1. Did he used the word pansie. A man who let his wife be insulted. A man who let his father be insulted. And a man who didn’t have the courage to serve himself. Smh.

    1. Cruz never served in the military.
      With his huge gut he’s the one who looks woke and emasculated.
      Cruz the Wimp.

  2. Ted Cruz couldn’t make it through basic training for any branch of the armed forces. He isn’t smart enough nor is he physically capable.

    1. @EOS Your full of bullshit. Before recruits enter any branch of service for basic combat training the recruits have to pass a written examination, pass a physical examination, and pass a mental analysis this helps determining what jobs best suited for them. If they make it to basic there are a battery of test mentally and physically they have to pass if they don’t, they won’t graduate from basic and are discharged from serving.

    2. @Jerry McClure No need to explain the process to me because I actually served as a United States Army Airborne Infantryman for 10 years. Can you say the same too ? Did you served? or are you full of doo doo?

    3. @Benjamin Levine You are right. Biden did not get anywhere near 81 million votes. He actually got more than 83 million votes, because Trump is a liar and a fraud who could not tell the truth if his life depended upon it, and luckily, there are plenty of people out here in the hinterlands that remember Donald Trump’s history and reputation before reality tv came along and gave him an acting job. Of course more people voted against Trump than for him. He is a con artist and a blowhard buffoon, and he always has been. Someday you will see the light.

  3. “They want to strike fear in the hearts…?” He obviously doesn’t know a few of the Women officers I’ve known in my life.

    1. It is easy to stand on the sidelines and decide how poorly trained the troops are. These are the people who don’t know what they are talking about and couldn’t handle the training. They also complain about having to pay disability benefits to the men and women hurt in battle with Cruz at the front of the line to deny funds for veterans’ health care.

  4. “I liked Ted Cruz more than most. And I hated Ted Cruz”. Al Franken. . . You can’t spell Emasculated without “Ted”. #EmasculaTED

    1. @Катя Сапожникова ясень пень lol
      “Pete & Bas – Windowframe Cypher”

    2. Teddy knows what he’s promoting. He wishes he was in Nazi Germany 1939 or Mussolini’s Italy or Putin’s Russian. He is the biggest pansy in Washington. He is such a wimp.

  5. Being born in Canada he was prepared for the cold at a young age, Texas turned him into a “pansey” that fled to Mexico to escape a snowstorm.

    1. @Robert Fritzenkotter There is none so blind as he who chooses not to see but if 45th is your guy, good luck to you.

    2. @Robert Fritzenkotter
      Let’s get this straight a privately owned oil company’s pipe line is cyber attacked because Biden didn’t make them spend some of their profits on Cyber security.
      You of course must mean the dissolution of the great peace brought about by Kushner.
      And to top it off a man with dementia outsmarted and beat the the greatest deal maker ever.

    3. @Soup Jones What did he gain? Let’s talk about the millions of dollars he scammed off his own people let’s start there, let’s talk about that.
      And after all the crap he talked about not taking a pension from the presidency, what’d he turn around and do?
      Lol, You aint gonna piss down my back and call it rain.

    4. @John Lyons your so silly, look up gas prices before covid, May gas prices. Again, quit spewing Q talking points. Have an original idea and if you want a dictator instead of a democracy, move to Russia…Tell Putin Trump sent you, you will be welcomed!

  6. “If you killed Ted Cruz on the Senate floor, and there was a trial held in the Senate, nobody would convict you.” – Lindsey Graham

    1. @JAKESTAR105 That is correct, they have Alot More Money Now through black projects to spend on Mind Control Projects, and those Projects are showing signs of Success 😀!

  7. I’d love to see a matchup between Cruz and one of these army “pansies” he’s so worried about and see who walks out of the ring.

  8. 7:25 Daggonit, Senator Duckworth, you just made me cry. The only thing I know about the people who pulled you out of your helicopter is only thing I need to know.

    1. @zabyjak zabyjak Of COURSE. It’s Ted Cruz. He ran away to Cancun while AOC staged a relief mission to Texas. I’m not saying she’s nicer than Ted, be she showed she is WAAAAAY smarter!!!

  9. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a human being that more perfectly defines the word “sniveling” than Ted Cruz.

    1. Yes sir. My wife is unattractive sir. Thank you sir. my dad is a criminal sir? You are the stablest of geniuses sir. How high sir?

