Sha’Carri Richardson ‘What could have been’ #TVJSportsCommentary – May 18 2022

Sha'Carri Richardson 'What could have been' #TVJSportsCommentary - May 18 2022 1


  1. This is so sad to see how sha’carri’s promising career has taken a turn for the worse. It is not too late for her to redeem herself and get back on stream with her gift that she is blessed with. I wish her all the best

  2. Shacari having keeping a low profile is like she’s coming back with a vengeance with fire into her eyes don’t be fooled by her absent just prepare to face her

  3. From Richardson got busted with the weed in her system , she has not performed well since then.

  4. Shacarri? Who is that? Whoever she is she needs to clean up her act, go train, confront her fears and represent. She has talent and need to start making headlines in track and field, even if she loses. Too much drama man.

  5. People waste too much time on this girl. Go feature some other athlete who is serious about competing and poses a real threat. Hype is to be created around competitors who show signs of being a great challenge on the track . Gabby Thomas is competing and has competed very well. Possibly more talented than her but is hardly ever featured. Gatlin 10.30 rubbish was for attention and to behave as if she is a threat. For a girl that is doing nothing on the track, she is truly overrated. kmt

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