Shades Of Jim Crow: How GOP Is Using The Big Lie To Roll Back Voting Access | All In | MSNBC

Shades Of Jim Crow: How GOP Is Using The Big Lie To Roll Back Voting Access | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. Thanks i was just reading the comments to see if anyone mentioned the name of the movie. He was talking a little bit too fast 🤣

    1. @MrGraveBait Funny how YOU can’t stay on topic.
      Not really, just a pathetic TROLL move.
      Deflect deflect…

    2. @Reg U im always down for rational debate if you are capable of doing so without condescending smugly and throwing insults instead of argument.

    3. @MrGraveBait Very hard to “debate” with someone who is obviously getting their info from FOX, OANN or even Q.
      Diametrically opposite to the facts.
      Is the ENTIRE WORLD (who are reporting) wrong, but Hannity, Tucker or Giuliani and the rest of the far right nutjobs are correct ?
      You sure did pick a winning combo.
      Good luck, and don’t forget to sign onto the latest scam.
      You know, the recurring donation.

    1. You didn’t understand what the grown-ups were saying and now you have to act like a child and say mean things about the bad man in the video.

    1. We are a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Making that work is the challenge. We keep trying.

  1. I guess Stacey Abrams will have to make sure black constituents will have to be made aware of the new laws.
    Church would be a great classroom to get the word out.

    1. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII How? You said Stacey Abrams is useless with no explanation. Please, elaborate

    2. @Lisa Bagdon Jones oh get real her entire existence and positions are based off forced diversity, she’s just another race hustler.

    1. @jaydel3 lol 🤣👏 you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about so go ahead and use all your pinko talking points, call people names, and cry. The routine with you people is getting old. So tell me how asking for I.D. disenfranchised anyone? And why shouldn’t the people of that state who voted for those Republicans and asked them for voter I.D. laws shouldn’t get what they voted for? Are you saying the p o c Republicans votes of that state don’t matter 🤔

    2. @Reg U 🤣🤣🤣 no he didn’t and even you know it. You’re just happy your side so called “won” without caring that it’s a lie!

    3. @Reg U 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I hear Xi Jinping won his race too. Quite drinking the kool-aid comrade

    4. @Reg U lol 🤣 saying someone successfully cheated and saying they won are 2 different things. 🤣 have fun under your fake government. My States leaving!

  2. When that guest said “even DJT makes accurate statements from time to time”, that’s whr this interview was over for me. So basically Trump is telling untruth statemets MOST of the time. Thnx for clearing that up

    1. @Naomi Bee lol so you haven’t had a real election since 1987! Quit drinking the kool-aid comrade

    2. @Naomi Bee wrong! Racism is the belief that someone is better or lesser based on their race instead of their actions.

    3. @Marlene Jones lol so you shouldn’t be able to challenge fake ballots? Um the state has always had that power under the Constitution. Um the power was never the sec. Of state to begin with. It was given by the legislators and can be rightfully taken back. It’s been illegal to give people things in line to vote. Democrats just ignored that by saying it’s just water. So don’t. It wouldn’t have to happen if Democrats were behaving right. Voting shouldn’t be easy it’s not a God given right. It’s a civil right and you should have a real stake in society before you earn that right. Otherwise you get people on welfare voting for more welfare.

    4. @franklin pickle it’s not about challenging fake ballots, it’s about challenging voters. Maybe you should try to read the bill.

  3. The 24th Amendment, ratified January 23, 1964, threw-out the States right to a Pole Tax or any other type of tax regarding a Citizen’s right to vote.

  4. Once again nobody can answer what is the problem being solved they shuck and jive around the question.

    1. @bbjkrss I’m sure DJT helped with the issue, but I don’t care what Trump’s been saying, I was worried about the mail in voting since it was announced. I didn’t need Trump to make me concerned about possible voter fraud.

      But how does Georgia’s bill adversely effect minority communities? And multiple Democrat states have far more strict voting laws, are they also participating in Jim Crow legislation?

    2. @Gabriel Ives Can you please point to one documented case of fraud in the state of Georgia… I will wait patiently for your reply..

    3. @coshawn311 Out of thousands of fraud accusations (most of which weren’t true,) there are still 35 criminal investigations in the state of Georgia that have not been decided on yet, so I can’t tell you. You would have to wait until the rulings are in.

      I won’t speculate that voter fraud swung the outcome of the election in Georgia because there’s no evidence to back that up.

      That being said, as there is in every election, there are ALWAYS cases of voter fraud and irregularity.

      This election was especially vulnerable because of the mass mail in voting. The opportunity for fraud is very much there, however there isn’t much evidence to say that there was a widespread voter fraud issue.

      I’m in full support of strengthening the voting process, whether there is evidence of fraud or not. Less opportunity to fraud is always better.

    4. That’s a…. Really bad argument. Rights should never be restricted unless there is an incredible reaosn to do so. This much has been said by the supreme Court on numerous occasions. There are many ways to verify the identify of a person and as you have already admitted there isn’t widespread voter fraud. There has been no problem with the copious other forms of ID that are utilised to verify someone’s identity so obviously making photo ID strictly necessary is a restriction on voting.

      The idea that laws that restrict rights should be passed on no empirical basis but because pundits and our former president lied is ridiculous. How is this even a position? If the problem is confidence in voting resulting from punditry and misinformation then there should be laws against unmeritous claims of fraud concerning elections and not restrictions on voting.
      what has goergia done to improve the problems they actually had in their election such as inadequate polling locations resulting in exorbitant wait times? Why restrict mail in voting when it’s the easiest solution to the aforementioned problem as shown by Colorado, a state where mail in voting is utilized extensively and successfully which greatly reduces the burden of in person voting?

    5. @Rhoran Tyko That’s a great point! But it’s only valid if American’s voting rights are actually being restricted.

      The definition of “restrictive” is limiting the access to a privilege. Most Democrats, including the President, have also said that this law isn’t just restrictive, but it is restrictive on the basis of skin color. (referring to the law as a “Jim Crow” law)

      So two things need to be proven:

      1. Requiring IDs is restrictive to Americans.
      2. Requiring IDs is especially restrictive to racial minorities.

      I have yet to see reason for either of these to be true. If we claim this law is restrictive, then many other states are also restrictive. And flying on an airplane is restrictive. And getting a driver’s license is restrictive.

      The bad argument here is claiming that an added requirement to every voting American is somehow restrictive to certain types of Americans.

  5. When they start talking faster and won’t let you ask a follow up question…you KNOW they’re lying.

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  7. 9:47 you can tell it was a great question, because he didn’t have an answer, right up until he was able to deflect with the signature matching. I know it’s not necessary, but that basically confirms everything, that’s just shy of an admission.

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