1. Everything has its time……Shaggy is quite right about the influence of reggae music historically and its continued influence around the world.

    1. I know the business Shaggy is talking about and he is telling the truth I spent a hundred thousand on artist didn’t even give the music a tweet send me weak music video after receiving enough money for his new single .when book them for show they want to bring their entire house hold, The passed ten years I’ve been putting my owend music and video on my label and it been wonderfill

  2. Politics and ego is the biggest problem in music business world wide, but in jamaica its very toxic and very petty.

  3. Very True Shaggy 👍. There is Music Business! and the Business of Music. And you are Right Shaggy. The Bad Attitude that many Artists have and latter in Life, many of them is BROKE or are given LONG PRISON SENTENCES. Africans and Europeans will be Far Richer in Reggae, because they know how to Market and Make more money in Our Music than we Can.

  4. This is absolutely shocking to hear what Shaggy have to say about the disrespectful things he experience with artist in the past. Damn, unbelievable!. 😲😲😲.

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