‘Shameful’: Florida Mom On Why She’s Suing Gov. DeSantis Over Mask Mandate Ban


    1. @AVENUE If I somehow knew that my child would die from Covid and masking the whole nation would prevent it, I would mask the whole nation, wouldn’t you?

    2. @AVENUE,

      By who?
      You do have a very high opinion of yourself don’t you.

      To bad you’re wron.

  1. You know what? This lady really does not care what one of us thinks or comments about. I applaud her in a huge way. I comment only to share my opinion. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about it. Paraphrasing Eleanor Roosevelt: “ no one can make you feel inferior without your permission!”

  2. … if my child was to contract this known deadly virus and pass away do to any person’s willing incompetent behavior.. there would be no place for that individual to hide from me!

    1. While I totally get your urge, you’d be awfully busy for a very long time going after everyone who stubbornly refuses to wear a mask and distance. I’m surrounded by nearly everyone in the deep red county I live in. I’ve had to become a hermit to keep myself alive.

  3. That’s how it has to be. Every parent with responsibility must do so. Fight for your children’s safety!!!! Fight as hard as you can to stop this political BS. DeSantis cares a 💩💩💩 about you and your children!!!! He doesn’t care if people die or if children get hurt or die. He just doesn’t care!!!
    This woman is doing what needs to be done and I hope she can win this ‼️‼️‼️

  4. In no way is this about choice he’s doing this to please Trump good luck on that presidential run Ronnie

    1. @Tim Kozlowski lol for his birthday?? One day without his mask? Lol yet thrump pretty much said the virus was a dem hoax, mask didn’t help, and the virus would die down by summer LAST YEAR!! Go cry to your papa Thrump about his wrong doings before hating on someone who didn’t social distance for his birthday 🙄

    2. @Zoya M There is no evidence of any significant voter fraud in the 2020 election. You’re lying to yourself so you can pretend to be a victim.

  5. I want to sue him too, I’m a Cancer patient if my daughter get sick of COVID 19 I will die . My daughter is scared to go to school and catch the virus 🦠

    1. @Flow Drive Well you can TRY to force your will on everyone else OR you can just keep your bootie at home. Nobody is forcing you to mingle w/others—self quarantine, home school, wear a Petri dish on your face that is ineffective against C19, it’s your choice!

    2. Myron Davis ,go back to college and take a Microbiology class ! Study viruses and how they mutate ( change)! Then get back to me! 📗📘📚📗📘

  6. If i was the parent of a child in Florida that got sick with COVID or died from it I would be suing Desantis. Every parent in should be suing him personally.

    1. It’s there choice it’s our freedom we have our right they don’t need to wear one it should be up to the kids

    2. Anti Vax parents probably won’t care if their children get sick. It’s like putting beliefs over the safety of their families. Smh

  7. Not just shameful….abuse of power & A clear & present danger to the health of children.
    Remove this insane guy from office!

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