    2. @Charles Lewis and exactly what bubble is that I see you deflected from the question and you don’t seem to have an answer as to why that soldier is unfit to serve still waiting on that answer but you feel free to answer both or maybe you can just deflect again since it is obvious that the answers make you feel uncomfortable

  10. Right Teddy, because nothing says macho man more than groveling to the guy who publicly called your wife ugly, you really showed him….

    1. @Benjamin Levine Trump was so bad democrats and even some republicans came out in historic numbers . Some of my family that hardly ever vote got out a voted against Trump . We all did .

    2. @Joe Blow William Barr covers for him . Now that Trump is out the whole Muller report will come out beside other evidence that was swept under the rug . Trump is now being accused of spying on the FBI and the CIA . Let’s see how it plays out .

    3. @Cropper Copper The quote meant to be a joke for he patronized his wife saying so. These two acted like bullies in school yard. Leave my wife alone or fast forward I’m going to kiss your a$$.

    4. @Joe Blow What you want Biden to go to War with Russia hahahahahahaha what do you think would happen huh 50% of both sides would get wiped out before that War end so shut your dumbass up. America cant beat Russia without half this country looking like Israel maybe thats what you seek.

  11. Cruz can’t defend his own wife or daddy and whines like a puppy in the presence of Donald Trump but he’s supposed to be some kind of Texas badass.

  12. So many politicians have something to say about things they have no clue about. They are all protected by us tax payors, and military personnel. They need to get voted out. USMC.

    1. @Benjamin Levine Biden was assisted by the MSM, the pollsters, big tech, woke corporation, massive vote fraud and the pandemic.

    2. @Retriever19 Golden obviously you don’t see some of the people that do go to boot and make it then🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  13. they say ” you can’t fix stupid”, but cruz takes it to a new level of “you can’t believe how stupid a person could be”
    and still get voted into the Govt.

    1. @Sunny the US is a country of the western world , there are other countries as well. I live in a somewhat religious country and it’s very rare for people to get divorced. And even in the states , that number is misleading. To my knowledge the white community in the us has lower divorce rates than the African Americans or Latinos. Whereas in my country for example we are all part of the same culture and race so no such comparison is needed.

    2. @Sunny Why can’t people understand, Biden is the most popular president in US history.

      His victory is so cast iron, any mention of irregularities has to be removed immediately from social media.

      Why can’t people understand? 😂

    3. @Marvin Tenner Why can’t people understand that 45 is the most unpopular Former president. Why can’t they understand that he appealed to grievance culture and a bunch of white men that are afraid of being replaced? Why don’t they just get that?

    4. @Zois Antonopoulos Cultures differ in different countries. In the US, people wait longer to get married. My parents married in the 50’s when most people married in their early twenties. People wait longer now, due in part to socioeconomic changes.
      I still don’t believe who people choose to love or have sex with is going to be the downfall of western civilization. Hateful people who are in accepting of others are far more dangerous.

    5. @Sunny Because he gained 11 million more votes, and increased his numbers with every demographic other than white men and women 😂

    1. Not sure how he even got in the Senate he is awful. He seems very lazy took off to Mexico for vacation while the state of Texas was out of power due to winter storms. Decides to come back to Texas because he was caught filmed on TV. what a joke.

  14. There is nothing I can add to this that Sen. Duckworth already said and said better. Good job Senator, our country needs more people like you.

  15. No man is completely useless. Even at his very worst he can always serve as a bad example.
    Hello, Ted.

    1. I agree… But thats missing a point. And the point is… Military is for combat not for healing anyones feelings. Thats not to say that there is not place for everybody in US armed forces, but it seems that as US armed forces keep falling aparat loosing their might to police the world and provoke mass murders in the midle east Looks like they are switching to propaganda fighting for hearts of US public.

    2. @Darrel Lee sadly but those tears of your as much important to you have no combat worth for US armed forces. Nor anyones tears.

  16. “I probably like Ted Cruz more than most of my colleagues in the Senate; and I hate Ted Cruz.” – Al Franken

  17. Kremlin Cruz… so tough, just look on how he react when a bully insult his father and his spouse!

  18. Imagine a dude that ran out on his state while they were freezing to death talking about masculinity and how fear works.

    1. @Big Earl The advert is an SJW propaganda piece. Don’t insult women who’ve fought and died, with this trash agenda driven crap.

    2. @Marvin Tenner Seems you’re the only one here insulting female soldiers, since that ad was the actual life story of one. Another “patriot” I see.

    3. @Michelle Vietor No, I attacked the advert and the message, not the soldier. Clearly comprehension isn’t your thing.

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