‘Sham’ referendums on joining Russia underway in occupied parts of Ukraine


    1. @Eileen McConnell So then what is your point? You clearly tried to claim Russia came 1st and now clearly admit that is not in fact true. 😂

      The US we’re British. The American language has evolved SINCE it’s creation. Same with Canada. They are literally brothers from the same mother.

      You can tell me if Ukraine belongs to Sweden by actually answering my question 1st… Then you can admit Ukraine doesn’t belong to Russia either.

    2. @Swirvin’ Birds I have said in every post they both derive from Keivan Rus. There is no first. There is no second. Both at the same time.

    3. @manoman0 Vice versa! Enough to be restrained and kind in the choice of funds! We must fight like the Yankees – bomb, bomb and bomb again (the Ukronats army)! Because 80 years ago, 30 million of our people died to defeat Nazism generated by the West.

    4. @Eileen McConnell You claim they speak Russian because they are Russian. Modern Russia isn’t Kiev-Rus. Language isn’t a country and a separate Ukrainian identity goes back far far longer in history than you attempt to make it appear.

    1. After 8 years of Ukraine shelling them why would they. Crimea was the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and independent 6 months before Ukraine in 1991. Ukraine annexed Crimea 1995. They had their own President and Parliament. Right after the coup the parliament vote to leave Ukraine. Then they held a referendum. Be independent or rejoin Russia. Ukraine cut their main water supply off to Crimea. Since 2014 Russia has invested 15 billion into improvements in Crimea. Historically Crimea was never part of Ukraine. The USSR attached it 1954. The majority population is Russian.

    2. ДНР и ЛНР уже признанные республики, это суверенные государства, поэтому тут нет не слова про Украину

  1. Man 30-40 years from now the history books are going to be very interesting… living in and witnessing a major historical event unfold

    1. @Toby2023 After 8 long years, and many screams of horror that those fraudulent Ukrops kept blaring for months now, the Eastern populaces will know a measure of safety.

      … A measure. Can’t say that the rest of their days will be any easier, but you can say that this may be a valuable move to hasten the hostilities to an end.

    2. @larisa sayenko Ukrainians are good people. That’s why they have friends like NATO who will never let them fail. Where are Russia’s friends? Nobody wants to be friends with murderers, rapists and thieves.

    3. @Ollie You midinterpreted the quote. NATO nations may be supplying Ukraine but it’s not as if there is a NATO military with a NATO budget and any NATO General is a General of a member country assigned to coordinate with other NATO country’s military on joint operations. It is not within NATO’s powers to supply a non-NATO country. The supplying is out of the member countries governments and from their budgets independently, the US us supplying Ukraine, the UK is supplying Ukraine, France, Germany and Canada are supplying Ukraine, even non-NATO countries are supplying Ukraine but each are doing so of their own volition, it is not as NATO ordered it or even has a budget to do so from. Indeed, there is no NATO military or budget, just independent countries militaries operating in joint operations. The NATO treaty has a non-binding requirement for each country to dedicate 2% of their GDP to their own military defense not to a joint NATO budget. The NATO treaty has mandates for NATO and none of it involves supplying non-NATO countries when NATO is not actually at war. To say NATO is supplying Ukraine is something NATO is not empowered to do, it’s simply not in the charter, but NATO member countries are supplying Ukraine and have announced independently that they would do so, the General who himself is only a General of a member country can only be saying that NATO member countries are supplying Ukraine and you’re just misrepresenting what was said.

    4. @John Wang I think I’m ok with getting my information on NATO initiatives directly from the Secretary General. I appreciate you trying to provide your own interpretation but clearly NATO is about to step up as an organization to address this ridiculous and unnecessary attack by Russia.

    1. @Saundra Michael-bey The so-called Jews who murdered the Czar and tried to destroy Christianity in Russia and establish the failed Communist system are not necessarily the same Jewish people. The Rothschilds Banking interests wanted to rule the world and destroy the Russian Orthodox church and all of Christianity in the world. Stalin recognized this at some point and persecuted the Jews. Not all Jewish people are part of this plot. Putin is obsessed with this plot to establish a One World Government under the rule of Satan and rightfully so. Americans are asleep, although Trump is aware of the Deep State faction in America. Hillary is apparently part of this with her great Red Reset button. The One Worlders are probably terrorized by the thought that Putin could blow the world up. Putin and Xi are hoping to rule the world themselves. The Rothschilds smuggled Lenin into Russia to overthrow the Czar but Putin is the new Czar. So the Decedent’s of the Rothschilds London Banking interests have competition from others to rule the world. Virgin Mary appeared in Necedah,Wisconsin and warned of the Grand Masters who would rule the world.

