Shambolic Trump Impeachment Defense Loses Another Republican In First Vote | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. I am always shocked when a republican does the right thing. (Other than Murkowski,Collins, Romney & Sass) but I respect him for not being scared like the others.

    1. @Ganiscol And 👏🏼👏🏼 all the American People who Voted 🗳 to get us headed out of this whole 4 year Nightmare within there was so much Ranting & Raving, Turmoil, Panic and at least 500,000 Deaths. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. He said he was a neutral juror. he aso said that hec voyed beccause the House team prformed so much better than the Trump tream.

      Does not a judge breifing a jury not warn jurists to ignore the prerformnatuive skills of counsel?

    3. Pardon my cyncism but it soiunds to me much moi=ore like he thought “how on esrth can I face my electorate back home when faced with such an ipoen and shut case, no one could conceivably vote to not have a trial.”

      The rest seem like they are saying “the Dems plus Cheney and Romney +2 others make a majoriy so the trial willl go ahead anyway, so why should I stick my neck out, folks have short memories, by next week they’ll have forgiootten about how I voted today”

    4. That’s a good indication on how corrupt, rotten and lawless GOP factually is. Doing the right thing has become the exemption instead of the rule

    5. A Republican doing the right thing? 🤔 It’s just so unnatural… 😧 It’s like watching a dog walk on two legs… 🤭

  2. Hi Rachel! I have watched you for years. You have been a beacon of intelligence, hope and truth. The world is lucky to have you.

  3. America: “If these are the ‘best people’ I’d hate to see who he had before these clowns!”
    Rudy: “Did someone summon me? Is there a live camera in need of a train wreck??”
    America: 😳 😅😂

    1. The point is: Republicans will not vote to convict Trump and these lawyers can brag for the rest of their lives how they got him acquitted.

    2. @Rainyman63 Not sure that’s something they would want to brag about going forward as they are likely to become persona non grata within legal circles.

  4. That deeply sophistic spectacle (45*’s “defense”) is an insult to any person of normal intelligence and intellectual maturity (fair, honest, reasonable, etc). So that leaves most GQP members out.

  5. Good on ya Bill Cassidy, good on ya! Let’s hope your fellow Republican colleagues see it the same way you do and come to their senses too.

    1. I agree. But let’s not be too hasty. These fellows flip and flop like a fish out of water. He actually sounded logical for a change. But, we don’t know how long that type of thinking will last.

  6. Watching the Republican Party implode & destroy itself Live on National TV over the last 50 yrs to today’s tRumpism is truly historic and long time coming!

    1. @peaches B- Georgia Yesss!!! You great thinkers are representative of why you are not Trump supporters, i.e. it would be illogical.

    2. @Reasons Reasons never want to be part of a cult… you have been radicalized buddy and you don’t even know it… do you think he’s gonna pay your legal fees… lol…

  7. one of my fine senators 🤮🤮🤮who just won reelection by 40 points. a moment of clarity in a lifetime of republican dementia.

  8. I’m from Texas and I can say that all of these elected officials from my state disgust me. No integrity, no honor and no shame.

    1. Yes, you guys have it bad down there. It’s really astonishing people don’t laugh clowns like raphael cruz right out of office.
      Kentuckkky is no better.

    1. Trump’s lawyers know that no matter how dumb they sound or perform, they have dumb republicans who won’t vote to convict or say it’s constitutional so they just have to wake up and follow

  9. Question is how you can set up a good defense in a indefensible case??? Even if Trump hire God or the Devil as a lawyer, it’s impossible they too can setup a good defense. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Cornyn’s entire political career will be but a heap of ashes after his not guilty verdict is recorded in the book of American History.

    1. I would say you are correct. But I suspect that the local news channels in Texas are like the local news media here in Utah.

      In Utah the local news media refused to air the Democrat’s arguments, but they showed every second of Trump’s attorneys crazy word salad.

      So most Americans never even saw the arguments for impeachment.

    2. @cookie macc that is terribly sad. Isn’t it the Republican party that has been groaning about censorship? For entire states to censor what they show in an impeachment hearing shows how truly afraid they are that people will actually hear what Trump did and are afraid of the people’s reaction.

  11. So far, 6 senators have decided to remain in the GOP. The other 44 are pledging their allegiance to the GQP.

    1. Agreed. That 44/46 vote speaks volumes about the terrible state your country is in right now. If those senators cannot recognize that the impeachment is constitutional, then it is obvious that they’ve already made up their minds not to vote for impeachment.
      Talking about listening to the arguments and facts, and partisanship… God. What lawless, spineless, amoral hacks.

    1. But, watching won’t change history. You have to have grown-up, civil conversations. You have to find intelligent, honorable replacements to represent us. You have to not accept the education Americans are getting and not tolerate missing “critical thinking”. It is a critical component of the curriculum. You have to demand accountability.

  12. “Impartial Juror”
    Might wanna share that Definition with you GOP Colleagues. While your at it, slide in Integrity, Honesty, Cover-up, Illegal and throw a few more you may be familiar with that they likely aren’t.

  13. Some of the Republicans that are STILL standing by their Dear Leader will be remembered when it comes time to vote 🗳!!!!!!!!!!!! They chose Trump over their CONSTITUTIONAL OATH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The trouble with Trump he likes hearing his own voiceAnd when he opens that mouth 😂 he’s coning people .

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