‘Shameful:’ Mehdi Hasan Slams Nancy Mace For Hypocrisy, Attacking AOC’s Credibility | All In | MSNBC 1

‘Shameful:’ Mehdi Hasan Slams Nancy Mace For Hypocrisy, Attacking AOC’s Credibility | All In | MSNBC


“So to be clear: Nancy Mace wants to carry a gun and barricaded herself in her office, but AOC is lying about and exaggerating the threat? These people are shameful,” says Mehdi Hasan. Aired on 2/5/2021.
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‘Shameful:’ Mehdi Hasan Slams Nancy Mace For Hypocrisy, Attacking AOC’s Credibility | All In | MSNBC


  1. The whites karen’s are lying a lot these days. She is just showing her allegiance to the furor i guess.

  2. I will be waiting for Nancy mace to run for re-election and donate to her opponent. Some Americans may have short attention spans, but I will remember her lies…

  3. New Mexico county commissioner and leader of “Cowboys for Trump” Couy Griffin, who was arrested for storming the Capitol, said he vowed to return to D.C for President Biden’s inauguration, armed with guns to “embrace” the Second Amendment, according to a criminal complaint.

    Couy Griffin was the leader of a group called “Cowboys 4 Trump.”
    He’s now the leader of a group called “My A$$ Got Arrested”4 Trump.

    1. This moment in USA History truly reminds me of the 1978 remake of the film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, David J.

      “There’s a kind of contagion that’s going on here.”
      “Alien invaders are discreetly taking over unsuspecting minds and bodies while we sleep.”
      “It’s the loss of humanity that is scary.”

      Couy’s transformation from political activism to the demented surreal q-paranoia that got him arrested can easily make the case for some sort of alien invasion. 🙂

    2. That’s great…but if he gets before a trump judge, that judge might just let him go on holiday to Mexico while pending his trial

  4. Get out your checkbooks when Ms. Mace runs for reelection. Even if you don’t live in the same state. Donate to her opponent. Volunteer to make phone calls. Volunteer to write letters. Her and her ilk need to go.

    1. @Trump Reelected2024 Brought to you by Biden! lol Enjoy the fruits of the labors of people who care about people while you try to destroy…

    2. @Trump Reelected2024 Even IF the Republicans don’t have enough spine to ban Trump from running again, you’re living in a fantasyland. Trump has lost the vote twice. Trump was the only US President in the 80 year history of polling who was never able to get up to a 50% approval rating. Biden already has an approval rating of over 60%, even though we’re still in there middle of the Covid crisis and the Trump economic crisis. From November to January, the percentage of Americans who want Trump to run again dropped by 20%. Even if Trump did run again, it’s very unlikely that he would make it past the primaries. As Trump no longer has a social media platform, and right wing media finds other things to talk about, a lot of people are starting to come back to reality, and divorce themselves from the cult of Trump.

    3. @The Tweatles
      Trump supporters did not even blink about the 451000 Americans dead,a big part because Trump did not fully acknowledge/tackle the problem,They allowed Trump to call election officials and corrupt the votes, to incite to storm the capitol.Then Republicans preach about competence,democracy and law .FRAUDS

    4. @Trump Reelected2024 quit being a crybaby dude. Its so played out.
      Trump lost by 10 million votes but the trumpets can’t stop cupping his ball sack! You have a new president….move on.

  5. No one would really care about…*checks notes*…Nancy Mace if anyone found her in the building. In fact, no one’s heard of her until now when she’s trying to rub a bit of that AOC popularity on herself.

    1. @G GPC Oh right, the “truth”. Coming from the same folks who believe in “alternative facts”. Well, what you wanna believe is none of my concern. So carry on.

    2. @Chris Albert so you truly believe that the most “popular president” in US history can’t even get 1 million subscribers in YouTube? Got so many dislikes they have to remove it and disable comments? Ok I’ll carry on, I’m making too much sense.

    3. @Chris Albert don’t worry you tube will remove and sensor all the “alternative facts” video before it gets to you.

    1. @Cortez The Killer it was an inside job, Watch the video of Senator Jim Clyburn’s. HIs office has his name on it, but he wasn’t in there at the time, he works in a different office, but they went straight to the office he was in.
      Why was Rep. Boebert giving tours of the Capitol the day before the attack? Was it to show these rioters where the offices were?
      They knew where Nancy Pelosi’s office was no problem, they had plastic handcuffs.
      The lady with the bullhorn was shouting out the layout of the capitol and where they should go, how would they know? Clyburn said even Senators and House members don’t know his office he works in. That lady was just arrested. We will find out won’t we? Boebert should be expecting an FBI visit soon.

  6. Failed coup and AOC was apriority target 2 different situations. Even the white acknowledged that there white privileges might help them blend in with GOP but it wouldn’t help his friends of color. They are trying to rewrite history so that they can acquit Trump and try again

    1. She represents South Carolina and they’ve had a white supremacist problem down there for years. 400+ years or so.

    1. It’s their second nature. Its not the Republicans anymore its the party of q quack conspiracies and trump.

    2. It is interesting that they forget what they have already stated on camera and the lie can be exposed. Or is it that they know “The Base” will never care for the truth and it is really The Base they are speaking to.

    1. With normal people, you give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re being truthful. Later, one can verify and decide. With the republicans, one has to assume that every single phrase uttered is a lie down to the smallest insignificant detail. Similarly, one can verify and decide; to assume they’re lying is an easy bet.

  7. Mace, on the day of the attack, said she hadn’t even known what Qanon was. Like McCarthy, she’s willing to sell herself as a moron too inept for her office to escape her complicity.

    1. It is like listening to pre-schoolers versions of sand pit events. Are these people so dim they cannot keep their stories honest and straight.

  8. If I remember correctly, Mace had also said that she feared for the safety of her visiting children so sent them home the *day* before.

  9. She said be honest to the American public ,voted not to certify and a chump supporter…. need to tell her leader to be honest….

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