude…people like you are the problem. She broke the rules…now she pays the price.

    3. @Chi Town I really dont understand why people like @fred reed say dumb things like they do. Like how were they brought up in this world…im genuinely curious.

    4. I’m not dumb you are because marijuana is not illegal here In the U.S. but maybe you are on it yourself and are so high that you don’t understand that the Olympic committee is the real problem here because they constantly break the rules and they are probably on marijuana themselves.

    5. @fred reed Okay are just a low IQ kind of person. So what if weed is legal in the US or anywhere? That is pointless. THE RULES STATE THAT YOU CANT HAVE IT IN YOUR SYSTEM.
      She did. Knowingly and admittedly broke the rules. Now she pays the consequences.

      Whats the problem? She should get a free pass? How is that fair to the people who actually followed and respected the rules?

      Dude you need more schooling. LOL

  5. It sucks, but rules are rules. Rules apply to athletes and former “acting” criminal presidents. I use medical cannabis for PTSD, anxiety, and depression, but I’m not an Olympic athlete, I’m a disabled vet.


  7. Rules is rules respect it if u break it and they let it go then others Will Think its Ok to do this

  8. Sha’Cari, how good was that weed ?

    Sha’Carri responds: It was the best ever, I’m gonna smoke me a joint right now

  9. I wish MSNBC could be more knowledgeable in this issue. These folks should understand that first, the rules clearly states that you CAN smoke Marijuana….BUT… NOT during competition. The US Olympic Committee doesn’t set these rules, IOC/WADA does.

    Marijuana is recreationally used, but you can’t use it when you’re competing; just like alcohol. While alcohol isn’t banned, you’re not allowed to play sports under the influence of it.

    Additionally, it would’ve been IMPOSSIBLE for Richardson to even had a chance of competing at the Olympics, since she doesn’t have a qualifying time for the event. The US track team is selected on time and Richardson’s time(s) were voided after the violation, as per WADA rules.

    This isn’t all that complicated or complexed. This isn’t about the status of Marijuana, because globally, in many countries, Marijuana is STILL illegal. IF Richardson was competing at the Diamond League, should would’ve been fined and asked to return the prize money etc.

  10. Hopefully, this will bring her down her high horse. She is definitely humbled now. It’s a shame we will never see a ShaCarri against Shelly Frazer Price – shelly is retiring after this Olympics.

  11. Chris, you scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one huh? I’m sure you were viscerally outraged but it does look for good dramatic television. I don’t like that she wasn’t chosen for the relay team but that was a decision the Olympic organization made and the rules are international not US rules. This was a very cringie interview to watch

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