  2. I have given Russians a hard time, over the last few months, on some of these chats, but have got to feel for them in this ridiculous situation, Is there no end to Putins Murder on both sides.

    1. Andy… You are the problem.

      You should have asked zelensky to say give words, instead, you chose to have on russians

    2. РОССИЯ ПОБЕДИТ! ВЫ НЕ УВИДИТЕ ПРОИГРЫША! Россия не знает что такое проигрыш! Ваша пропаганда всё ВРЕТ! В России народ настроен!! Лишь 1% против войны!!!! РОССИЯ ПОБЕДИТ! РОССИЯ ВПЕРЁД! РОССИЯ СТРАНА ГЕРОЙ! 🇷🇺✊

    3. Разве Путин произвёл государственный военный переворот в Украине в 2014 году? Разве Путин отдал приказ в 2014 отправить танки, авиацию и пехоту на собственных граждан? Разве Путин поставлял оружие, инструкторов и наёмников Украине, что бы те убивали людей на Донбассе? Разве Путин не выполнял с 2015 года Минские соглашения?

    1. @MrSparklespring The people of the Donbas are not invaders and have been shelled by Ukraine for 8 years. Firing on civilians is a war crime.

    2. @Rico R What a brave and disciplined fighting force these reservists are eh Boris? Lambs to the slaughter. It amazes me in modern times with video and audio footage everywhere how you can be tricked by state media propaganda.

  3. How many are from the poorest neighborhoodsthat are drafted And how many drafted are from rich neighborhood? That is what the people of Russia needs to know the truth!

  4. Does CNN have any business to call it “SHAM!” Let the guests call it whatever they want. This is yellow journalism at its best.

  5. “The Russian army is very similar to the Serbian army during the breakup of Yugoslavia – it retreats and runs away when faced with a professional force,”

    1. @Nicolas Garcia Russia didn’t win over 15% of a nation, they are getting kicked out of it. And its only because NATO told Ukraine not to attack INSIDE Russia that their country is not going to be counter-invaded at the end of the war

    2. РОССИЯ ПОБЕДИТ! ВЫ НЕ УВИДИТЕ ПРОИГРЫША! Россия не знает что такое проигрыш! Ваша пропаганда всё ВРЕТ! В России народ настроен!! Лишь 1% против войны!!!! РОССИЯ ПОБЕДИТ! РОССИЯ ВПЕРЁД! РОССИЯ СТРАНА ГЕРОЙ! ))))) 🇷🇺✊

    3. @Nicolas Garcia don’t pay attention to those trolls. They want to hear that they are the best in the world while their cities are total failure

    4. Russian army hasn’t even started yet, And so far we haven’t seen them run away. 200,000 Russians against 400,000 Ukrainians. Soon they will add another quarter million and things are going to get worse for Ukraine. In the Donbas they are slowly pushing out the Ukro Nazis. Just like in WWII when they kicked the “ship” out of Nazi Germany.

    1. So true! What gives Putin the right to make the decision to have this referendum, UNILATERALLY, and say ” whatever the results of this vite, there will be no more votes ” yet they are controlling to he demographic of the people voting! On BBC America, 99% of the people they filmed voting, were older or elderly people! Not but TWO people younger.. It was also said in the report that Putin had already declared in Russia that they won the vote, ythey had controlled the number of people who voted, and made people who were living in those 4 areas, but had fighting in the area, STAY HOME for the 4 day voting time!! NO WONDER there weren’t but a handful of people who had the right to vote, but BLOCKED from voting by Putin.. Now THAT’S a CROOKED vote! Right out in front of the world, too!!

  6. Omg, I’m glad my country is free and I can say everything I want and feel, without being persecuted, freedom is not free, my politicians think are irrational, they wanna buy F35s, I think we should buy more new Gripens, what do you think, if Czech Republic is suddenly attacked by Russia, all military airfields destroyed, we have 2 of them, F35s are grounded, Gripens fight back

  7. Putin has been buttering them up calling his war a special operation and they’ve been agreeing to his actions . So since they have been supporting him , now I guess their loyalty has to be proven on the frontlines in Ukraine .😂😂

  8. American referendum: Should every viable candidate be either Republican or Democrat?
    1 – Yes
    2 – No, but it should be impossible for a viable candidate to be anything but a Republican or a Democrat.

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