Shaheen: Russia At The Top Of Suspect List For Energy Attacks On Americans 1

Shaheen: Russia At The Top Of Suspect List For Energy Attacks On Americans


Andrea Mitchell is joined by Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D- NH), who serves on the Foreign Relations Committee, to discuss her new bill to help Americans affected by directed energy attacks. Sen. Shaheen says that this bill will assist those affected by Havana Syndrome by assuring that "everybody who has been affected is being treated in the same way.“ Sen. Shaheen also says that "Russia is at the top of the suspect list” as they investigate reports of Havana Syndrome.
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  1. It would seem that someone is using a bot or something to post on the MSNBC videos, because the same handful of trolls are the first to post a comment on every single MSNBC video.
    All with messages about either: Trump, their hate for democrats or cringey name calling for Joe Biden and the like

    1. @Severin Bell Nope. Sounds French. But Russians often use ‘native sounding’ names to pretend like they are ‘one of us’. But Americans know the difference. They’ll construct a name like “McCarthy Bogart” and we’ll just know its not a real name, but to them, they’ll think it sounds legit. Very common. But Russian aren’t aware of this, which is why you aren’t aware of it.

    2. @Private Name well I am not Russian, no French but I am a American born in Illinois sept 65. But still will not ever be a Democrat.

    3. @Severin Bell You are RUSSIAN.
      Your BLANK homepage reads: “Joined 7 Jul 2021″………..You are a Russian troll sowing distrust & misinfo, I have to read these posts.

  2. Trump have Russia all of the information they requested. The GOP that visited Putin earlier this year gave Putin the rest of it.

  3. Nice to have a POTUS now who will stand up to Putin instead of bending over for him. I’ll always wonder what he had on Agent Orange.

    1. @Private Name We in Europe are concerned that the US becomes to dependent on Russian oil supplies because Putin can us it as a political weapon. It would be better for the US not to buy Russian oil and gas.

    2. Strange. About half of the comments here are theorizing a homosexual relationship between Putin and Trump. Democrats have very strange fantasy lives

    1. @Robin DenBeste I think I spotted a Russian troll the other day. Oh, wait. Maybe it was an A-rab. Or a colored fella. Anyway, good on you! We have to be vigilant against Putin and his millions of operatives. Stay frosty!

  4. This report MSNBC is being trolled with disinformation not germane to subject. Reported some to youtube but they don’t care. Great reporting Andrea and thank you Senator Shaheen.

  5. Trump gave them access to everything on his way out. GOP continues to do so. I wouldn’t be surprised if moderate Dems are involved

  6. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when trump allowed ONLY Russians into the Oval Office – no American translators, no Americans State Department people – no witnesses….

    1. @Severin Bell posted ” To much msm for you”
      As soon as I read that, I know who and what I am reading.

      We have a technical English term for this: It is called “coo-coo”.

    2. Again how do you know by my web date, does that reassure im a Russian for some reason? I am a American so get that in your thick msm mind.

    3. @Severin Bell What do you know about research. You still believe the election was stolen. You should practice your own advice.

    4. @Ty Perkins why you have a problem with my beliefs? I believe he won, now move on already. There is something to say about 75+ million that believe. Like it or not. I have a friend from my service yrs of 35 yrs democrat. Its not about trump its about fair elections. Can you tell 100 percent it was fair? If so what about the rest of your country men and women can you answer for them? If you say yes you are silencing them. That is not American get it?

    1. I believe the quote is more like “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras”. But, that is not applicable to this situation, where the US has multiple enemies engaged in asymmetrical warfare. Yes, Russia is first on the list, but there is also Iran, China, and North Korea.

  7. Could be a group effort on the attacks.
    I believe it is more then one.
    With the way the attacks work, it seems it has to be by my stand point.

  8. Sooo how worried should do be as a small time prototype solar powered turbine maker…… if they’re willing to attack out grid like this what might they be willing to do to our citizenry who is working on tech that would disrupt their hold on the energy/oil market within their borders……

    1. When I was coding for a company, trying to develop a new type of electric motor, we kept everything sensitive on air-gapped computers, and only discussed things using encrypted e-mail or VoIP. All backups were physical, not in the cloud. Are you taking sensible precautions?

    1. But I thought PC Principal was an sjw. You sound like a Trump supporter!!!! Methinks you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Nice try. But democrats are smart and we see though your lies Mr. Putin!

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